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*JUNE 10, 2001*

Awards: 6 new awards on Awards page!
Layout: New Awards page layout!
Your Stuff: 2 new graphics on Your Page!
Calendars: Calendars for June to December added to Calendar page!
Journal: New Journal Entry added today!
Hit Counter: New Hit Counter added - Music Style!
Music: New Music Box added - It actually works now!
Summer: Happy Summer graphic added on main page!
Easter: Happy Easter graphic taken off main page!
Other: A few other little changes around the site!

I will no longer update SB; SB is closed. I closed SB because I'm no longer interested in Petz and Babyz, and owning a Petz/Babyz site is a LOT of work! I opened a new site, ACR. Please visit ACR if you like what you see here. It's very similar to SB, except that there are no Petz/Babyz services there. If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me! Thank you.

Please visit my other site, the Sandman Hotel! Click on the banner below to visit us!

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