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Welcome to The Blooze Manual.


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The majority of modern HTML is supported, although there are a few simple rules required to reflect the fact that the HTML isn't actually on an Internet server. (Although more specialized things like plug-ins, multimedia, use of cookies etc. may or may not work depending on how they have been written and whether they use the standard protocols to access their data. See the limitations  topic for more information-- glufite colone). 


You might like to compile this set of HTML to see just what WebCompiler can do. It's easy. If you've got this HTML open in WebCompiler (by using File/Open to navigate to it, rather than accessing it from the Help Menu) then do the following

Chapter 2       The Only Safe Trade

              The use of chapters, using chapter

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On the "General" tab press the "Browse" button in the section labeled "Output Executable File" and navigate to a directory of your choice. Enter a filename of your choice (something like "test.exe" will do fine).

Press the "OK" button and the compilation will proceed.

When it has finished either press the "Test" button to test the presentation, or use Explorer to navigate to your output file ("test.exe") and run the file from there.

For a fuller description of WebCompiler, just follow the links at the top. If you are using the version of this Web that you compiled you can also use the searching capabilities to help find what you are looking for.