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  1. A. 'Vic' Bove - AVB Stamps (US var's, precancels, errors) .us-
  2. A. Ronald Butler (RDP-Expertization) .uk-WS
  3. A.L. Garfield - Garfield Philatelics (.cy, .mt, .za, .ma, .sl, .gi, .pk) .uk-LO, E18 2DY ; need addr
    "I have probably the largest and most extensive stock in the WORLD of this group"
  4. A. Grainger, (sales) .uk-WY
  5. A. Karamitsos (sales: Greece and area) .gr
  6. A P Moore - A.S.M. Stamps, .au-QLD 4051
  7. A. Moghaddam (sales: Iran) .ir
  8. A.J. Ward (directory; this directory)
  9. Abraham Luspo, Jr. [URL] (ww)
  10. Adam Fox - Australian Philatelic Wholesalers Pty Ltd .au-Vic
  11. Adam Kristensson [URL]
  12. Adhano Landini (Expertization) .it
  13. Adi Orzel - Philatelic Bookstore, .us-
  14. "Al" [E.J.] Magazzu - Magazzu Stamps (Rare & Unusual stamps) .us-CA 92074
  15. Al Peterson - The Rail Philatelist (Retail, Mail Bids) .us-
    cf: Rail Philatelist, The - (Trains) .us-CO 80936
    Features exhibit: A Survey of Rail Philately
    cf URL: Rail Philatelist, The (trains, Disney)
  16. Alain Lamy [URL] (France)
  17. Alain Trinquier, .fr [URL]
  18. Alain von der Weid (Expertization: & .fr; incl. cancellations) .ch
  19. Alan C. Andersen - Stampview.com, .us-NY
    aka: Alan's Stamp Store, Alan Andersen STamp Shop .. Anderson ..
    Alan Berman - Postal History of the World, .uk-LO SW6 6LP
  20. Alan G. Burrows (Auction Agent) .ca-ON M4P 3E4
  21. Alan Cutts [URL] (2nd E-mail - Coventry Stamps & SciFi (GB, ww; eBay), .uk- n/a
  22. Alan Gibbs, .uk-BR
  23. Alan Keith Huggins, Dr. (Expertization: GB & colonies) .uk-HZ
  24. Alan Macgregor (Auction Agent) .za
  25. Alan Meech, Gerald Davis and - A Catalogue of Telegraph and Revenue Stamps for Burma and Myanmar (authors)
    Cite: Entities : Myanmar
    Ref.: Dealers Index : Richard Warren (for sales)
    Ref.: Dealers Directory : Myanmar
  26. Alan Sanders - J Sanders (Philatelist) Ltd. .uk-
  27. Alan Sobl [URL]
    Alan - See Also: Allan
  28. Alan D. Warby - Hampstead Castle (Machin specialist) .uk-
  29. Albert Bizzarro, @ - Centre Philatelique Universel, Le .ca-QB H2S
    aka: Universal Philatelic Center
    (.us, .fr, .cu, .pl, .ru, .ca ++: New Issue Svc, approvals, supplies)
    ck root
  30. Albert Agnew Cagnani [URL] (.jp, GB, Rotary International)
  31. Albert Chang (Auction Agent) .us-AZ 85029
  32. Albert Cohen-Sabban (Expertization: .fr2 0th cent.) .fr
  33. Albert Farrugias, .au- [URL]
  34. Albert L. Lenz - Alroy Stamps, (New Issue Svc.: US incl. wholesale, comsignments) .us-IL [E; only]
  35. Albert Louis, Dr. (Expertization) .de
  36. Albert Matl (Expert: europe, .jp) .at
  37. Albert M. Schneider (Expertization) .fr
  38. Alberto Bolaffi (Expertization) .it
  39. Alde Charette [URL] (trader/collector)
    Cuba, Canada, China, Sweden and France
  40. Alejandro Torres - Centro Iinternacional de Filatelia y Numismatica [SP]
    Cite: Topical Index: Resources
  41. Aleksandr Zheleznyakov - "COSMONAUTICS" Encyclopedia
    See : Sergey Okun's -= S P A C E   S T A M P S =- (Space)
    'Designed as a part of the "COSMONAUTICS" Encyclopedia
  42. Ales Trtnik, .si [URL] (Switzerland, Sweden, Germany, WW)
  43. Alessandro Artini - Sandrostamp, .it
  44. Alex A.M. de Groot - Indonesia Filatelie Tempo Doeloe - (Ducth East Indies) .nl
  45. Alex Rendon (Expertization: .co, .bo) .us-NY
  46. Alex Schauss - @ - Schauss Philatelics (Sales: Indonesia, Philippines, US Revenue, Dutch Indies, Japanese, Vienna: Revolutionary period and Independence) .us-WA 98401
  47. Alex Zdonick, Tracy Barber - B. Trading Co (P/H, PostCards, Victorian Trade Cards) .us-
  48. Alexander (A & M) Davidson (sales: Auxtralasia, CI) .au-TAS
  49. Alexandre Galinos (Expertization; incl Balkans) .gr
  50. Alexandre Lollini, Bernard and - ESPACE Lollini .fr
    (ww Space issues, albums, catalogs)
    Ref.: Transports: By Air (The Condorde)
  51. Alexis-Pierre Messmer [URL] (.fr, .de, Czechoslovakia, .hu, China, topics, covers)
  52. Alfred Brito [URL] (.us, .UN, .it; Papal States, Vatican, .cu)
  53. Alfred Burger (Expertization) .de
  54. Alfredo or Ruth Marcus (Agent) .br
  55. Alfredo Navarro Paya (Expertization .es forgeries) .es
  56. Ali Rizwan Sadiq - Ali Philatelic Traders, (sales), .pk [E]
  57. Alice Zhang Li - Raphael Stamps (Australia, China, Hong Kong, Thematics) .au-  
  58. Allan Gilbertson [URL] (classical composers, mathematicians)
  59. Allan Roeschmann [URL], @ (sales: WWII Military and Civil Censored Covers) .dk
    Correspondence in English or German, 21 themes relating WW2
  60. Allan Winrow, @
    Minerals and Gemstones on Stamps (a 'Geophilately checklist') , .uk
    incl.: 'Rocks and Fossils' and 'Mines and Mining'
    Rhodesian Independence 1965-79 - A Philatelic Perspective
  61. Alphons Vanderven, .nl URL]
  62. Alvares Alberto Luis Perez (Mexico)
    members.xoom.com/laap_mx/filat/ ; '404' 9/1
  63. Alvin Eckert - High Seas Ship Covers (sales) .us-
  64. Ana Maria Gallo -
    Ana Libri Press (publisher) .us-WA
    Owned by? and Publishes Dr. Frederick Highland's 'The Mystry Box'; stamp related fiction ...
    old URL: http://home.earthlink.net/~ana_libri
  65. Anders Backman - SilverDalen Stamps (catalogs, author, Channel Isls etc) .se
  66. Andrad Sedelmynt [URL] (.dk, .se, .no) .se
  67. André Hurtre, @ PWO .fr
    Entiers postaux de France ACEP [FR]
    Coupons-réponse. Reply coupons [FR]
    Académie de Philatélie [FR]
  68. André Loutchko (Polar Philately; Russian) .se
    Cite: Topicals : Polar Regions
    cf/ck URL: Polar and Butterfly Covers for Sale André Loutchko, .se
  69. Andre Viau - Laurentian Stamps & Coins (Sales: Canada +) .ca-QB
    Alt. Zillions of Stamps URL
    old: www.aei.net/~andrev/
  70. Andrea Di Carlo [URL] (.it, Europe)
    aka: Andrea Fiorentino [URL; same] (.it)
  71. Andrea Grimmett (sales) .uk-WM
  72. Andrea Mulinacci [URL] - A.M. Phil (Italy, US, .sm, Vatican ..) [IT, EN] .it 53010
  73. Andreas F Blobel, Dareg A Zabarah - Stampede (sales) .de 80805
    aka: 'Briefmarkenhandelsgesellschaft GbR'
  74. Andreas Safft, .de [URL] (Germany)
  75. Andreas Schlegel (Expertization) .de
  76. Andreas Wehner - .de [URL] (Germany)
    Andrew - cf 'Andy'
  77. Andrew Bartels - Bartles Stamp Co., .us-AZ
  78. Andrew Cronin (Expertization: .ru, Carpatho-Ukraine, .mn) .ca-ON
  79. Andrew Dyer - AD Stamps (approvals, Europe ; NOT incl. GB; PayPal), .uk-WY
  80. Andrew Gondocz, d@ [PWO], .ca-ON
    Oh My Gosh! (data: Middle East: Yemen, UAE)
    Hosts a stamp related charity too!
    Cite: .ca Dealer Menu (charity)
    Cite: Entities : Regions: Mid East
    Cite: Entities : UAE
    Cite: Topical Index : Censored Maill (Aden)
  81. Andrew Kimonides - Andex Stamps Pty. Ltd. (Australia, Br C'wealth, Pacific) .au-VIC 3084
  82. Andrew G. Lajer (sales) .uk-BR
  83. Andrew Levitt (sales; incl via Nutmeg) .us-CT
  84. Andrew Luu [URL] (.au, .id, .vn, .la)
  85. Andrew H. McEachern - Stamps International (A/Asia) Pty. Ltd. .au-QLD 4129
    (ww. Cinderellas, Mail Bid Auctions)
    & offers a 'Dealer Correspondence Course' - Cite: Gen. Links : Education
  86. Andrzej Zbojnowicz - PHILIMPEX [GR, FR, EN] .ch 8606
    (Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, C'wealth, topicals, packets; eBay ..)
  87. Andy Higgins [URL] (.us) ; ck url '.com//wa ...'
  88. Andy Nichols - Jenny Ash Stamps (US) .us-  
  89. Andy Taylor - [URL] (Editor for the Austrian Philatelic Society), .UK (several articles)
  90. Ange & Greg Fish [URL] (GB, Br. Commonwealth, p/h) .uk-
  91. Angelo Giovan, Philately by (Italy, Vatican, San Marino) .it - 42015
    Alt URL
  92. Anges & Iwan __? [URL] (.id, .nl) .id
  93. Anker Nielsen [URL] (.jp: postacrds & stamps)
  94. Ann Mette Heindorff PWO (Art, Literature, Seals, Czeslaw Slania), .dk  
    'Anthony' - See Also: 'Tony'
  95. Anthony French - Postal Diaries (of Malta; all issues)
    Ref.: Dealers : Malta : Philatelic Society of Malta
  96. Anthony Lawrence (sales) .uk-LO
  97. Anthony Wright (sales) .uk-ON
  98. Anton Hendriks - Benelux, USA, @, SDI (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, U.S., Colonies) .us-CT ; e-mail only!
  99. Aouya Abdelmoumen - Algerian First Philatelics .dz
  100. Aramaki.com (.jp)
  101. Ari Vihervaara - .fi [URL]
  102. Arie Sulman [URL] (India, Australia, Canada, New Zealand)
  103. Aris Svolis [URL] (WW)
  104. Arline Carter, Don & [URL] (GB & Commonwealth)
  105. Armin Forker [URL] (New Zealand)
  106. Armstrong Goldstein (sales) .us-CA 90210
  107. Arnim Großheide - Der Stamp Shop, aka: Briefmarken-Ladengeschäft und Briefmarken-Versandhandel (ww) [GR, EN] .de 49074
  108. Arno Debo, Dr. (Expertization) .de
  109. Arnold Miller - HMA Stamps and Collectibles (sales: Pre 1940 US & Classics) .us-
  110. Aron R. Halberstam (Pre-1960 Br. Commonwealth) .us-NY
  111. Arthur Groten M.D. - Image Nostalgia (gifts, pins, etc.) .us-  
  112. Arthur Salm Foundation (The Collector's Club of Chicago/AskPhil.org)
    Article: Flying Fakes (the Ganiff Fakes)
    Cite: Topicals : Transportation : By Air
  113. Arto Nopanen [URL] (Nordic Stamps) .fi
  114. AsgardStamps, @ (Germany, Italy, GB, Postcards; eBay)
  115. Ashok Mehta (sales: .in, thematics, compositions) .in 41303
  116. Attila Ambrozai - .hu [URL]
    also has site in Hungary : www.ambro.hu/belyeg2.htm (root is interesting c.2014)


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