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Desert Spires
Dark Diamondia
Snow Ridges
Lathe Trees of Saar
Vickey Beach
QTVR of Planet IO
by Stewart Hyde
(requires Quicktime)
About MojoWorld:
MojoWorld is a state of the art fractal landscaping program where the user not only creates but also explores vast worlds.  Most 3D programs allow the user to set up a scene from a director or camera perspective.  In MojoWorld the user creates entire planets which anyone who has Pandromeda's Generator or Transporter can explore.  What is amazing is that 100 people could explore the exact same planet and never render the exact same image.  In fact, depending on the complexity of the planet, two people could come up with very different renders!  Whats more is the file size for the planets are usually less than 200KB.  However render time can be rather slow (many hours) even on fast machines.  I think it's well worth the time.  Pandromeda offers a free demo of the transporter so you can start exploring worlds.  Check it out!
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