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Hello, and welcome to Dread Rock! Your one stop source for Twinnies goodness! I am a die-hard fan of both the Matrix trilogy and of these two adorable and charming albino ghosts so I decided to fix up a web site devoted to the Twins, since there aren't that many out there.
I hope you enjoy your walk through my Twins chateau. Please bookmark my site and sign the guestbook before you leave. I have lots to do including: the largest Twins photo gallery on the net, Instant Messenger icons, wallpaper, info, a Twins collectibles list and guide, fan art, fanfics, and even a Twins greeting cards maker! You can look around at the things already on here or submit something of your own. If you are new to my site, please take the time to read my ‘site properties’ section so you’ll be familiar with the site rules and copyrights.
And incase you didn't know, Dread Rock is the official home to classic and popular Twinsfics such as: ‘Welcome to the Real World’, ‘Welcome to the Real World II, The Choice’, ‘Twin Terror, The Early Years’, and ‘More to Christmas’!

                                                                -Cky (aka Twin One)
"We are getting aggravated,"
                                                   "Yes, we are."
Mercury Twins fanlisting
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Matrix Reloaded fanlisting
Follow the White Rabbit: Matrix fanlisting
My lil personal blinkie! ^_^
Welcome to Dread Rock!
It's taking longer than I thought to get my Rayments section done. Until then, here is the Rayment twins’ fan letter address that you can use to send letters to the Rayments. Their fan address is not well known and I have had so many people emailing me and asking for a fan address, so here it is. *steps out of the way of rampaging Twins fanatics so she won’t get stepped on*

Remember to use it wisely.

c/o RKM Public Relations
83 Replingham Road
London SW18 5LU
Updates 08/10/07
Gallery Problems...

I have been alerted by a visitor that images in the gallery aren’t showing. I apologize for this. I honestly have no clue what is going on with it. I’ve checked out everything and it all looks okay, and pics should be showing. But, oddly enough, the images aren’t showing on my image hosting site either. I don’t know how it’s happened, but it looks like my hosting site has lost the files. Go figure.

So I am in the process of getting them all back. I’m deleting each one and will be re-uploading them over the coming week. During this time, the gallery and the fan art gallery will be closed. Both of them will be re-opened whenever I can get all of the mess straightened out.

Updates 07/10/07
I thought it was time that I posted an update on here to let everyone know I’m still alive. lol! Don’t worry, this site isn’t dead. I’m still here behind the scenes, making sure that everything is working. I’m also in the process of putting up a few new things in the Collectibles area soon.

Currently, I’m checking things on here to make sure they still work (like links). While doing so, I have discovered that my fanlisting affiliate buttons are no longer working. And, sadly, I can’t find the new URLs that go to them.:-( I know this is a shot in the dark, but if you, by any chance (perhaps you’re a member of one of them, or used to be a member), know what has happened to these fanlistings, please email me and let me know. If you know the new addresses to them, by all means include them. I’ve done a web search for the Mercury Twins one, and I can’t bring up anything related to it. I’m assuming that it’s no longer up and running. But I’d really like to know what happened to them, since they were a good way to advertise my website and get it out in the middle of other fans.

Updates 02/12/07
It's a brand new year, and I am currently updating the look of Dread Rock.:-) I thought it was time that it had a new look. I'm also trying to fix a few things here and there. Just to bring to your attention, the guestbook can now be found under 'Site Info' over to your left.

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