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"Serving people and dogs of all faiths or no faith at all."

St Roch Dog Rescue is our family and friend-based rescue for abandoned and homeless dogs. We also provide placement in certain circumstances for dogs that families must give up. All our rescue dogs live in our home with our dogs, or with foster families and each dog has been socialized. We attempt to socialize our dogs to get along well with all people, children and other dogs. If a dog shows problematic behavior of any kind, we will fully inform a potential adopter. Each of our rescue dogs has been castrated or spayed as appropriate, de-wormed, and has been fully vaccinated. Each of our dogs has been micro-chipped.

All our dogs have a "dog-back" guarantee. If, in a reasonable time, you decide a dog you have adopted from us is unsuitable, we will gladly take him back and make every effort to find him an another permanent home.

There are no fees for adopting from us. However, we do require that you make a donation to the church, charity, or animal shelter of your choice. This policy is to ensure that only responsible, aware persons adopt from us. We insist that we meet all members of a family to ensure that the decision to adopt is supported. Consequently, we do not permit our dogs to be adopted to be given as gifts. Under some circumstances, we may request a home visit to ensure that suitable space is available. We reserve the right to refuse adoption to any person.

We are now specializing in American Eskimo Dogs and Whippets. You can read about "Eskies" here. And "Whippets" here.

Our current Whippets: Patch (castrated male, about a year old and Darcy (spayed female also about a year)

Patch is now well-socialized. He is good with strange people and dogs. Very affectionate Darcy is also good with other dogs but she is slightly stand-offish with strangers. In a dog park setting, Whippets like to chase and be chased.

Whippets are among the most affectionate of all dogs. They become especially attached to their humans and are easily trained. They are strictly INSIDE dogs and CANNOT be left out in a yard all day. The best situation would be a home with a fenced yard and dog door.

Other Whippet Rescues: Northern California Whippet Fanciers

American Whippet Club

Southern California Whippet Club

Currently available Eskies



Each of these Eskies has a typical Eskimo temperament but also some individual qualities. Jumbuck is an Eskie Mix, an altered male about 3 years old. He has a pronounced underbite which is very visible with his mouth closed. Bucky is well behaved. However, he does bark loudly at another dog if he geels threatened. He doesn't like strange dogs sniffing his butt. Buckie is an indoor-outdoor dog. Usually he chooses to sleep outside. He is very affectionate.

Heloise is a Miniature Eskimo, about three-quarters the size of a standard. She is a spayed female, also about 4 years old. Elli is generally well behaved except she does sometimes chew things such as pens and water bottles. We are training her not to do this. Elli also has separation anxiety that requires that she be crated when her loved ones are not at home. Otherwise, she will attempt to escape to find them. Elli does bark a bit more than average . She may outgrow this; Mini Eskies are slow to mature. Elli needs lots of exercise; she plays well with other dogs, including large ones.

All Eskies have some characteristics in common. They do tend to be yappy and will not tolerate abuse from children. They should not be left alone with unpredictable small children. Here are some other facts about them

We are happy to show off our dogs at one of the local dog parks, where you can also observe how the dog is with other people and dogs.

San Dimas Dog Park

Claremont Pooch Park

A national rescue for American Eskimos is Heart Bandits. They have a chapter in southern California.

Other searchable sources for pets. Area shelters and dog pounds Also, scroll down to see adoptable dogs at several local shelters (Baldwin Park, Rancho Cucamonga, and West End. Inland Valley does not provide this information.) Please be patient, the list takes a few minutes to load.

As always, we believe in the power of prayer. We request, that if it is consistent with your beliefs, that you ask for God's mercy for our homeless dogs and homeless dogs everywhere.

Some inspirational prayers:

"A Prayer for the Animals" (attrib. Albert Schweitzer)

"A Dog's Prayer"(unknown)

"A Prayer for Animals" from the Monks of the Adoration.

"A Stray Dog's Prayer"

"A Police Dog's Prayer"

"An Abandoned Dog"

We at St Roch Dog Rescue express our sincere gratitude to our many friends at the Claremont Colleges who have kindly supplied affection for our orphaned doggies over the years.

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St Roch Dog Rescue's functionaries are: Sue Sanchez, Dave Null, and their many friends.

Farewell from our old friend Sue and, her kind friend, Allison.

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