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This picture was taken prior to the start of the Boston Marathon, 2003. For me, the qualifying times were quite ambitious, so my race was always for the starting line (and not the finish line). The smile on my face shows how happy I was just to be hear.

Here I am with my daughter and some of my running friends. I don't actually run with them, (no way I can keep up with them). Pictured from Left to right is: Mohammed Ahansal, Lisa Smith;  me with my 6 month old daughter Lexi and Lachen Ahansal.

The day after this picture was taken, the two brothers (Mohammed and Lachen) ran the New York Marathon. They both finished in under 2:30 and placed amongst the top 50 finishers (out of 30,000 runners).  Lisa among many other accomplishments, has competed 7 times in the Ironman Triathlon world championships & once in the Ultra Marathon world championships.


Scranton was my second Marathon (Oct, 2000). It was a cold 34 degrees at the start, but the course was truly wonderful. It took you through a number of small towns. Each town was crowded with spectators cheering us on along with their H.S. marching bands.
This picture was taken around mile 17 of the Philadelphia Marathon 2001.

Photo by Island Photography

photo by Island Photography

This was taken later the same race.  My finishing time  (chip time 3:22:10) was a PR. I missed qualifying for Boston by 1 Min 11 seconds. I'm disappointed in this, but very, very happy with the time.
This picture and text I did for Lisa for one of her web sites. Lisa coached me for my first marathon. I didn't realized how much I didn't know until I met her.


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