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Jagged Edge
USA, 1985
[Richard Marquand]
Glenn Close, Jeff Bridges, Peter Coyote, Lance Henriksen
Written by Joe Estzerhas (who also wrote Basic Instinct) this kind of thriller was the first of it's type. The plot is very simple yet quite effective: a very well off wife is murdered, who happens to have the whole estate in her name, and the husband is distraught... or is he? Did Jack Forrester (Bridges) plan the attack through greed, or is he being sincere?

Aside from the curiosity of whether or not Jack was the murderer there is an interesting relationship between the defence and the prosecution. Teddy Barnes (Close), the defence attorney, worked with Thomas Krasny (Coyote) four years earlier when Krasny deliberately witheld information in order to convict a guilty man who later hung himself. Teddy knew about this soon after the trial, but didn't do anything about it and she feels that this is the perfect way to get back at Krasny.

Back to the story however, and things are not as simple as they first seemed. Teddy somehow becomes attracted to Jack, and lets say they have a more than professional relationship! Is Jack using her emotions to convince her that he is innocent? Will it work? Well..... how could I possibly spoil for you guys. Watch it yourselves!

Final comments: If you are really bored (like me and Matt) then this is an OK film to watch. The only real virtue is that it was the first of it's kind in 1985 and if it were to be released now it would do considerably worse. If I was to compare it to another film, I suppose it would have to be
Wild Things but without the lesbianism and numerous sex scenes... oh, and also without the record number of twists at the end. Not that this is an excuse to watch.
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