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Jeepers Creepers
USA, 2001
[Victor Salva]
Gina Phillips, Justin Long, Jonathan Breck
Remember the hype surrounding The Blair Witch Project? Remember how it was billed as the definitive horror movie? Remember how many people were let down when they went to see it? Well, Jeepers Creepers has been billed as ‘the scariest US horror movie in ten years’, oooooooo…. We’ve heard this so many times before with such lame fodder as Final Destination, so can this movie live up to the hype? Damn right it can!
The movie follows a brother and sister making their way back home, taking a scenic route through the lonely countryside, suddenly, they are attacked by a huge, and mightily powerful, rusty truck. They are run off the road and believe their ordeal is over. The journey continues peacefully until they see the truck parked next to an abandoned church, a dark figure dumping large sacks down a drainpipe, sacks with red stains. Deciding to investigate, they make a gruesome discovery that will forever change their lives.

That’s where I have to force myself to stop with the plot, because it’d be a damn shame to tell you what happens. This horror flick is a class above the endless ‘slasher flicks’ of recent years. The beginning is unnerving and hits you like a sledgehammer. From there, the suspense rarely lets up, superb storytelling and cinematography, takes you on a roller coaster of emotion, with the tension creeping up throughout the movie, and you sense our heroes are in real danger that they may not survive. The acting is superb, characters with depth rather than the stereotypes. The only disappointment is the end, which I promise you won’t see coming, but then again, it’s an original ending for an original movie. Lets just hope the ‘Big Cheeses’ in Hollywood don’t ruin it by making a sequel from the movie's already huge box office success. This is the essential Halloween movie, I urge you to see it very late at night for maximum effect!
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