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Removed from the 'Stamp News' front (home) page section 2/16/01 or as noted.

Aid to Eastern Europe (now '404')
If you have any excess stamps, you might wish to donate them for the benefit of orphaned children in Eastern Europe. One kilo of undamaged, used stamps world wide, off paper, can ensure food and medication for 10 needy children during 6 months.

The Cyber Stamp Club - Virtually speaking ... for collecting stamp images!

FDR: Our Stamp Collector President - by Andrew Levitt, Danbury, CT
.. Franklin Roosevelt, when asked about his hobby during his later years, stated several times that, "I owe my life to my hobbies, especially stamp collecting." ; 5/17/2001

Alta Vista 'Bablefish' Translations: New URL!

a/o 7/15/2001+- (end date)
AuctionUS Remains Open
And still FREE!

30 Mar 2001 03:19:31 -0500
From: [email protected]
Subject: Auction US Important Message!
To: [email protected]

Hello AJ,

... After much thought and a lot of messages from users, I've decided to keep AustionUS running. The amount of positive mail that I have received over the last couple of days has been overwhelming.

I really appreciate all of the feedback from users that have shown so much support this week, it's been very gratifying to say the least. I've spoke with several interested parties but have not come to an agreement yet with any of them and may never. It's not totally a money thing, the party must possess the skills necessary to move the site forward and keep the existing users happy.

So anyway don't mean to ramble, ....

Thank you,
George Shoner

Note: George offers free listings and here's the link to AustionUS : Stamps

George Shoner wrote:
> Hello AJ,
>I've decided to close AuctionUS effective Midnight
>March 30, 2001. I apologize for the short notice
>but my real job is consuming too much time for
>me to continue this site.

>If you, or someone you know might be interested
>in taking over the site please have them contact
>me at [email protected]
>or Call 941-923-1671 otherwise the above closing
>time will be final. ... had a great time during
>the last couple of years and learned a lot about
>what works and doesn't work on an auction site.
>I want to thank all of you for your input and
>participation ...
>Best wishes to you,
>George Shoner, President
1/6/2002 (from 'Stamp News':

The USPS Semipostal Stamp Program Proposed Rule - ... "In accordance with 39 U.S.C. � 416(e)(2), the Postal Service invites public comment .."

Auction Essentials

Donation supported info guides.

Collecting Allies

Database driven exchange community.

epier online Auctions


TubFrim: A charity in Norway seeking stamps and phonecards.

Stamps From The Kingdom of Hawaii

Post Office in Paradise

CIA World Factbook 2000 - All new URLs from 1999 version for all countries ..

  Maloney's Antiques & Collectibles Resource Directory, Antiques & Collectibles Directory

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Association of Philatelic Web Publishers (APWP)
Now: The Philatelic Webmasters Organization (PWO)

Victor Manta strikes yet again!, (name change) "At the moment there is no organization grouping the recently appeared category of stamp collectors who combine their philatelic hobby with the Web publishing activity. " - Join Now! (And it's FREE!)

Removed 1/2008

The former Sotheby's Chairman A. Alfred Taubman, 78, is set to begin a 366 day jail sentence next week in a Rochester, MN fedral prision for his conviction for fixing commission fees with another of the world's largest auctioneers - Christie's Int'l. - The Los Angeles Times 7/26/02 pg. A12

eBay is offering a new tool bar to members to help them search for items on its site and to remind them of auctions that are about to close. - CNet 7/02

PostCom (now a humanitarian effort - aj c.2008)

Removed 11/2009

Italia 2009, Wed 21st Oct 2009 - Sun 25th Oct 2009 in Rome, Italy.

Greater Houston (TX, USA) Stamp Show

September 18, 19, 20, 2009

Update URL's

http://www.pcug.org.au/~sheryll/Forgeries/Forgeries_article.htm ; PCUG is now defunct.
New: eBay - forgeries, fakes, dodgy sellers, scams - the tip of the iceberg!
Sheryll Oswald's eBay Articles

Old: http://www.pcug.org.au/~sheryll/


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