Welcome to The CC64C
- The Complete C64 Collection -

Bringing you the best C64 programms ever released - on 1 CD-Rom!

  • What is the CC64C ?
  • The CC64C was created to offer the C64-Fan all the well known programms from �those good old days�,
    when this 8bit-machine was the ruling computer and a must-have for every teen.
    Today, around 15 years after the prime-time of Commodores�blockbuster, there is a great scene, especially on the internet,
    that is still alive and active. A lot of addicted persons make it possible to get almost every data file,
    that was written for the C64, in in these days via the Internet.
    The CC64C is the try to capture the most important of them out of the internet and release them on 1 CD- Rom.

  • The content of the CC64C

  • On the CD (Version 1.0) you will find the following files:
    3500+ Games
    18600+ C64-Sid Sounds (HVSC)
    1300+ Intros
    450+ Demos
    all important tools and emulators you need to use the Files on your PC
    and some other C64 releated stuff

    The CC64C will be updated several times in the future.
    Date of the first release (Ver. 1.0): Jan 02

    Updated to Version. 2.5 (Sep. 02):
    The �Blast from the Past�- series (340 Disks) and the HVSC Vol.5.0!

    Update to Version 3.0 (Dez. 02):
    - all REMEMBER-Releases on 87 Disk-Sides
    - all AVANTGARDE-Full-Releases on 255 Disk-Sides
    - TRANSCOM-Releases on 50 Disk-Sides
    - 100+ RIFF RAFF-Releases
    - 78 new Intros (most of them never released)
    - all Demos, released in 2000-2002
    - lots of txt.-Files about C64 Manuals and Hacking
    - the latest Version of the High Voltage Sid Collection

    Update to Version 3.2 (Jan. 03)
    - HVSC volume 5.2
    - some great demos by Science 451 from their webside

    Update to Version 3.5 (March 03)
    - new REMEMBER Releases
    - all HOKUTO FORCE Releases
    - some Floppy 2003 Demos

    Update to Version 4.0 (June 03)
    - rare Demos and Intros by Rainbow
    - the new REMEMBER-Releases
    - the Composers-Website
    - the new HVSC
    - 13 Swap Disks by C64CG
    - some more games added

    Update to Version 4.5 (October 03)
    - new Releases by Hokuto Force
    - HVSC update to Ver. 5.4

    Update to Version 5.0 (Dezember 03)
    - new Releases by Remember
    - 156 Releases by Eagle Soft Inc.
    - HVSC update to Ver. 5.5

  • Why you release The CC64C?
  • The first thing is to keep the spirit alive!
    After I was connected to the internet, I found that there is a lot of material for the C64.
    The problem was to find it, and to have the time to download all of that.
    I wonder if there is a place to get all of that stuff , perhaps as one big .ZIP-File, but I never found one.
    So the idea for the Complete C64 Collction was born (Complete is relative, I know...).
    It should be a possibility for every fan worldwide, to get all the these programms on a CD,
    without spending hour after hour of searching.
    (and also waiting hour after hour of downloading...)

  • Purchasing The CC64C
  • First of all, this isn�t a project to make any big profit. The price for the CD is only for covering some
    costs, like over 100 h of downloading time (56 k), the CD itself and the p&p.
    So the CC64C - CD is offered for only:

    10.- � or 15 US-$
    incl. posting and package

    or Cash-Payment
  • Important Note!
  • I don�t sell the software itself. The Copyright of the programms are still the property of the coder.
    I only sells the �service�of downloading, collecting, burning and mailing them.

  • Order Information
  • To get a copy of The CC64C , or if you have any other questions,
    just write me an email:

    [email protected]

    All necessary information will come with the email reply.

  • Thanx and Greetings
  • I want to thank the following persons for making The CC64C possible:

    Kim Lemon
    The C64.org-Team
    Warren/ HVSC
    Jack Alien/ Remember
    The C64.ch- Team
    Chromance & Onslaught

    and all the rest i forgot...

    (C)+(P) 01/02

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