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  1. L Crawford, M & - .uk-N.Ire.
  2. L N (Leon Norman) Williams (Author)
  3. L. D. Mayo, Jr. - Mayo Postal History (War covvers, WW, Thematic Meters) .us-
  4. L. Sheward - Eljay Stamps (Australasia, Americas, Europe..) .au-QLD 4207
  5. L. Szweras (Canada, Newfoundland) .ca-
  6. Ladislas Dvoracek (Expertization) .cz
  7. Lam Wang Yuen (Hong Kong)
    dotted addr.
  8. Larry R. Davidson, Col. SDI (sales: US approvals, lots, wants; pre '85) Bx, .us-GA 30066-0002
  9. Larry Fillion - Malaria on Stamps
    Cite: Topicals Dir. : The Arts : Medicine
  10. Larry Kebel - Glenwood Stamp Exchange (sales) .us-
  11. Larry Lyon's book The Identifier of Carriers, Locals, Fakes...
    Featured by: Park Cities Stamps (sales: US Carriers & locals) .us-TX
  12. Larry Phillips - Long Beach Philatelics (ww approvals; Europe, topicals) .us-DE 19803
  13. Larry J. Piekenbrock (sales: stamps, covers), .us-
    cf: Rocky Mountain Philatelic Library, Larry Piekenbrock, .us-CO
  14. Lars E. Ohlson, E-mail (sales: Sweden) .se 250 04
  15. Lars-Olov Stenborg, .se
  16. Laura & Elbert Pillers- L & E Stamps URL ; ck
    L & E Topical Stamps (US, topicals, packets) .us-WA
  17. Laurent Dupont, @ Maison Dupont Philatelie (ww: Buys, Values, sales; France & Colonies ...), .fr
    92, rue du Général de Gaulle, 10000 TROYES - FRANCE
  18. Lawrence Modlow, William M. Arvai - Modlow-Arvai Stamps, @ [Alt. SDI URL] (ww approvals & packets) .us-NY 13810
  19. Lee's Illustrated Stamp Listopedia (Dictionarys, Resources)
    Cite: Basic Collecting : Glossaries & Idendifiers
    Cite: Gen. Links : Newsgroups : Links  
  20. Lee R. Clark - LC Stamps, .us-
    Lee Clark (Ryukyu)
    same as above?, below? ; diff URLs
  21. Lee R. Clark, @ Clark Stamp Co. (US, UN, Canada) .us-; n/a
  22. Leif Salicath (Norway, Danmark, Finland, Germany, GB)
  23. Leland J. Wulff, (John L. &) Wulff's Stamps SDI
    (Supplies, Monaco, New Issue Svc: US, France incl. colonies, offices; eBay) .us-CA 95866
  24. Leo Jakimow (sales: WW; Australia, New Zealand, GB..) ACT 2601
  25. Leon Swinnen, .be (ATM postage)
  26. Leon Verelst, @ (Europa, Topicals: Birds, Orchids, Aviation (airships)) [FR, EN]  
  27. Leonard R. Hartmann - Philatelic Bibliopole (Literature) .us-KY
    Hosts data pages:
    Munich Philatelic Library, Germany
    Tearsheets for the FWPL
  28. Leonard Pascanu (Expertization: ; excl. Moldavia and Walachia) .ro
  29. Leonard and Socorro Rosow - A and R Worldwide (US, packets, topicals) .us-CA-la
  30. Leonid Melnikov (Expertization: ; pre-adhesive=Soviet *) .ru
  31. Les Garvey, Joseph Sr. and - J. Garvey & Sons (ww, auctions, appraislas) .ca-
  32. Les Kolosov, .by - Old Byelorussian Letters
    Cite: Entities Index : Belarus
  33. Liane Sismondo, Sergio & - Classic Collector (Auction Agent, Expertization) .us-NY 13290, .ca-ON
  34. Linda Alfin - Endangered Species Stamps
    Cite: (same root as 'Alfin's Philatelic Connection') : US : Dealers : .us-NY
  35. Lisa McNeill and Tom Paulson
  36. Lise Robichaud - Lady Misty's Stamp Page
    Cite: Topicals: Cats  
  37. Lloyd A. De Vries, .us @ [PWO] - The Virtual Stamp Club - [EN]
    Cite: U.S. Dealer Menus
    Dragon Cards (sales?: FDC's)
  38. Lois and Carl King- L and C Stamps, @, MSDA (US, ww) .us-MO 65302
  39. Loren Goeser (sales) .us-ND
  40. Lórens Rafn - Arctic Stamps (sales: Iceland, Faroe Islands, Greenland) .is
  41. Lorenzo Dellavalle (Expertization) .it
  42. Lorenzo (Ellegi ?), .it - E-mail (The Old Italian States)
  43. Lori Spragg, David & - .uk-BU
  44. Lothar Eisold (Expertization) .de
  45. Lothar Herbst (Expertization ; Occ. France in WW2) .de
  46. Lothar & Klaus Roerkohl (sales) .na
  47. Lotus DeFevers, John & - American Coin and Stamp Exchange (US; some 'Discount Postage') .us-TN 37115
  48. Louis D. Loucks - The Stamp Source.com (Br Empire) .us-
  49. Louis Moore, Dingus and - Dingus WW Postal History [GR, IT, SP, FR, EN, PT]
    "I am a private collector [50 yrs.] and am not in business.."
    (selling out his P/H, censored mail, revenues)
  50. Lubor Kunc (.cz sales), .cz
  51. Luc Champagne [ URL] (sales: Canada) .ca-
  52. Luc Van Roy (Diamonds on Stamps)
    Cite: Topicals : Environment
  53. Luca Falletta, @ - Mari Collezionismo (stamps, albums, coins) .it
    Via degli Scipioni 290, 00192 Rome - - Tel/Fax: +39 063204537
  54. Ludger Hovest (Expertization: RSFSR, Soviet Union) .de
  55. Ludo Thomasseti (postal stationery, cards) .be
  56. Ludwig Gambert (Expertization: Thurn & Taxis) .de
  57. Luigi Raybandi-Massilia, Dr. (Expertization) .it
  58. Luis A. Quesada-Allue, Dr (postal history)
  59. Luiz Carlos Verissimo (thematics)
  60. Lutz Maigatter (Expertizatin) .de
  61. Luzon Francisco, .es (Spain)
  62. Lyndel Walker (Auction Agent) .au-Vic
  63. Lynn Gentleman (ww approvals) .us-KS 67446-0007


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