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Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
USA, 2001
[Kevin Smith]
Jason Mewes, Kevin Smith, Ben Affleck, Matt Damon
God, itís dire. But I suppose Iíll go through the motions anyway. Jay and Silent Bob are two stoner mates upon whom a cartoon strip has been based. Someone has bought the rights to the cartoon to make a film out of it, and J and SB want money for it. So they go on a road trip to Hollywood to get their cash. On the way they meet a bunch of extremely gorgeous female animal rights activists, and get involved with their doings.

The first scene was just about the only funny point in the film, the rest of which was just a shameful excuse for crap toilet humour and sexism. Please donít call me a prude; crap toilet humour and sexism has been done far, far better in films like
American Pie and Scary Movie. Oh, how I long for good crap toilet humour and sexism after this film. And when sexism or any other anti-Ďismí is done carelessly and cynically, thatís when it becomes offensive.

It just reeked of a desperation to create some kind of memorable, comedy bonehead characters out of J and SB, but Bill and Ted were lovable because of the warmth behind the characters; J and SB just seem to be born of an expectation that only Moral Majority wankers donít laugh at stoner jokes. A previous cameo appearance or two of J and SB does not maketh a good character, you hear Kev?

The self-referential humour has been done and done, and here Ė as well as with the numerous tricks and in-jokes Kevin Smith created to surround the film - itís done with such heavy-handedness it just disappears up its own arse. I expect Iíll be told I donít Ďgetí it, because everythingís ironic these days, innit? No, I donít get it because this is a lazy, shallow film.
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