Feral Lion Encounters Poet Lass

by Ray Kennedy



I got a whiff of poet girl

Flung to silence - hard sun glare


A heart quite gentle

A soul mischief

Yet laughter was her reigning theme


She stalked behind my back unseen

And arched her arrow in my sight


I whiffed her in the Eastern breeze

And figured when she would release her string


She sniffed me in her sightful glare

Visions of hams in her lair


I growled to announce I was there

And dared she take me unaware


I somersaulted to the ground

And sharply froze her in my sight


She flung the arrow fierce and fast

And pierced the heart - a raging lion


I grabbed the arrow and pulled it out

And feared the look of red blood flow


But shocked was I to see a book

Bounced off my chest into my hands


A book of poetry

A life we shared

Wondering what the heck transpired?


I glanced where she stood so firm

But she had gone fast into the woods


Today, I pounce the ground of a hard glare sun

And visualize arrows of fierce fast poems