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Jurassic Park III
USA, 2001
[Joe Johnston]
Sam Neill, William H. Macy, Tea Leoni, Laura Dern
Action / Adventure
The third addition to the prehistoric saga, Jurassic Park III picks up after the incidents of The Lost World. Sam Neill reprises his role as Dr. Alan Grant, still struggling to make ends meet with his dinosaur digs, Laura Dern provides a cameo as Ellie, who has now settled down, married and become a mother. Things are not going well for Alan until he is approached by a wealthy couple (Macy and Leoni) who aren’t who they seem to be, and is asked to be their expert guide for a flying tour over Isla Sorna (NOT Nublar, this is site ‘B’ which Alan hasn’t seen yet). Against Alan’s wishes they set down on the island, where they are greeted with a few surprises that are feeling peckish.

Contrary to what everyone believed would be just another cash in on the franchise, following the method of spectacular set pieces and clichés,
Jurassic Park III surprises on all counts. This movie is very different to the first two, the tone is a lot darker and grittier, you get a real sense of danger, Joe Johnston has outdone himself. The cast as a whole is superb, Sam Neill is superb, his character a little more seasoned and wiser to the world now, his moments with Laura Dern as Ellie are lovely to watch and it's just a shame these two never got together. Macy and Leoni are great along with the cast, whose characters gel together as a team through the movie, I strongly advise going to appreciate this movie, possibly the best of the summer, at the cinema. Go now you fools!
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