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Our thanks to everyone who has been here!
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South Appalachian
4-Wheel Drive
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NOTE TO ALL!!!  We are not gone!  We are currently in limbo as we have vehicles in the shop and undergoing some major rebuilds... Will be back up SOON!!!!

Thanks, Thom @ SA4WDA 10-5-2002
Welcome back to the web home of the SA4WDA.  We are glad to say that we are the newest 4-wheel drive club in North East Alabama.  You may notice some changes to our site.  We are trying some different things to improve our site.  Hope you like them!  Please let us now what you think by signing our guest book and leave your comments. 
 Current Projects
 What we are about Check out this article!
 Interesting sites  Historical Background
Check out the new photo's here!!!!
 Contact Information
 Requirements for membership
What are we about?
The SA4WDA was formed for off road drivers of all kinds.  We enjoy having fun, the fellowship of spending time with others of like interests.  Our long term goals are to help preserve the trails and help our community.
Members of the South Appalachian 4 Wheel Drive Association come from all walks of life.  We currently have managers, business owners, and shop workers all in our club.  We don't care who you are as long as you have a true love of nature and enjoy experiencing the out doors in an off road vehicle.
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Interesting sites
Here are some of the sites we have found of interest on the net? This list will grow later.
 http://www.thinkjeep.com/ - The home page of Rosser Jeep of Bessemer, AL.
 http://www.4x4now.com/    - A cool site with a lot of 4 x 4 info of all kinds.
 http://www.ultimatejeep.com/   - Lots of Jeep stuff here.
 Pictures of us!!! - Got a couple more in here today! 12-7-99 Be sure to see the link above too!
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Contact Information
If you have any questions or comments about this page or about our club, email me at [email protected]
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Current Projects
Our current project is opening more trails around the North East part of Alabama.  If anyone knows of any trails available for riding in the area please e-mails us at [email protected].
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Historical Information
Group was originally formed in July, 1999.  Currently have approximately 30 members in 15 vehicles.
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Requirements for membership
Either own or have access to a four wheel drive vehicle, or know some one who will take you with them.
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