Native Photos

Me, my best friend, June, and her 2 kids
Y2K Intertribal Deaf Council Picnic in Alaska
2002 Intertribal Deaf Council conference group picture in DC
Margaret Jordan, fiance, and Perry Phillips
(Mohawk from Kahnawake Quebec)
whom I met at the WFD conference in Montreal 2003

What Reba looked like at the WFD Native workshop
Reba and Mary with the man that wrote about Deaf Natives at his booth
WFD presenters and Natives at the workshop
Another WFD Native workshop photo
Yet another WFD Native workshop photo

My Native Links

My Cognitive Linguistics Paper on Mental Spaces within an American Indian Poem
My Native ASL poem

American Indian Stuff

Intertribal Deaf Council new web page
Michael Greyeyes, a hearing native actor
American Indian Film Institute
Wounded Knee Web Page
Twin Cities Powwows powwows
Washington Internships for Native Students (WINS) organization throws an annual powwow at American University
The Navajo Times Newspaper
Prayer Vigil for the Earth
Sound of America music site
Indian Civil Rights Act of 1968

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