To Soar Again! - August, 1994

To Soar Again!

To Soar Again!, a 118 page, wedgewood blue, gold-stamped, softbound, limited edition of free verse poetry was written by Sarah Hudson-Pierce, a current resident of Shreveport, Louisiana, in the early 1990's. Reading this poignant book of poetry the reader will be impressed by the foreword written by Dick Schneider, Senior Staff Editor, of Guideposts Magazine.

With the 1987 publication of Friendship Is A Journey, Sarah Hudson-Pierce, achieved regional recognition as a sensitive and perceptive writer of poetry. In the years since that time her writing talents have extended nationally through her second book, The Warming of Winter, published in 1989, and as a result of her weekly newspaper columns and magazine articles. She has touched many emotions in her readers, ranging from joy to sadness. But her greatest talent is displayed in her original calling, poetry. This gift is beautifully demonstrated in her lastest collection, To Soar Again!

James C. Gardner
Former Mayor
Shreveport, Louisiana

More than being a good writer with a fascinating heritage from which she draws, Sarah Hudson-Pierce has the kind of perseverance which can make all the difference.

Dick Schneider
Senior Staff Editor
Guideposts Magazine

Determination is a word that could describe poet Sarah Hudson-Pierce, of Plain Dealing, Louisana.

Dave Morris
Gazette Sr. Editor
Cedar Rapids Gazette
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Sarah Hudson-Pierce's weekly motivational and inspirational column has been a welcome addition to our opinion page. Her words, which appear on Mondays, are a great way to start off the week.

Rob Viehman
Managing Editor
Neosho Daily News
Neosho, Missouri

Sarah Hudson-Pierce has chosen to use her poetic skill to touch us with her heart. She reaches our inner soul by sharing a piece of herself through her poems on friendship, love and nature.

Tim Morris
Sports Editor
The News Transcript
Morganville, New Jersey

Sarah Hudson-Pierce is one of the most persistent, prolific and passionate writers around. She has real life, real people and real feelings in her articles and they are enjoyed by many of our readers.

Frank May
Editorial Page Editor
Shreveport Times

Sarah is one of the most positive people I have ever known. I have watched her bloom into a beautiful inspiring individual. Through her life experiences she has developed into a sympathetic, caring person. She is the friend you'd long for, the friend you'd never want to lose - but there's always enough love and compassion in her heart to share with many.

Joyce Moore
Oil City, Louisiana

Sarah Hudson-Pierce shares her deepest emotions in her poetry collection,
To Soar Again! She shows by example that if you set a goal, work hard and long enough, dreams are attainable. I wish my friend success with this, her third book of poetry.

Gypsy Damaris-Boston
Shreveport, Louisiana

This book was dedicated to Earl and Hazel Adams, Whom I appreciate very much for their love and support.

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Sarah Hudson-Pierce



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