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I am Sister   Hatune Dogan. I was  born in Zaz a village in Turabdeen , North Mesapotamia in Turkey. Completed my Primary Education in Turkey. I am  a member    in the Universal Syrian Orthodox Church under the Holy See of Antioch.

I was born and brought up as a Farmer Girl in Turabdeen and it was the high time of  persecution to the Christians. The Turkish and Kurdish both were persecuting the Christians in Turabdeen and my family also one of the victim.

In 1985 our family migrated to Germany along with our relatives. I continued my education  in Germany until 12th standard . In 1988 I joined Mor Ephreim Monastery in Losser, Hollond. I joined  to the Sisterhood and continued my studies.

I  practiced  the Sisterhood under the  leadership of the mother superior Seyde Atto. After the High School Education, I  joined with Theological Seminary in Mienz , Frankfurt , Germany and completed  the Degree in Practical Theology there in 1996. Then I worked as a Psychotherapist in Kathekese Psychotherapy Institute , Augustburg, South Germany. I also worked as a Teacher in the Government School in the subject of Religion and History. I have visited 38 countries and worked in the Ministry of Charitable and Social Service Zimbabwe , Africa , Turkey and in India.


I selected to concentrate in three Ministries established by the Lord Jesus Christ which are Healing Ministry, Feeding Ministry and Preaching Ministry.

(i) Healing Ministry

The back born support of her Healing Ministry is provided by Action Meditore a Non- Government Organization from Germany. Carithas from Paderborn , Germany is also giving immense support for my mission in the medical field. Now I am conducting free medical camps in India for the poor. I also playing an active role in the area of medical care to the refugees of Tsunami Disaster in India. I also further looking for Free Medical Equipments from Europe and America to work more with the poor in India.

(ii) Feeding Ministry

The demand for food and cloth of the poor in India is unbelievably high. I am actively supporting the poor without considering any caste, creed or religion. The supplies of food and other assistance to the highly needy people those who are staying in slum and other backward areas are doing actively. This ministry also include procurement of infrastructure to the poor. Recently I launched a housing project for the poor in association with Malankara Suriyani Knanaya Community and as a joint venture with the Government of Kerala. Drinking water is also a pre-requisite for the poor people in India. I was providing drinking water wells in different districts in the State of Kerala in India. The adoption of - 3 -orphans , financial assistance to the orphanages , infrastructure to the orphanages and old aged homes etc. are also actively doing in India.
(iii) Preaching Ministry

The Preaching Ministry is mainly based on the Education for the Poor in General Education as well as Higher Education. As a co-coordinator to the various institutions, organizations and individuals I  arranged scholarship for the poor for higher studies.

As the Lord Jesus Christ concentrated his Ministry in Galilee, the most backward and underdeveloped region of Palestine at his time. All the servants of God are expected to work with the poor and underdeveloped areas as shown by our Lord. The developed countries like Europe and America have a better role to play in this ministries. The individuals support from these countries are encouraging to work more in the ministries. Those who like to participate to wipe off the tears of the poor may contact Sister Hatune Dogan to join with the ministries.
How to Join

Your helps by way of money from your charity savings can be remitted to
(Hatune Dogan, A/c No. 11121142, BLZ: 47250101, Sparkasse Paderborn, Germany) OR (SWIFT UBININ,Code BBKCH, A/c No. 615884, Union Bank of India, Ernakulam)

Best Wishes


Sister Hatune Dogan
Husener str.46,33098 Paderborn,Germany
Mobile:- 00491796664396
E-mail:- [email protected] 

Website : www.hatune.cjb.net



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