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I am working as a lecturer on philosophy at Zaporizhzhya State Medical University (Ukraine).

My philosophical views were greatly influenced by Karl Popper’s philosophy of politics and science. A have written and published (with the help of ‘Smoloskyp’ patronage foundation) a book on liberal political philosophy and philosophy of science of XX century – mostly considering the views of K.Popper, F. von Hayek, L. von Mises, I.Berlin, G.Soros – “Open Society: Ethics and Rationality” (in Ukrainian language).

Now I am interested mostly in the problems of

            theory of critical rationalism;

            the mind-body problem (dualism-interactionism);

Here are my works in English:

Books and Collections:

The Mind as Subjectivity: the Mystery of the Self

Essays on Karl Popper’s and William Bartley's Philosophy


Sepetyi, D. (2023) The Knowledge Argument Against Materialism and the Strategy of Phenomenal Concepts. Filosofska Dumka ¹3.

Sepetyi, D. (2023) Natural Kinds and a posteriori Necessities: Putnam pro Kripke, Putnam versus Kripke. Filosofska Dumka ¹2.

Sepetyi, D. (2022) Mind-body interaction, physical causation, and the natures of substances in Descartes’s philosophy. Actual Problems of Mind 23.

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Sepetyi, D. (2022) Robert Kirk’s Attempted Intellectual Filicide: Are Phenomenal Zombies Hurt? Organon F 29(1).

Sepetyi, D. (2021) Karl Popper’s solution to the problem of induction and the non-justificationist conception of rationality. Actual Problems of Mind 22.

Sepetyi, D. (2021) Metaphysical Foundations of Causation: Powers or Laws of Nature? Metaphisica 22(2): 295-309.

Sepetyi, D. (2021) The Problem of Mind-Body Interaction and the Causal Principle of Descartes’s Third Meditation. Sententiae 40(1).

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Sepetyi, D. (2019) John Searle’s Naturalism as a Hybrid (Property-Substance) Version of Naturalistic Psychophysical Dualism. Disputatio 11: 23-44.

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Sepetyi, D. (2017) The Conceivability-to-Possibility Entailment: How It Does (not) Work. The Philosophical Forum 48(3): 273-286.

Sepetyi, D. (2017) Can the Chinese Robot Think? Philosophy and Cosmology 19: 143-153.

I’ll be glad to communicate and get comments and criticisms by e-mail: [email protected]

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My favourite philosophers:

Karl Popper


Raymond Tallis