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Local DC/MD/VA Stuff

DC Metro Transportation System
Day Spas in DC from About
Fairfax Fairs

DC Deaf Stuff

Jamie Berke's "There's more to DC than Gallaudet" article
Baltimore Deaf Happy Hour
NOVA WEST Silent Supper
Northern VA Resource Center (NVRC)
Northern VA Sign Language Club (NVSLC)
VA Association of the Deaf (VAD)
Deaf and Hard of Hearing in Government Organization (DHHIG)

Relay Services and Directories

Sprint Video Relay Service
Sprint Relay Online Service
Hamilton Relay Online Service
Sorenson VRS
World-wide Deaf Email Directory
Country Calling Codes
DocuSearch Free Lookups
What is my IP?

Pagers and Other Communications Stuff

MetroCall Web Pager
Motient Web Pager
E-Fax with personal phone numbers

Movies & Captioning Stuff

Insight Cinema is replacing Tripod
Captioned Media Program
National Captioning Institute
NIH outdoor film festival
NIH Science in the Cinema
Specially Priced Tickets for Kennedy Center performances
One Day TV, a video production and TV broadcasting business focused on Deaf Culture
Petition Online for Close Captions in Movie Theaters

Other Deaf Stuff

Deaf World: The largest listing of deaf web sites I have ever seen
The PEPNet links page is excellent.
Deaf Match International dating service
ASL Singles site
Deaf Match
Find Deaf Friends
Deaf Olympics
Deaf Latino Net
Welcome to
Deaf Coffee events
All Deaf forum
Link to sign up for Jamie Berke's newsletter on
Deaf Network by Grant Laird Jr
Deaf Spot Net
Deaf Nation

Deaf Mags

Gally News, including links to "On the Green" and "Gallaudet Today" mags
Gally's Daily Jolt
Buck Naked Bison, an irreverent Gally mag
The Buff and Blue
Deaf Newspaper
Deaf Today Newsletter
Deaf Life Mag

SHHH & HOH Stuff

SHHH Montgomery County MD
SHHH National
IFHOH site

Sign Language Computational Linguists

Eleni Koutso's Beyond Hearing webpage
Electrical Engineer Jose Hernandez Rebollar's Acceleglove NBC4 article
The Wired News article about Jose's glove: Glove Won't Speak for the Deaf
Sign Computational Linguist Don E. Newkirk's web page on SignFont
Nancy Frishberg's Other Program
Deaf Sign Computational Linguist Paulo Barthelmess' web site
Sign Computational Linguist Ronnie Wilber's NSF grant for ASL Machine Translation
Books by Some of the Sign Computational Linguists listed above

American Sign Language Stuff

ASL Browser and Personal Communicator
ASL Linguist Karen Kemmorey's web page
Sign Language Linguist James MacFarlane's web page
Workshop on Natural Language Processing of Minority Languages, including specific minority languages as sign languages, with few computational linguistic resources June 11-14, 2003 in France
Sherman Wilcox is the chair of the Linguistics Program at the University of New Mexico
VRML-based Representations of ASL Fingerspelling on the World-Wide Web (the actual paper)
Seamless Solutions/Vcom3d Web Page
Sign Writing Site has a sign a day feature
Sign Hear Communication Center
Jamie Berke's review of online sign language dictionaries

International Sign Language Stuff

Cree Hand Signals
Jamie Berke's links page on international sign language
International Bibliography of Sign Language
Language and Gesture
Listing of sign language linguistics books and foreign sign language books for sale
TerraLingua's article on Deaf Human Rights to their sign languages
SIL's comprehensive listing of both spoken and signed minority languages of the world
A Mexican Sign Language to ASL Translator product available at the Institute for Disabilities Research and Training
Ireland-based English to sign language translation system called Zardoz by Tony Veale and Alan Conway (pdf)
Tessa demo, a virtual human using British Sign Language
3D animations of Virtual Signs use Macromedia Shockwave to work (from the Netherlands)
so-qiwoa-l sign language computational linguistics listserv

Computational Linguistics Stuff

Ph.D scholarship in Dublin, Ireland for Comp Ling and Computer Assisted Language Learning
Hermit Crab Parsing Engine
Computational Linguist Douglas E. Appelt comp-ling links and more!
Coding Linguistics Analysis
Computational Ling PhD White Rose Studentship

Resources and References

Opt out of marketing email lists
Extreme Searcher's link to all search engines
ScrubTheWeb evaluates your web page to see if it is search engine friendly
Software Driver Guide
A Better HTML Guide!
The Best HTML Guide Found So Far

School Stuff

US. Dept of Ed Pin Web Site
FAFSA site
International Student Loans

Book Stuff

Adler Books wants writers for their Outwitting series
Listing of Online Publishers
I found Book Nook in College Park on this listing of MD used bookstores

Deaf Financial Stuff

Deaf Stock Broker
Deaf Mall Net
Deaf Crazy Tech Web Hosting
DeafNetWork is the same site as Crazy Tech and is hosted by Grant Laird Jr
Gimmee Jimmy's Cookies, a Deaf business

Other Financial Stuff

Canadian Diamond Trader Marketing Program
Exchange Rates
Funding Sources
The Better Business Bureau
The Pros and Cons of 529 College Savings Plan
Working While Disabled—How We Can Help
Things We Buy website
Sell your used textbooks at

Potential Deaf Jobs

TCS has deaf pres. (IT jobs)
Macfadden & Ass. has deaf pres. (IT jobs)
DeafTek has job opportunities listed has 10,140 registered deaf people in their database as of 8/21/02
Deaf Library has a listing of Deaf Owned Business near the bottom

Other Job Search Resources

Higher Education Jobs
Career Tips Site (online high tech job listing)
DC registry of IT companies and computer groups
Top 100 commercial companies for government work
BrassRing job fairs
The ultimate job resource! Section
Georgetown University Career Web page

Computational Linguistics Job Search

Where to work in comp-ling? Industry or Academia
Applications Technology, where Erik Peterson works
Primus bought out AnswerLogic, Inc.
TAC Jobs
SRI Jobs
Raytheon Jobs
Mitre Jobs
Nstein Jobs (Montreal)
LinguistList listing of both linguistics and computational linguistics jobs in both academia and commercial companies
Newsletter containing info about computational linguistics jobs
Stanford University computational linguistics job listings job listings
Intelligence Careers had both linguistics and ASL selections in their resume submittal process
Center for Applied Linguistics ERIC clearing house

COBOL Stuff had COBOL and computational linguistics job listings
COBOL Survey
AlgoMod Technologies Corp based in NY is claimed to have a DC office and lots of COBOL jobs

Spanish Stuff

El Pregonero, DC Latino newspaper
Spanish Quizes
Spanish Proficiency Test
Don Quijote web site has Spanish level testing as well
Study Spanish web page
TecLatino Business site
A book on Spanish linguistic research in US
A book on Spanish linguistics
A book on Spanish Phonetics
A book on Spanish linguistics written in Spanish
International Center for Language Studies has ESL & Spanish classes is a Spanish Deaf web site
This Señas Libres Group hosted the Deaf Festival in Mexico City May 30 - June 2, 2002
Latino network that Eugenio Mendoza uses to get Yahoo Messenger on his pager

Spanish/English Machine Translation

World Lingo Online Translator
Voycabulary has dictionaries, thesaurus, and translation choices
Dictionary Translations with quizes

Peru and Embassy Stuff

Deaf Peruvians/Peruaños Sordos
El Comercio Peru newspaper
Espreso, another Peruvian newspaper
Embassy Search Engine
Learning Spanish school in Lima with lots of Peruvian links
US. Dept of State
Talking South American: Conversational dos and don'ts to keep the talk flowing

Farsi and Iranian Stuff

Jamie Berke's Deafness in Iran article
Iranian Newspapers
This site has a Persian Word of the Day feature
Farsi/English Translation with Farsi keyboard
English/Persian Bi-lingual Web site
Farsi Word Processing Ads at Lingua
Shareware Farsi Word Processor
Iranian Iearning site
Iran Language Institute
Private ELI in Iran
Shokouh EFL in Iran
Iran Embassy under the Pakistan Embassy
Zoroastrian Archives
Al Hannah sells Muslim clothing in CT