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Index: First Names : G
Last Names     Dealers
  1. G Baumgartel
    G. Baumgärtel - .ch - /philanet/ ; diff URL
  2. G. Heermann - The Cover Exchange (WW p/h) .jp
  3. G K (Ben) Choong - Lion City Stamps (Australia, Br C'wealth, Thematics, p/h) .au-VIC 3150
  4. G. H. Hicks (sales) .uk-CL
  5. G. Brinton Ingram - E-mail (ww approvals) .us-MA
  6. G. N. Kellow, FRPSL (Auction Agent) .au-Vic
  7. G. (Gunhard) Kock HFF, .fi - See: Kock, G.
  8. G.W.W. Thomson, .uk-unk
  9. G.T. Tuckwell, .uk-MS
  10. G. Turra, .it ( Antarctica by Stamps)
  11. G. Van Pypen - Pacific Stamps (Themes, Phcrds, p/s, n/i, wholesale) .au-QLD 4565
  12. Gabor Visnyovszki (Expertization) .hu
  13. Gabriel Christian Perez (Scouts)
  14. Gabriele's Philatelic Service (Australia, C'wealth, WW) .au-NSW 1225
    Last name?
  15. Gaby Schmidtkonz
  16. Gao Xiang (China, Russia, computer stamps)
  17. Gardiner Waterbury (sales: Japan, China, Korea, Asia)
  18. Garry Law (philately: Capt. Cook +++) .NZ
  19. Gary Crighton (mail art)
  20. Gary Flechtner, WJ8C - .us (Amateur Radio First Day Covers)
  21. Gary Giroux (revenues)  
  22. Gary F. Paiste (sales: Mid East) .us-VA
    [also operates: OnLine Auctions which tracks auctions of several vendors]
      Cite: Entities Index : Regions : Middle East : Dealers
    Author : Expertizing and/or Owners Marks (Ottoman Empire)
      Cite: Dealers Index : Terminology : Expertization : See Also
      Cite: Entities Index : Regions : Middle East
  23. Gary Pierson - Antarctic Philately
    Cite: Topical Dir. : Polar Regions
  24. Gary Posner (sales) .us-NY 11234
  25. Gary Watson (& David Wood) Premier Philatelic Auctions Pty Ltd., .au-VIC
  26. Gary West - Great American Stamp Co. (U.S., Ducks, philatelic resources) .us-CA
    Ref.: Basic Collecting: watermark tips
  27. Gaspare de Lindegg (Italian postal history)
  28. Gayland Bird, @, Junior Philatelists On The Internet (JPOTI) -
  29. Gelen Space Mails
  30. Gene Scott, Dr. - Delores Press, Inc. (Book: Colombian States) .us-CA
    Cite: Entities : Colombia
    xRef: Dealers Directory : Colombia
  31. Geoff Rout - First Flight Covers - (sales/ info: Br C'wealth Airmails ) .us-PA
  32. Geoff N. Pain, Dr. - Mackstamps (sales), .au-WA 6970
  33. Geoffrey Chappell - QV Pennies (reds, blues..) .uk-
  34. Geoffrey Soll - North West London Stamp Company (Royalty, Antarctic; Falklands) .uk-
  35. George Bohn E-mail (ww covers, Germany) n/s
  36. George Knight - Camberwell Stamps (auctions, Asia, Europe, Americas) .au-VIC 3130
  37. George C. Kobylka (Agent) .us-IL
  38. George Marek - Stamp Hunter Search Engine (sic) .us-
  39. George Pike (Pittsburgh, PA, USA resources) .us-PA
  40. George Pirotte (ww) .fr
  41. George Roll (Agent) .de
  42. George Vaivarins - Mayfair Vita Stamps (AU, EU, Cvrs, New Issues ..) .au-QLD 4001
  43. Gerald Kirkham (sales) .uk-ST
  44. Gerald Davis and Alan Meech - A Catalogue of Telegraph and Revenue Stamps for Burma and Myanmar (authors)
    Cite: Entities : Myanmar
    Ref.: Dealers Index : Richard Warren (for sales)
    Ref.: Dealers Directory : Myanmar
  45. Gerald or Stephen P. Reedy - Stateside Stamps (ww; sets, singles, ss; cc) .us-MI 49631
  46. Gerald Tucker - Seaside Book & Stamp- (sales, Auction Agent) .ca-NS B2Y 2N2  
  47. Gerhard Batz, PWO @ , .DE
    >The Stamp Gallery of Czech and Slovak Graphic Art
    Cite: Entities : Czech Rep.
    Cite: Dealers : Czech Republic : See Also
    >Alfons Maria Mucha (Stamp Designer)
    Cite: Topical Names Index: Alfons ..
    >Czech / Slovak Stamp Resources (a long time fav - aj)
    Cite: Dealers : Czech Republic : See Also
    Cite: Entities : Czech Rep.
  48. Gerhard Hahne (Expertization: Middle Lithuania) .de
  49. Gerhard Krischke (Expertization) .de
  50. German Baschwitz (Expertiziation) .es
  51. Gerry Covers, Barry and (FDC's, event/thematic covers and cachets) .us-NJ 08816
  52. Gert de Boer (WW; .nl, .id, Europa dual currency forum)
    members.nbci.com/Datacom_Info/st_main.htm ; '404' 9/1
  53. Gertraud Lange (Expertization) .de
  54. Gertrud Vahlbruch (dealer)
  55. Gianni V Settimo (France, Germany, cats)
  56. Gilbert ___ - Stamp Gallery (sales) .au-WA 6109
    "The GENTLEMAN of WA philately."
  57. Giacomo F. Bottacchi, (Expertization: ;1861-1900, Sardinia) .it
  58. Giorgio Colla, Dr. (Expertization) .it
  59. Giorgio Radini - Filatélica Penny Black (sales) .br
  60. Giovanni Fulantelli - .it (Cinema stamps)
    Cite: Topicals : The Arts : Theater
  61. Giuseppe Todaro - Filatelia Online - ENEXA Philex Division, .it
  62. Gladys S. Kelly HPFDC - The Glad Shoppe - (Glad Cachets / FDC's) .us-TX 77520
    & Limited Edition (max 100 made) T-Shirts, Coffee Mugs and Mousepads - w/cachets
    Cite: Dealers Topical Index : Supplies : Specialty Items
  63. Glen G. Campman - Campman Stamps (Modern US) .us-
  64. Glen Estus (Winter Olympics, US Pre-stamp, postal history)
  65. Glen McIntyre - G.H. McIntyre Ltd. (sales: Canada, C'wealth, ww) .ca-ON (?) ; need addr
  66. Glenn B. Hanle - Stamp-Tique Inc., The - .us-FL 32579
    (pre-1940 US incl Poss/Terr. ++, BOB: panes, blocks, airmails)
  67. Goetsch Clifford - British Commonwealth Stamp Co. (sic) .us-
  68. Gordon Carroll - Pennyred [aka: Buchanan Street Stamps] (GB, FDC's) .uk-Scotland G1 2JZ
    Nice >article on the 40 year reign of The Penny Red stamp
  69. Gottfried Pollmer, Prof. Dr. (Expertization: Local issues 1945-46: Meissen) .de
  70. Gotthard Kowollik, Dr. (Expertization) .de  
  71. Graeme Sherman (Resources: Philatelic Museums & Libraries directory '404' but cc) .uk
    Cite: Topical Titles Index: Museums..
    Cite: Clube : South Africa : See Also:
    (Was) Cited throughout our Stamp Issuing Entities Directory
  72. Graham Walker, .uk-Scot
  73. Grahame & Elizabeth Fudge - Sydney Philatelics (sells: AustralAsia, Br. C'wealth) .au-NSW
  74. Graham R Phillips, Editor : Philatelic Exporter (Stamp Trade Journal), .uk-
    'Incorporating The Philatelic Trader, Wholesale Philatelic Post
  75. Grahame W. Mann (GB, C'wealth) .uk-WM
  76. Greg Caron - Caron Stamps (World-Collectibles.com & Coolstamps.com ++) .us-CA
  77. Greg & Ange Fish (GB, Br. Commonwealth, p/h) .uk-
  78. Greg Freeman, Greg Sutherland - Freeman's Postal History (sales) .us-
  79. Greg Galletti - World Forum Philatelists (UN; incl. museum) , .us-MD 21771
  80. Greg Kellermann - Bel-Aire Collectibles, .us-
    Bel-Aire Collectibles, .us-
    via Stampguyz (who is now '404'?) ; ck!
  81. Greg Price (Germany)
  82. Greg Reeves - C & G Stamps (U.S., incl. PNC's, booklets, Ducks; eBay, PayPay) .us-NC 28303 [U]
  83. Greg Sutherland, Greg Freeman - Freeman's Postal History (sales) .us-  
  84. Gregory K. Deeter (Kiloware, Mixtures) .us-TX. 77029
    Founder of Philatelic.com/.net, .us-TX. 77029
  85. Guido Brugger (Expertization) .de
  86. Guido Gabisch (Expertization: WW2 German Fieldpost, Kurland) .de
  87. Guido Kolbe - Mein Hobby Briefmarken
  88. Gunnar´s Homepage (Birds of Prey)
  89. Gunnar Gruber (Expertization: Occ: Upper Silesia, Schleswig) .de
  90. Gunnar Vamraak - First Day Covers, .no
  91. Günter Ballschmidt (Expertization) .de
  92. Günter Bechtold (Expertization: ;1916-1945) .de
  93. Günter Wahl (Expertization) .de
  94. Guy Maggay - Interstamps (sales) .ch
  95. Guy Marchot
  96. Guy Menard
  97. Guy Olivier, URL, @ (sales: Canada; PayPal) .ca-__
    ; no physical address posted - say he 'responds to questions about Canadian stamps'
  98. Guy Panneton [E-mail] (WW, GB) .ca-ON
  99. Günter Ballschmidt (Expertization: Soviet Zone: districts) .de
  100. Günter Lieder (Expertization: Soviet zone: District 37) .de
  101. Gunther Poepperl (Bicycles on stamps) DE, EN, FR E-mail, 2nd URL; diff material
  102. Guy Olivier - Go Stamps (Canada), .ca-
    Alt?: Guy Olivier, .ca-
  103. Guy Shaw (Sales: Latin America incl. new issue svc) .us-CA 93389
  104. Guy Sydor (Belgium)


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