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Howdy! My name is Browwwser (Kerry Shatzer), and I invite you to join me on a journey through the queer Internet to find the best gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender websites in my "For Queer Mice" columns.  Or take a lighter look at gay life in my new "Just Humor Me" columns.   Find a specific column you're interested in, or just jump on in! These columns appeared in Slam Magazine, the alternative bar rag of St. Louis. Watch for a new column usually once a month. Thanks for browwwsing with me!
For Queer Mice Just Humor Me
*Where to Start - Begin your search for great queer web sites with this handy guide.

*Ring in the New Year - At the close of 1996, some brand new gay web sites are bringing in the new year.

*One in Ten My Ass! - Have you ever tried to find gay websites listed in national web magazines? Good luck!

*Fight the Good Fight - Online - Fight for our rights from the comforts of home with these handy websites.

*Attack of the 50 MB Megalomaniac Drag Queens from Cyberspace! - 'Nuff said!

*Lord of the Rings - The Webring is a fabulous way to cruise the web, especially the queer Rings.

*The Secret's Out! - For the April 1st column, visit some truly worthless (but very entertaining) websites. Can you spot the fake?

*History/Herstory/Ourstory - Discover your roots (no, not your hair) and delve into some historical queer websites.

*Subscribe Today! - may be no more, but these other magazine websites are alive and well.

*The "D" Word - "D" is for dynamic, daring, desirable, dedicated, defiant dykes!

*Future Tense - What does the future hold for us? Catch a glimpse here.

*June Is Busting Out All Over - With Pride! - Every day is Pride Day on the Web with these sites!

*You Like Me! You Really Like Me! - The spotlights! The glamor! It's the Web Awards Award show, where we give out awards to websites that give out awards!

*Filling Up Your Basket (Shopping Part 1) - Shop in your underwear in front of your PC with these frisky online catalogues.

*See You in the Funny (Web) Pages - You won't find 'em in your local newspaper, but these queer comic strips are coming out on the web.

*The 12 Days After Christmas (Shopping Part II) - It's amazing what missing a deadline does for the creative process! Enjoy these post-holiday shopping ideas.

*Turn On, Tune In, Flame Out! - Download RealAudio and StreamWorks to hear radio shows with queer content on the net.

*Quick & Dirty Academy Awards CyberGuide - A quick look at this year's Best Picture nominees' websites. With dirty little snide comments thrown in as well!

*Band Queers - Warm up to these talented and web-savvy gay and lesbian musicians.

*Get The Hell Out Of Dodge - After Pride there ain't much to do in St. Louis in the summer. Get away with these travel sites.

*I Came Out of the Closet and All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt! - Oh, you teez...

*Here She Is, Boys! Here She Is, World! - Show your Pride by creating your own web site (and for free no less!).

*Some Light Summer Reading - Put away that porno mag for a while and read some real queer literature.  In the end it's much more stimulating!

*Extra! Extra! Read All About It! - For better or for worse, we're in the news again.  Stay informed!

*Something Wicked This Way Comes... - This Halloween, there's nothing scarier than the Religious Right.  Boo!

*New Beginnings - Start your search for queer websites off right by using these queer search engines, guides, and Yahoo! clones.

*We Weren't Recruited, We Enlisted! - The groups that accuse us of recruiting are the biggest recruiters themselves.  Too bad they're not more selective!

*Pontiff-ication - Pope John Paul II rides into St. Louis in his Popemobile like a big white wind that really blows...

*thirty-something - Some of you may think that turning thirty is no big deal.  Yeah?  Well, screw you!

*Heterosexuals Ate My Balls, But They Couldn't Swallow the Irony! - Just because you have another man's balls in your mouth doesn't mean you're gay!

*It's Safer Sex Story Time, Boys & Girls! - Let's see Jewel try to make a hit song out of THIS poem!

*The Jerry Falwell Free Gay Advertising Program - Nothing sells gay products like a condemnation from the Religious Right!

*The Bustin' Stereotypes Across America Tour - How many circuit queens does it take to change a lightbulb?  Finally, here's a way for these clones to do something useful for a change.

*Pity, Party Of One, Your Table Is Ready... - They say misery loves company, so do me a favor and read this column!

*A Thousand Years From Now We'll All Look Back At This And Laugh... - It wasn't genetics or an absent father that made me gay... it was the Y2K bug!

*Tops Are From Jupiter, Bottoms Are From Uranus - A gay parody of "Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus."  Too late I realized most of my readers probably never read the original, but oh well...

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