Sarah Hudson-Pierce

Pictures of Sarah's birthplace, foster parents, of her younger self, etc.

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First Picture:
This is the house Sarah Hudson-Pierce was born in, in the year 1948.

Second Picture:
Cullen and Martha Adair, whose foster home shaped Sarah's life in many ways though the stay was brief before going into an orphanage.

Third Picture:
Sarah's grandparents, George Washington McClellan Hudson, a circuit riding preacher and her grandmother Sarah Alice Ritz Hudson as their wedding picture, made at Licking, Missouri on November 1, 1889.

Fourth Picture:
Sarah's great grandparents, Robert and Phoebe Hiler Hudson, taken around Sullivan, Illinois. Her grandfather came over from Hull, England in 1830. He was born on February 20, 1822.

Fifth Picture:
This is the last house that Sarah Hudson-Pierce lived in before going to the Turley Children's orphanage near Tulsa, Oklahoma. This house is no longer standing but was located on a heavily wooded country road near Noel, Missouri. They had no running water, only a cistern in the yard, however, her mother feared her family would contact typhoid fever so she pulled a little red wagon down that country road to a neighbor's house to bring milk cans of water home for her family to drink. Sarah often recalls sitting on the cover of that old cistern and peering off into the woods dreaming of a brighter future.

Sixth Picture:
Sarah Hudson-Pierce in 1981, at the age of 33, at Mountain Home, Arkansas. This was a critical time in her life when she was undergoing a lot of personal problems and turned to writing as a therapeutic release. She will tell anyone today that this was a turning point to bring her out to a brighter day, now twenty-two years later.

Seventh Picture:
This is Sarah Hudson-Pierce at the age of 10, at the time of her Father's death.

Sarah Hudson-Pierce

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