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WipeCMOS is designed to clear all CMOS settings to recover from lost passwords or corrupt BIOS settings.

Download WipeCMOS

Cyrix/IBM 6x86 M1/M2 CPU Optimizer.

Download 686MAX

Turbo Emulator.

Download TURBO

System Clock & BIOS Y2K Fix. (DOS, Win 3.xx, Win 9x)

Download ACUTime

System Reboot utility for DOS. *Updated September 4th 2002*

Download BOOT

System Reboot utility for DOS and Win 9x/ME.

Download WinBoot

Dosver lets you temporarily alter the DOS version number.

Download DOSVER

Visual binary calculator.

Download VBCALC

CPU Benchmark program.

Download CPU Benchmark

Drive Lock locks drives without prompting for keypress.

Download Drive Lock

Drive finds last logical drive and reports as errorlevel.

Download DRIVE

CPU Performance Enhancer.

Download MAX

Motor Control allows you to turn the floppy drive motor on & off at the DOS command prompt.

Download Motor Control

Mode Master allows you to change the DOS text screen display mode.

Download Mode Master

Pallete Master allows you to change the DOS text screen colours.

Download Pallette Master

Step allows you to change the floppy drive head stepping speed.

Download STEP

Vmode lets you change video mode from the DOS prompt.

Download VMODE

Interrupt driven DOS text screen clock.

Download Interrupt Clock

Beep produces a preset or user defined tone from your PC's internal speaker.

Download BEEP

Play plays music through your PC's internal speaker.

Download PLAY

Wait allows wait delays to be added to batch files.

Download WAIT

Pcls adds colour to your batch files by changing text & background colours.

Download PCLS

Windet provides a means of detecting the presence of Windows from a batch file.

Download WINDET

Peek displays the byte value at a user selected memory address.

Download PEEK

Poke writes a new byte value to a user selected memory address.

Download POKE

Exec runs code at a user selected memory address.

Download EXEC

Small DOS command line utility that creates hardfiles & .adf files for UAE and Fellow.

Download CHF

Fractal Generator.

Download Makin' Magic Fractals

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