Redrives and Psru and click this link to go to diesel plane site

VW Redrives


Prop Hub and Crank



Belt Manufactures



Suzuki Geo Redrives

 Belt tensioner


2.12 ratio  26 lb of 8" 6061-t6  5 lb 6 oz sprocket


Subaru Redrives

does not have an outer bearing on the crank pulley, it does have a roller bearing
built into the redrive casting that fits over the crankshaft flange so
that the rear crank main bearing is not carrying all the loads from the belt. this bearing is placed behind the rear oil seal and is lubricated by engine oil



Subaru Engine Conversion

     Karlo Kuhner Canada
     Erold Monchik, Russia Subaru Engine. Adobe pdf


JohnVlake Redrive  42lbs Ford c6 gears 2.17:1 angular ball thrustbearings
45MM I.Dload tested at 21,700 lbs for 1000.000 revolutions two of these bearings back to back next to the propflange.Another carrier bearing of the same size is mounted at other end of the propshaft. The propshaft is hollow.The
harmonic damper is part of the flywheel $2800 US John Vlake. G.A.P. GearedAirPower industries
[email protected]


Direct Drive  

EA81 Turbo Direct Drive and EJ22



Dirk Baker`s




Honda Civic Redrive

CAM 100 Honda redrive


High HP Redrives

Northwest PSRU Installation Guide  Pdf



DonDunbarRedrive dyna flex coupling



Small HP redrives



Corvair Rear Drive

Great Plains

William Wynne  

Clarence Martens


Pat Panzera's CorvAirCraft






Note also the Alternator is built on the crankshaft


Rotax Gearbox 

Rotax C gearbox PDF Rotax E gearbox PDF Rotax A gearbox PDF




Zanzottera Gearbox




80 Hp Gearbox


Hirth Gearbox

Hirth gearbox G50

G-50 gearbox available in 2.16:l, 2.29:l, 2.59:l, 3.16:l and 3.65:l
ratios or optional G-40 gearbox can be used if clutch is required.
up to 110 hp







Bmw conversion

Bmw Word Doc


Pdf Installation






  Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering

Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering

  Laser Alignment



Plans for Redrives


Composite drive gearbox. Carbon housing weight is 6.5 lbs. The gearbox employs Hewland race car gears and is dry sump pressure oiled (Note the pic of the dry sump pump on the output shaft of the gearbox). The ratios are changeable for fine tuning rpms and props. It uses an integral damper in the 4.5 lb flywheel for torsional vibration reduction. Weight for the complete gearbox is 36 lbs.  Engine is the LS1 Corvette engine, 345 hp, all aluminum block and heads, polycarbonate intake manifold





Vw Bus Rear Axel Redrive

VW Buses and Transporters.
1.39:1 or 1.69:1 ratios available from VW
 25 lbs cast iron Sport Aviation
March 1970 page 46-48





Reduction Drives and Direct Engineering



Zen and Design

Zen and Design2 Zen and Design3    




Flexible Flywheel

Torque Meter Coupling Pdf

On line flywheel calculator

Power SportsVibaration Testing

Sach Dual mass flywheel

Luk Dual mass Flywheel



Dampeners and Couplers


MULTI MONT OCTA flexible flywheel couplings



Isolation , noise,flexiable couplings motor mounts  75 to 2000hp



Vibration damper

Luk Dampened Clutch

Car clutch plate with rubber 

LoveJoy TorsionalCouplings Torsional Coupling Catalog

inch pdf

metric pdf

engineering pdf

Harmonic Balancer Deal




Dampeners and Couplers used in boats



Marcotte and Ross



Transfer Case



Transfer case Swap

Transfer Case swap 2


Machined Aluminum Redrive(1:1.6) Machined aluminum poly V-belt redrive unit for Solo 210. ... Machined Aluminum Redrive(1:1.6) Price: $690  

PSRU Drawing Ford gears Belt Psru


Cooling air injector Fuel close off tank during Pitching and diving  







From Mercedes A190 Diesel


Asta 1.7 Turbo Diesel


Smart Diesel Engine


Upside Down Ford V8 racing Car



George Graham E-Racer Mazada Rotary powered with a five speed manual gearbox redrive stuck in second plans are $35.00

Honda BF52UL engine 50hp, three cylinder, four stroke Honda
outboard engine, and is rated at 52 hp in the aircraft duty. It has it's
own redrive installed and has a dry weight of 122 lbs, (or approx. 145lbs



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