Using the Palm m500 and m505 Expansion Card

I was initially more than a little disappointed with the utility of the expansion card due to some of the out-of-the-box limitations. These pages describe workarounds for getting more use out of the card. (After installing these programs, I am very happy to have the expansion slot.)

  • Most current applications cannot "see" any data stored on the card. 

  • If you use the Palm's card facility to move an application to the card, that application will not show up within a 3rd party launcher (e.g., Launcher III). Instead, they appear in the default launcher under an "Expansion Card" category.

  • Unless an application is able to do it for you, you can't move DATA to the card (other than DOC files). The OS function does not show Palm Database Files (*.pdb) that applications typically use. 

The "Fix"
  • There are some applications you can install that will greatly enhance the utility and usability of your expansion card. Specifically, applications that access the Sony Clie's "Memory Stick" also work on the Palm m50X. 
  • Most of the applications have been written by Asian authors, which means that the documentation usually isn't in English (though the authors fortunately have provided English interfaces). I've provided some tips for using them here.

The table below describes each application, provides links for downloading them and also directs you to my tips for using them. The descriptions should help you determine whether each is an application you'll want. 

Name   Links Description
by Hacker Dude-san


  Download PowerRun

Using PowerRun

Moves applications and their data to the memory card. An icon will still appear even in 3rd party launchers. Tapping on the icon of an application stored on the card results in a short delay while it is loaded into RAM. Leaving such an application (e.g., by taping the "Home" silkscreen) results in  another short pause while it and any modified data files are moved back to the card.

by... well, his/her e-mail address is [email protected]


  Download MSMount

Using MSMount

This application allows you to "map" or "mount" a folder/directory on your card. What this means is that your Palm will be "tricked" into thinking that any data files or applications in that directory are actually in RAM. So, if you create a "Palm/Data/" directory on your card (more on that later), "mount" that directory then and move all of your TealMovie movies into that directory, TealMovie will see them just as if they were on the card. If you use, say, TealDoc or WordSmith instead of the PalmReader for Doc files, you'd probably want to use MSMount to point to a directory with your books. 

Perhaps the best reason for using MSMount is that you can load files that are bigger than your Palm's free RAM. For example, you may want to load a TomeRaider copy of the Internet Movie Database onto your Palm, but the file is nearly 10MB. By using MSMount, you can load the file onto your card, "mount" the directory in which it appears and then use TomeRaider to read the file.

by Hiroaki Imazeki


  Download McFile

Using McFile

A "File Manager" or "Windows Explorer" for your Palm & Card. You can create directories on your card; move or copy files from your Palm to the card or from the card to your Palm.


These three programs used together make expansion cards extremely useful. You'll be able to:

MultiMedia Card (MMC) vs. Secure Digital (SD)

A number of people have posted on message boards asking about the difference between the two formats of expansion card for the Palm series. I've put together a short page comparing the difference between the two. Read more about about MMC vs. SD formats.

Associated Links

Site Description
MemoWare A great source of files for Palm applications. For example, the Webster's Dictionary and Internet Movie Database files for TomeRaider were both downloaded from MemoWare. Tens of thousands of documents on hundreds of subjects.
PalmGear Download and/or purchase almost any application you could want for your Palm OS unit. I've registered a 20+ applications there.
TealPoint Software The screenshots on this site were made using TealPaint, one of the many fine products available from TealPoint.
Yahoo! m505 Group Yahoo! group devoted to m505. Includes a discussion board, bookmarks to other useful sites, etc.
Yahoo! Clie Group Similar to the m505 group, but devoted to the Sony Clie. MSMount, PowerRun and McFile were all created for the Clie, so you can find helpful discussions here even if you don't own a Clie.
PalmInfoCenter Palm news and discussion forums.
PDABuzz More Palm news and discussion forums.

More sites to come....

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