New project added - RF Signal Generator. You can download the entire project ( in Portuguese ) here. I can supply the PCB if you need one.

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All the data here are files containing JPEG scanned images from original datasheets. The images reflect the available original datasheet quality, sometimes poor but readable. Better originals, databooks, references and other related  materials ( like cathode-ray tubes for my collection ) are welcome. Thank you.

Who can help me with this CRT datasheet in japanese????click here

Have you any data about CRT ????
Please send us a copy !!!!

KIKUSUI Service manual AVAILABLE for models COS5020/21/40/41 and COS5042...I will swap a copy with someone who help me with a copy of COS5020ST service manual. Can you help me with this ???

Thank you very much.
Alexandre Simionovski
[email protected]