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Old Ranger Bill Episode Summaries - Fan Club numbering used before 9-15-2007.

updated: 12-27-2008

Please note:
There are well over 200 Ranger Bill episodes that I am aware of. I am attempting to put together summaries for all Ranger Bill episodes. Check in frequently for additions to this list. The show numbers, titles, and first airing dates were provided by Moody Audio. AKA titles are Ranger Bill Fan Club titling.

Show TitleOpening*First BroadcastDescription
RB001 20 Fathoms Under the Sea 15/26/1954 Bill and the boys go deep sea fishing with old salvage man Ben Benson. An old Nay sub used for training is stuck on the bottom and Ben can but won't help because his son died on a salvage job.
RB002 A Boy and A Bomb 1 N/A Bill gets secret orders to escort Hal Dever to the Army proving grounds to test a bomb timing device. Hal is a single father who ignores his son Jim. The boy takes the timer and starts it ticking.
RB003 Getting with the Wrong Crowd 1 3/28/1956 George Bruce returns to Knotty Pine after spending time in reform school. Townsfolks refuse to accept him or help him. Bill gets him a delivery job with Frenchy DeSalle's logging operation where he loses the payroll.
RB004 The Hermit 1 12/21/1955 A hermit who moves into a cabin in Bill's territory turns out to be a desperately needed brain surgeon.
RB005 Burning Sands 1 5/16/1954 Elderly desert prospector Joshua Webb is told by his doctor to stay in Knotty Pine for his health, but the lure of gold takes him back to the desert anayway. Bill and the boys must brave 120 degre heat to rescue Jushua.
RB006 The Fire Bug 1 8/11/1954 Randolph Thompson's coal fired railroad engines threaten the big pines in the forests along his rail lines.
RB007 Miracles [aka Pray for a Miracle(?)] 2 12/20/1961 Henry and Freddy go on a hike where Freddy has to wrestle with his faith and miracles. The boys need a miracle when Freddy falls into Half-Mile Gulley and breaks his leg, while flood waters from a broken dam threaten to drown the boys. Only a miracle can save them.
RB008 They Called It (Him) the Jinx(?) 1 11/5/1955 Tom Farris called in to be foreman of bridge project over 1200ft deep Dead Man's Gorge. The crew is afraid of the jinx on Tom from accidents caused by pushing his men.
RB009 Bim, the Dog 1 3/9/1955 A brave dog protects his family then serves his country.
RB010 Hit and Run 1 4/13/1955 Two boys hide after hitting an elderly pedestrian.

Show TitleOpening*First BroadcastDescription
RB011 Death's Half Mile 1 7/20/1955 Bill looks for ways to protect motorists on a dangerous stretch of highway.
RB012 The Eviction of Ma and Pa Skunk 1 9/14/1955 A family of skunks moves into a recently purchased home before the new owners arrive.
RB013 The Man Who Couldn't Remember 1 7/6/1955 The rangers find a man with amnesia in an abandoned shack singing hymns. The man appears to be a minister.
RB014Disaster Alert
aka Danger! Gasoline Leak (?)
1 N/A A leak from a gas station storage tank dumps 500 gallons of gasoline into the KP Bank.
RB015 The Hunted 1 10/10/1956 The rangers out on ski patrol hear the cry of an unknown big cat. The cat is a jaguar that threatens the cattle on nearby ranches.
RB016Hidden Treasure
aka Trouble at the Flying Double Bar Ranch
1 2/29/1956 Lester Winters inherits the family ranch when his dad died. But the bank must foreclose on unpaid loans on the ranch. The fellas need to find the ranch's missing cattle to help pay bills.
RB017 Overflow 1 9/12/1956 2 days of hard rain and heavy spring thaws threaten to damage Big Ridge Dam. Bill is given 3 hours to warn all the farmers and ranchers in the valley below before floodgates are opened.
RB018Tony's Place
aka Standing Firm for What Is Right(?)
1 4/28/1954 Tony's Market is damaged when Tony won't give Ed Blake's gang money immediately for baseball uniforms they want. One boy in the gang, Mike, alone is willing to stand up to the gang and its leader.
RB019 Sultan, King of Beasts 1 11/7/1956 Big, powerful show lion, Sultan, defies and scares his trainer, Flick Martin.
RB020 If the Lord Is for Us,
Who Can Be Against Us
1 11/10/1954 Bill tells how he was persecuted by his sarge as a Navy medic serving with the Marines, and how he saved the sarge's life. Young army serviceman Ted Sloan in a similar situation.

Show TitleOpening*First BroadcastDescription
RB021 Death on the Waterfront 2 11/10/1954 6 healthy men fall dead suddenly in KP's warehouse district by the river. Bill thinks Bubonic Plague may be the cause.
RB022 Glacier Cave-In 1 2/5/1958 Dr Swift and Prof. Henderson lead a team of scientists studying an ancient cave exposed when Big Slide Glacier loses some ice. Bill, Henry, and a rescue team try to save Dr. Swift trapped in a rock slide. Amputation may save him.
RB023 Dead on Arrival 1 6/5/1957 Henry's ham radio picks up a distress signal from father/son trappers in Cougar Canyon. The son appears to die before Bill and Henry can arrive, but Bill thinks there is still hope for the boy.
RB024 Ice Pack 1 9/25/1957 The vessel Sea Chaser is trapped in the huge ice flows near Alaska. Unable to make contact by radio, the crew and passengers murmur mutiny. The Rangers are called in to find the missing ship. Quote: Never lose your head or you may lose your life.
RB025 Timid Timothy 1 3/27/1957 Tim Sullivan has a long history of getting into bad business deals. When a good job of logging manager comes, he is afraid to fail once again.
RB026 Henry's Miracle 1 11/19/1958 The tale of Henry at age ten when his world fell apart. He is cripled in a fall. His mother dies of cancer. The his father becomes very ill.
RB027 Bobsled 1 11/29/1958 Championship bobsled races at Culvers' Peak pit the Rangers against the Cole brothers with test run speeds well over 60mph.
RB028 The River Monster 1 n/a The town of Rivers Bend builds new dikes and levees to protect itself from the flood waters of the Shady River, but dikes can't protect them from Zack Stephens and his huge log raft floating in those waters.
RB029 Fossil Canyon 1 9/28/1955 2 college students are trapped by the horroble heat of the canyon. Bill and the fellas must find the boys before it's too late.
RB030 Flaming Grass 1 10/12/1955 Bill issues prairie warnings for Knotty Pine County during a summer with no rain, but farmers and ranchers refuse to adopt fire control measures, so Bill calls in Big Brute for help.

Show TitleOpening*First BroadcastDescription
RB031 12 Feet of Danger 1 5/12/1955 Zookeepers at the Logan City Zoological Gardens are surprised when snakes are mysteriously released from their cages. When a King Cobra gets out Bill is called in, and Bill calls in his own snake expert. The head zookeeper's son is suspected of the mischief.
RB032 The Floating Death Trap 1 N/A Bill refuses to give Andy Coogen's rundown sternwheel riverboat a passengers liscence. Andy fights dirty to get his liscence, but Bill fights for the boat repairs.
RB033 Chinook 1 N/A Unusually warm winter Chinook winds melt loose hugh hundred-ton ice chucks into the Shady, threatening Mid-Mountain Dam. Bottleneck Canyon and Frenchy DeSalle may be the keys to saving the dam.
RB034 Piggyback 1 11/19/1955 Dangerous weather and complex delivery problems threaten the survival of Canyon City Truck Lines and the railroad. Bill must teach them how to work together instead of against one another.
RB035 Henry for Mayor 1 N/A Henry battles Thornton Newcatle for Youth Week Mayor in Knotty Pine, but "Thorny" speads lies about Henry cheating in order to insure a win for himself. Henry must decide wheather to give up or defend himself.
RB036 Sleeping Death 1 11/23/1955 Sleeping sickness infects the Central City area. The boys are called in to spray the mosquitos, but one large land owner won't allow the spraying.
RB037 The Shortage 1 11/30/1955 Ranger accountant John Peterson worries himself sick over an accounting error of thousands of dollars that he can find or correct and he won't ask for help.
RB038 Set the Record Straight 1 11/24/1954 2 misbehaving boys are corrected by their crippled teacher for planning sports plays in class. The boys get revenge by accusing the man of being bigoted against sports.
RB039 Mrs. Kane Wins the War 1 1/4/1956 Rival gangs fight on Mrs. Kan's property and end up hurting her badly, yet she keeps working and praying for gang peace.
RB040 Stumpy Gets 30 Days 1 1/11/1956 After being crushed and gored by a buffalo bull, Stumpy struggles for life and then for the courage to get better. Bill gives the Old Timer 30 days to get back to work or lose his ranger job.

Show TitleOpening*First BroadcastDescription
RB041 The Jealous Stepfather 1 N/A The rangers rescue a boy named Gary who is being abused by his stepfather Jake. Jake's bad temper gets him fired and jailed. Gary refuses to return to Jake. Bill must deal with boy and stepfather.
RB042 Forest Fire Death Trap (?)
A.K.A. Fire in the Forest
1 N/A Lightning spaks 10 fires at the same time trapping citizens of Silver Springs and Claytown. Shifting winds trap firefighters. Bill wants to dynamite the fire but fire jumpers won't go.
RB043 The Crusher 1 N/A Cargo plane crash lands at Knotty Pine Airport. An ainmal in the cargo escapes and kills an airport worker by crushing him and no one can find it.
RB044 The Old Diehard 1 N/A Research chemist Thad Draper wants grandson Mel to follow in his footsteps, but Mel wants to develope animal feed.
RB045 The Road Ghost 1 N/A Bus drivers passing through Knotty Pine at night loose control at the wheel when animals jump into the road and leave without a trace.
RB046 The Handcar Race 1 4/4/1956 The Fireball Express, with 400 souls aboard, streaks its way toward Knotty Pine as rains and flooding threaten tracks and treastles there.
RB047 The Broken Promise 1 4/18/1956 Ezra Newcomb sells his ranch to Todd Stone. Ezra let hot rods use the ranch to safely race, but Todd ignores his promise to let racing continue.
RB048 The Man Who Understood 1 4/25/1956 A father is devastated when his son is hit by a car and killed. The grieving dad wants revenge on the driver, while the driver
RB049 Nature's Vacuum Cleaner 1 5/16/1956 Knotty Pine residents and radio announcer Bart Sneed ignore warnings from weathermen and Bill that tornadoes will strike the Shady River Valley, because they hadn't struck there ever before.
RB050 The Log Jam 1 5/23/1956 Frenchy DeSalle must free up a spring log jam that is causing the Shady River to flood homes along its banks.

Show TitleOpening*First BroadcastDescription
RB051 Catching a Big Fish with a Small Hook 1 6/6/1956 Dr. Orlando, a government scientist, needs Dr. Johnathon Black to replace him. Dr. Black disappeared after a lab accident killed a friend. The Secret Service thinks the doctor is hiding in Knotty Pine. Bill may know who it is.
RB052 An Old Horse Learns New Tricks 1 10/3/1956 While on the trail, Bill's horse and faithful friend Storm falls seriously ill. Bill flies Storm to the city where the vets can't help. Bills demands the wisdom of a country doctor, much to the city vet's disapproval.
RB053 Arson at Brighton College 1 N/A Bill and Henry go to Bill's alma mater, Brighton, for homecoming. Ronnie the college president's son gets into trouble and is afraid to own up to it.
RB054 Marauder of Goose Lake 1 11/14/1956 Old Joe, the biggest bear in the Shady Mountains, breaks into summer homes that weren't cleaned of food. The damage he caused means the rangers must get him away from Goose Lake.
RB055 A Lesson In Love 1 11/28/1956 10-year-old Jimmy Woodruf lives with his grandfather. He is happy but works hard to help grandpa. One woman wants Jimmy out of grandpa's house.
RB056 The Ice Prison 1 12/12/1956 Moose McBain braves bitter cold to tell Bill that he found a man frozen in the ice, which leads the rangers to hunt for a missing science team burried by an avalanche in a cave.
RB057 The Muddy River 1 N/A Sen. Baxter, pushed by power companies, wants to build a dam in the Shady River Valley to control erosion. Bill and local farmers know it will hurt, not help.
RB058 Skiers in the Sky 2 1/16/1957 Skiers on a cable car are trapped when the car stops and the cable begins to break. Bill must find a way to get up there and get the skiers down.
RB059 The Man with the Limp 1 1/30/1957 The chairmen of the church missions and orphanage boards want to remove a member of the boards who spends much time in prayer. Meanwhile a stranger with a limp visits Knotty Pine causing much talk. This is a blooper show - praying man called Steve, then Mr. Stevens, then Charles Stevens.
RB060 Decision for Death 1 2/5/1957 8 climbers on the Savage (Refrigerator) Mountains fall into a cravass. The rangers are called to rescue the climbers, but 2 have fallen so far they may have to be left to die.

Show TitleOpening*First BroadcastDescription
RB061 The Laughing Face (The Wolverine Scare) 1 2/13/1957 Trappers Abe and Jeff at Trappers Landing are losing animals out of their traps. Terror strikes the trappers when they find out the thief is the laughing face of a wolverine.
RB062 The Boy Who Wouldn't Quit 1 2/20/1957 Bill confers eagle scout badges and tells the story of one brave crippled scout, Norman Fitsgerald.
RB063 The Big Headache 1 2/27/1957 Ranger Brad suffers from severe migraine headaches. He won't see a doctor, so Bill grounds him from flying. He takes up a plane anyway and gets another killer headache.
RB064 Penny Wise and Pound Foolish 1 3/6/1957 A new dam is under construction and the foreman tries too hard to save money and problems arise from his thrift.
RB065 The Cat in the Wall 1 4/10/1957 Stumpy's neighbor Beula Lindstrom thinks Stumpy is trying to steal her cat Blackie. She insists Blackie has crawled inside the walls of Stumpy's house. She wants her cat back at any cost - to Stumpy's house. Bill's Mom speaks.
RB066 The Blessings of Snow 1 5/1/1957 Severe blizzards close the roads in the Big Prairie region.
RB067 The Book Farmer 1 5/15/1957 College educated man returns to the family farm, but his father doesn't want help from his education.
RB068 Hot Fire 1 5/22/1957 Stan Woods' procrastination causes big problems for Bill when Stan won't take time to clear brush from his company's caves of explosives. Fire threatens the caves and Bill's fire fighters nearby.
RB069 Earthquake 1 6/12/1957Earthquake shakes Knotty Pine.
RB070 Houseboat Charlie 1 6/19/1957 Ferry in danger from flood waters.

Show TitleOpening*First BroadcastDescription
RB071 A Dog's Worst Enemy 1 7/10/1957Mailman is accused of killing dogs.
RB072 The Clown of Blue Lake 1 7/31/1957Mysterious creature attacks tourists at Blue Lake.
RB073 The End of the Rope 1 8/4/1954 2 boys climb a dangerous cliff.
RB074 The Ranger Factory 1 9/11/1957Bill takes temporary command at the Ranger School.
RB075 Rabies Scare
AKA (In Shape)
2 12/7/1961Animals get rabies and attack residents around Knotty Pine.
RB076 The Salesman 2 N/ABill is hit by a car and then tries to sell an insurance salesman, Joe Major, eternal life insurance.
RB077 Henry's Bus Trip (?) 1 1/10/1962Henry's Bus trip is detoured by damaged roads.
RB078 The Outsider 1 11/6/1957Lonely boy, Skinny, tries to make friends with vandals, who are killing dozens of birds.
RB079 The Loudmouth 1 N/ARookie ranger, Jerry Sands, with a BIG ego.
RB080 The Road to Fame 1 12/18/1957Young man looks for fame in troublemaking.

Show TitleOpening*First BroadcastDescription
RB081 The Tugboat Cowboy 1 1/8/1958Uncle Bob Mitchel and nephew Dick fight over tugboat business.
RB082 Mr. Sunshine 1 1/15/1958Retired man, Herman Weber, shares love and his faith in Knotty Pine and hides an important secret about himself.
RB083 10 Fathoms Deep 1 2/12/1958Fun and trouble at the Ice Festival.
RB084 The Flying Game Warden 1 2/19/1958Bill fills in for a game warden.
RB085 The Deep Country(?) 1 3/5/1958 Col. Anders and his wife are missing in the deep country while on vacation. His assistant Walt tells the colonel's daughter. Those two and the deep country folks make Bill's job of finding the colonel nearly impossible.
RB086 Tiger Cat 1 N/ABig cat invades Knotty Pine.
RB087 The White Fields 1 4/16/1958Ranger considers career change while harvesting crops.
RB088 Old Faithful 2 4/30/1958Stumpy's horse, Matilda, breaks a leg in the wilderness.
RB089 The Whispering Cave 2 5/7/1958Bill helps Indian brave, Running Fox, share Christ with his dying father, Chief White Feather and with his brother Arrow Hand.
RB090 The Vanishing Mummy 2 6/18/1958Archeologist convoy breaks down in Knotty Pine.

Show TitleOpening*First BroadcastDescription
RB091 In the Eagle's Nest 1 N/A Eagle nest in Lost Canyon is threatened when old man Morgrave is attacked by men looking for his "treasure". Chopper pilot Lt. Larson flies Bill into Lost Canyon to save the old gentleman.
RB092 The Return of Sitting Bull 1 1/14/1959Angry Indian student goes on warpath.
RB093 The River That Wasn't There 1 4/9/1958Rio Predido River runs dry.
RB094 Rogue Elephant 1 5/14/1958Long lost elephant Mahmud the Mighty attacks homes and farms. Hunter Baxter B. Bixby offers to catch the now wild animal.
RB095 The Abominable Snowman 1 N/ACreature frightens citizens when hunter Mr. Carstares stalks a Rocky Mountain Big Horn Sheep.
RB096 Jimmy's Christmas Miracle(?) a.k.a. Faith of a Mustard Seed 1 7/16/1958Crippled boy, Jimmy Bensen, gets hope for healing when Bill gets help from a specialist. But a church board member blocks funds to help Jimmy.
RB097 The Snow White Stallion 1 N/A Henry falls in love with big, snow-white leader of wild horses he and Pyute watched on the prarie. He captures the white horse, but capture will kill the horse. Henry must decide what to do.
RB098 The Runaway Railroad 2 N/A Henry stumbles into two men trying to steal an antique steam engine they found in a shack in the mountains.
RB099 The Mystery of Bear Valley 1 9/10/1958Bears fall asleep for no reason.
RB100 The Fur Thieves 1 6/25/1958Moose McBain's, fur trapper, lines are robbed.

Show TitleOpening*First BroadcastDescription
RB101 Eddie and Mr. Foxy 1 7/2/1958Boy Eddie meets millionaire while fishing for the big one.
RB102 The Cruel Man 1 7/9/1958Stumpy battles with Bazil Rascombe over cruelty to a colt.
RB103 Water Hot Rods 1 N/ARacing Boats cause trouble on Beaver Lake.
RB104 The Fighting Parson 1 7/30/1958Parson Spence Fielding fights Silvertown thugs
RB105 The Falling Giants 1 10/8/1958 Giant Pines fall down without explanation.
RB106 Terror on Finger River 1 N/A Dangerous and unusual fish attacks on in the Finger River.
RB107 Petticoat Rangers 1 10/22/1958 Rangers get help from a woman fire watcher, Jane Reeves.
RB108 The Wrong Valley 2 N/A Blacksmith Jock McIntosh deals with the valley of depression.
RB109 The Man Who Lost God 1 N/A Stranger Noah Thompson makes animal sacrifices in the mountains.
RB110 The Battle At Jenkins Manor 1 N/A Stumpy hires a housekeeper, Mrs. Murphy.

Show TitleOpening*First BroadcastDescription
RB111 The Prehistoric Monster 2 N/A A rhino escapes from a circus.
RB112 The Mad Bats 1 1/28/1959 Bill has trouble evicting sick bats that invade the Phipps home and bite Edna Phipps.
RB113 Charlie's Nightmare 1 1/21/1959 A missile goes haywire over Knotty Pine. Bill's mom speaks.
RB114 The Hardhead 1 2/11/1959 Col. Anders' replacement, George Benton, suspends Bill for not following the rules to the letter.
RB115 3-Legged Deer 1 2/25/1959 The rangers search for the men who killed a boy's pet deer.
RB116 The Deadly Laundry Basket 1 N/A Deadly snakes strike a woman while she hangs laundry.
RB117 The Measure of a Man 1 N/A Muscles and his two friends terrorize Knotty Pine and beat up Henry. Their judge makes them spend time on the trail with the rangers to see what real tough guys are like.
RB118 The One-Wire Fence 1 N/A Tempers flare when rancher uses electric fences.
RB119 Mrs. Murphy's Chowder 1 N/A The rangers take a group of children to camp.
RB120 The Self-Made Man 1 N/A Dutch Vanderhaven will not give to the children's home and won't help at church. When Dutch is hurt by a bull, some of his KP neighbors refuse to help him.

Show TitleOpening*First BroadcastDescription
RB121 The Locked Bag 1 N/A Children take a bag of poisonous snakes.
RB122 A Prisoner on Ice Island 1 N/A Knotty Pine council wastes time in debate over how to pay for a fence to keep kids off the ice flows on the Shady when two boys get stuck on a flow heading for a drop into a deep gorge. Bill must find some way to safely reach the boys.
RB123 River of Fire 2 3/2/1955 The rangers must stop aviation fuel from spilling into the Shady River.
RB124 Soup Truck 2 N/A The city of Landslide stops all truck traffic when a truck of nitroglycerin blows up there.
RB125 Lover Boy 2 N/A Henry gets a big crush on the new lady doctor.
RB126 The Gospel Goes to Reform School 1 N/A Bill tries to start a bible study and education in the reform school.
RB127 The Adventure of the Tarnished Gold 1 N/A Gray Wolf and Henry suspect mining engineer Ben Barkley of being a swindler.
RB128 Danger! Deer Crossing 2 N/A Deer invade the grounds around an A-bomb test.
RB129 The Secret of Seal Island 1 N/A The rangers chase a poacher, the Wolverine, to Alaska up to the Arctic Circle.
RB130 The Mountain That Moved 2 N/A Bill must rescue Henry and Stumpy who are trapped on Old Thunderhead when it starts to shake and rumble.

Show TitleOpening*First BroadcastDescription
RB131 One Mile Down 1 N/A Bill and Gray Wolf try to find Lt. Garnet Greentree, missing for 40 years in the Andes in Peru.
RB132 Avalanche Rescue 2 N/A Novice skier Jennie Bender aims to tackle the steep slopes of the Big Six Mountains.
RB133 They Called Him a Coward 1 5/22/1959 Jerry, the new boy in town who is afraid of many things, has to deal with the dangers of a flood.
RB134 The Cattle Rustlers of Cocanino 1 6/3/1959 The Jackson twins mysteriously lose part of their herd to rustlers.
RB135 Elizabeth and the Stranger 2 N/A 8-year-old Elizabeth Johnson sneeks out of the house to go camping with her babysitter Carol Peterson. Carol is hurt in a fall into a gulley. Elizabeth is left alone. A frantic search for both girls begins when a stranger in found hanging around the playground.
RB136 The Crisis
aka Stumpy's Sight
2 10/21/1959 Stumpy struggles with poor sight from cataracts.
RB137 Broken Bootstraps 2 10/31/1959 Bill takes Bob Benfelt to the Double Box M Ranch for a lesson in coping with discouragement.
RB138 The Last Fire Call 2 11/4/1959 Stumpy quits the Forest Service. Bill tells how he met the Old Timer.
RB139 Stumpy's Harmonica
aka Horrible, Sweet Music
2 11/11/1959 Stumpy's harmonica playing causes headaches until there are an explosion and some cave-ins at Brown Bros. Quary.
RB140 The 25th Man
aka Operation Calorie
2 N/A Col. Joshua Albert Anders notifies Bill that the president and NATO VIPs are coming to Knotty Pine. Bill must assemble a 25-man honor guard. Frank and Heavy, two overweight rangers, struggle to lose weight and get in shape for that 25th spot.

Show TitleOpening*First BroadcastDescription
RB141 Setting Sail
aka The Man at the Door
2 N/A The quiet of Bill's and JoJo's ocean cruise is interrupted when a man is found listening at Bill's cabin door.
RB142 Camera Crew in Knotty Pine
aka Stumpy in the Movies
2 3/16/1960 Film crew comes to KP to shoot wildlife. Stumpy wants to be the star of this show. The director is gets lost and gets amnesia.
RB143 Flying Wonders
aka Richard and God
2 N/A Henry's cousin Richard comes to visit to learn to fly. He learns about the reality of God in the process.
RB144 Mystery Island 2 N/A Bill, Stumpy, Henry and Mary Lu hear strange sounds while camping on Lake Arthur Island. They meat kind Mr. Overby and grumpy Mr. Meany. Mr. Meany had strange equipment he kept a secret.
RB145 Mind Over Matter
aka Crazy Man Comes Back
2 N/A Former ranger George Foster returns to restart his life in Knotty Pine after 7 years in a mental institution.
RB146 Rising Curiosity(?) 2 N/A Curiosity over a huge weather balloon gets the better of Henry and his friend Jack.
RB147 The Monster of White Lake
aka The White River Monster
2 5/11/1960 60-year-old monster attacks fishermen on White River and White Lake.
RB148 The Man of the House 1 N/A Bill thinks orphan Jerry Quinn would fit for Fred and Ruth who are still grieving the loss of their son. Ruth is against taking Jerry.
RB149 The Law of the Golden Rule 1 N/A Knute Hobson needs more time from Horace Butler to pay his mortgage note, but Horace will not show him any mercy. Horace gets in trouble with Bill for not making corrections to some safety violations on his ranch.
RB150 Cliff Rescue
aka Clean-Up Work/Timmy Climbs Mt. Evergreen
2 8/26/1960 Bill an the boys must interrupt their clean-up work at the ranger station to rescue little Timmy who left his family to go mountain climbing alone.

Show TitleOpening*First BroadcastDescription
RB151 Bridge Out!
aka Henry's Bridge
2 7/20/1960 Henry is lost when he falls from an old railroad bridge.
RB152 Birthday Rescue
aka Fallen Hunter
2 8/17/1960 A lone hunter faces death in a remote valley on Henry's birthday.
RB153 Pete's Civil War
aka Civil War Junk
2 10/11/1961 Retired man is frustrated in his attempts to create a museum around his Civil War relics.
RB154 Ronnie's Bear
aka The Mad Bear
2 9/28/1960 Trouble starts when Ronnie Edwards captures a bear cub for his nature project.
RB155 Henry's History Lesson
aka Henry's Wagon Train Dream
2 10/8/1960Stumpy tells Henry to put himself in the history he is studying. Henry dreams he is part of a pioneer wagon train on the Oregon Trail in the 1840's approaching an unnamed river (the Shady) and being chased by angry Indians.
RB156 The No Good Dog 2 N/A Poor boy Skinny (Horatio Thorwall Skines) gets a runt dog Peanut from his boss a dog breeder. The breeder's son wants to beat Peanut in shows.
RB157 The Mad Bison 1 N/A Old Snort, a buffalo bull, is attacking farm animals in the area.
RB158 Ceiling Zero 1 N/A A downed test pilot fears death and can't fly.
RB159 Grey Wolf and the Tamed Cougar
aka One-Man Mountain Lion
2 N/A Gray Wolf must deal with the affections of a lost pet mountain lion.
RB160 The Foreman's Accident
aka Trouble In Tunnel 13
2 9/16/1960 A problem miner and sandy soil make for tough mining.

Show TitleOpening*First BroadcastDescription
RB161 Little Spark 2 10/12/1961 Sparks fly when competing lumber yard owners Tim O'malley and Carl Walterson argue.
RB162 Rules
aka The Runaway Boy
2 11/16/1960 Little Norman Clark runs away when his mom makes him stay home and clean his room. Norman gets lost in the woods, while Stumpy takes English ranger Hugh Fitshughvits on a hunting trip.
RB163 The Lost Pig
aka Tangerine the Pig
2 11/23/1960 Jody and Jill enter their prize pig in competition at the fair in hopes of winning money to help with finances at home, but Tangerine gets loose and finds her way to a crashed truck loaded with pigs for slaughter.
RB164 Freddy's Story
aka Old Ben's Gold/
Freddie Burns from the Sun
2 3/29/1961 Freddie Burns tries to get a job as a cub reporter for the Knotty Pine Sun to earn money to help his parents. The secretary, Miss Flag, sends him out to find a story to prove his talent. Bill suggests he follow Old Ben the prospector who never found any gold.
RB165 The Sail Sled
aka Full Sails
2 4/5/1961 Bill's airliner crash lands in the snow in a remote area.
RB166 The New Recruit
aka Fully Prepared Ranger
2 4/12/1961 Ralph's replacement is prepared for anything but death.
RB167 Next In Line 1 5/11/1955 Ralph is passed over for promotion.
RB168 The Second Heart 1 5/25/1955 A young boy needs heart surgery in order to survive.
RB169 Ranger Bill Times Two
aka A Case of Mistaken Identity
2 5/6/1961 JoJo and his mom mistake a mysterious stranger for Bill.
RB170 The White Buffalo 2 10/25/1961 LLoyd Adams is building tourist cabins outside of town near a rare heard of buffalo. The leader of the herd is apparently an even rarer white buffalo. LLyod has put money ahead of God.

Show TitleOpening*First BroadcastDescription
RB171 Legal Rights
aka The Shooting of Mr. Prince
2 6/24/1961 Little Julie's dog Mr. Prince is shot by neighbor Conrad.
RB172 Oil Well
aka Ashbey's Folley
2 11/9/1960 Miles Ashbey searches for oil on his land.
RB173 (Marty) Patton's Piano 2 12/7/1960 Stumpy's story of his earlier days trying to study with a neighbor learning piano.
RB174 Henry's Crisis of Faith
aka Prove God Exists
2 1/11/1961 Henry's college friend doesn't believe God exists.
RB175 Water Tank Rescue
aka Smart Alec's Water Tank Inspection
2 1/18/1961 Alec and Henry snoop around Knotty Pine's new water tower.
RB176 Mike's Horse
aka The Horse Test
2 1/25/1961 A father wants his son to pray for a horse to prove if God exists.
RB177 He Broke Through the Ice
aka They Killed Ranger Bill
2 2/1/1961 Henry and Stumpy deal with Bill's drowning caused by some boys.
RB178 Honest Prayer
aka Picnic Cave-In
2 2/22/1961 An ongoing discussion over sincerity in prayer is interrupted by a cave-in.
RB179 VIPs Visit Knotty Pine
aka The Disappearing Buffalo Herd
1 4/14/1954 Col. Anders is bringing the governor and federal officials to see the largest buffalo herd in America there in Knotty Pine, but at the same time the herd suddenly disappears by the Shady. Bill's only clue is a shallow spot he finds in the Shady. (Possibly one of the first episodes. Listen to slow speeking by Gray Wolf, and Stumpy often sounds much like Bill.)
RB180 Roving Wolves
aka Wolf Attack
2 3/5/1961 Gunter Neeves is losing his rabbit herd to wolves. When Bill isn't fast enough fixing the problem, Gunter sets out alone to shoot the wolf pack and becomes the hunted instead.

Show TitleOpening*First BroadcastDescription
RB181 The Trouble with Gossip
aka Tell Me A Story (Rumors)
2 3/22/1961 Emilia Perdy's rumor that Bill is forcing Stumpy to retire gets KP city council to host a dinner for Stumpy. Bill and Stumpy discover the rumor and decide to play "Tell Me a Story" at the dinner.
RB182 Building Corry's Self Reliance
aka The New Rangers
2 N/A One of five new rookie rangers, Corry Windsor, can't find the self-confidence to stay a ranger. Corry ends up in an emergency and must act to save lives.
RB183 Mystery Island, Mystery Man
aka Vacation Cruise Island
2 N/A Bill and Stumpy take a long-needed vacation on a cruise ship. A stop on the cruise at a "mystery" island leaves a reporter missing and a missing millionaire found.
RB184 Tom's Otter
aka Bright Water the Otter
2 12/8/1961 Lonely firetower ranger Tom adopts Brightwater as a pet. An illegal trapper catches both Brightwater and Tom. Bill and Stumpy must find them and stop the trapper.
RB185 Duck Call 2 12/13/1961 A traveling salesman gets Stumpy to buy his silent supersonic duck call. Stumpy hopes for great hunting, but Bill isn't convinced and investigates.
RB186 Tounges of Fire
aka Border Town
2 2/1/1962 Frenchy DeSalle complains to Bill that his lumber jacks go to Border Town to party every weekend. Also a church is now The Good Times Social Club for liquor. Then an old coal vien fire comes to life again shooting 20-ft tounges of fire out of the ground threatening Border Town.
RB187 Contentment in God's Will
aka A Need for Excitement
2 3/13/1962 Ranger John Bishop, with his wife Jane, prays for the boredom of his remote station to end. God gives him more than he could possibly expect or want - wild animals, Moose McBain, floods, and more.
RB188 Forest Fire
aka Hot Fire and Sewing Seeds
2 4/4/1962 Fire Tower 3 Ranger Tom meets wealthy scientist from New Zeeland Dr. Harris and his assistant Franklin. Dangerous dry conditions in the forest close it to all. Dr. Harris and Franklin sneek back in the forest and become trapped in the middle of a forest fire. Sudden rains threaten to flood the burned area. Fast and effective seeding is needed to save the forest.
RB189 (Trestle) Ice Jam 2 4/18/1962 Warm weather sends huge ice flows from Big and Little Six, Big and Little Moose, and Big and Little Beaver Rivers into railroad trestle. Ice will collapse treastle. Dynamite won't clear ice, so Bill must come up with a novel idea. Stumpy reads from his crazy seed catalog. Best quote: Don't lose your head or you might lose your life.
RB190 Run Away
aka The River Giant
2 4/25/1962 Bill and Stumpy inspect a 350-ton tow boat when its barges catch fire. Mrs. Murphy is cook.

Show TitleOpening*First BroadcastDescription
RB191 Freddy's Fallout Shelter 2 N/A Henry and Freddy get into trouble building a fallout shelter in Freddy's basement.
RB192 Fire Bug
aka The Fishermen and the Fire Bug
2 5/9/1962 Several campfires are left unattended along the river. Ranger Ralph Dawson and Bill suspect two out-of-town fishermen and also old Buck Sawyer.
RB193 (The Fire Bomber's) Pink Cloud 2 5/16/1962Abner Benson dive bombs grass fires with calcium borate foam.
RB194 Rattlesnake Sam
aka 50 or 60 Snakes
2 N/A Sam and Danny Smith hunt poisonous snakes for the Fla. Reptile Inst. They take Henry's friend Jack Harris on a snake hunt, then they lose a bag of snakes and Jack must protect a school form the reptiles.
RB195 Hearing God to Help the Missionaries
aka The Diamond Ring
2 6/2/1961 Young Ronnie Quiller wants to help missionaries Barth and Jeanie Ludlow. He finds a diamond ring lost in the street and wants to sell it for the Ludlows, but he must wait 30 days for the owner to claim the ring.
RB196 Cotton and Candy(?) 2 9/6/1961 Henry cares for the hurt leg of a bunny Cotton then shares him with a sick girl Candy Faye.
RB197 Bill Gets Lost in a Cavern
aka Transistor Walkie-Talkies
2 9/20/1961 Bill lets Henry's boys club test out new walkie-talkies for the ranger district. The boys test leads them to a plane crash and search for the missing occupants.
RB198 Henry's New Job
aka Henry's Grocery Job
2 11/1/1961 Henry gets a job as a grocery bagger. He makes friends with some of the other kids, especially cashier Amy who does not blieve the Bible or in Jesus as savior.
RB199 Raging Rapids 2 10/2/1961 Henry helps out at a camp canoe trip. Boys, Ed and Paul, get trapped in rapids in the middle of the river.
RB200 Hunt's Place
aka Mr. Hunt's Estate
2 10/18/1961 Hunt won't let Bill use part of his property for campouts with some boys. There is vandalism at the estate when Hunt tries to sell his house, and he suspects the boys.

Show TitleOpening*First BroadcastDescription
RB201 Christmas #1 Christmas Bells 2 N/APoliceman Pat O'Roark faces death and gets strength from the church bells. When the bells break, only Herman Schmidt, suffering from severve rheumatism, can fix them and help Pat.
RB202 Christmas #2 Christmas Pageant with Bill Pearce 2 N/AHenry and friends witness at a pageant put on by the boys club.
RB203 A Miss is as Good as a Mile 1? 11/21/1956 Bill and the boys patrol the forest with a special ranger "car" - a car with skies and a propeller pushing it.
RB204 Chief of the Dakotas
aka Chief Gray Wolf
1? 1/27/1954 Gray wolf's Dakota tribe needs a chief. Strong Bow and Little Fox come to Knotty Pine to make Gray Wolf chief, and Gray Wolf doesn't want to leave the rangers.
RB205 The Swinging Tower of Eagle's Rest 1? 3/7/1956 The fire tower at Eagle's Rest is close to Knotty Pine and gets many visitors despite the fact that the strong winds there regularly make the tower sway back and forth.
RB206 The Hot Million 1? 6/20/1956 A stubborn man, hot dry weather, and high tension lines over the tree tops carying a million watts of power work together to threaten the forst with a treetop fire.
RB207 The Town That Wouldn't Move 1? ? The very small town of Big Rock must move to make way for a new hydro-electric dam. No one in town will move. they prefer to fight rather than move.
RB208 The (Haunted) Church at Bent Creek, part 1 1? ? A young parson and his wife try to restart an abandoned church that townsfolk believe is haunted. The church lights blink, the bells ring, and the organ plays uncontrolably for no apparent reason.
RB209 The Church at Bent Creek, part 2 1? ? same as above
RB210 One Million Years Ago 1? ? Huge, live dinosaurs are seen at night in the Bad Lands. Mr. Vlandingum, a suspicious-looking archaeologist, and his assistant are the only people not afraid.
RB211 Muscle and Prayer, part 1 1? ? Big logger Frenchy DeSalle is afraid when he finds animals crushed to death. He knows it is Boris "The Bear," the man who killed Frenchy's father and wants to kill him.
RB212 Muscle and Prayer, part 2 1? ? same as above
RB213 The Spirits and the Spirit, part 1 1? ? Bill, Stumpy, and a map maker take a vacation in South America to explore an ancient Purtuguese fort hidden in the jungle near the Amazon. The local natives will not go there because they think the spirits of dead Portuguese soldiers guard its hidden treasure.
RB214 The Spirits and the Spirit, part 2 1? ? same as above

Show TitleOpening*First BroadcastDescription
Club #215 Typhoid Fever at Storm Point 1 Several cases of Typhoid appear at the same time at Storm Point. Bill and a young doctor must control the outbreak and find the carrier of the fever.
Club #216 The 1st RANGER BILL Show
aka Pendleton Valley Fire
1 10/2/1950 Col. Anders and a team of rangers are fighting a nasty forest fire in Pendleton Valley. The colonel sends Bill and Henry to Pineridge Dam to blow the dam and flood the valley.
Club #217 10 Hours Too Much 1 Ed Banker, VP of the bank, is missing and can't be found. Ed is found trapped in the bank vault and can't get out.
Club #218 The Reckless Driver 1 Two boys, driver Norman Marx and passenger Jack Sanders, on a night drive to Canyon City are involved in a rockslide and are accused of hitting a trooper.
Club #219 Skinner Raises a Storm 1(?) Skinner McNeil steals his work mules to protect them from being destroyed by his boss. At his trial he is given the chance to race the mules against dump trucks to determine his sentence.
Club #220 The Space Rocket(?) 2 Hunters see a meteor land in the forest outside Knotty Pine, then they find spacemen with big heads near where the meteor landed.
Club #221 Sherrifs' Convention(?) Sherrif Cal and Jo Jo drive the mountain road to the Central City Sherrifs' Convention and crash on the way. They wake up in a valley full of prehistoric animals.
Club #222 The Battle of the Lumberjacks 1 Frenchy DeSalle's men can't get along with rival loggers, so Gray Wolf devises a logging contest to ease tensions.
Club #223 Seeing Eye Dog(?) 2 Henry wants to fight forest fires. Stumpy balks at this. Bill has Henry guard a blind girl and her dog during a fire.
Club #224 The Donner Party Treasure 1(?) Two men, Delong and the Carabou, cut down trees all around Knotty Pine in search of a fabulous treasure supposedly left behind by the Donner Party.
Club #225 The Fighting Sissy 1 Talented teen pianist Roger Holme is tagged a sissy for not fighting.
Club #226 The Dog that Didn't Forget 1(?) Roscoe's and Larry's hogs are attacked by eagles.
Club #227 The Monkey Chase 1 2 boys release 3 monkeys from a lab. The monkeys are carrying a deadly strain of flu.
Club #228 Old 3 Toes (a Cougar)(?) 2 Stumpy and Blackie must face Old 3 Toes for the 2nd time when the old cougar gone crazy with hunger returns to Knotty Pine killing sheep.
229 (?)
230 (?)

* Note:
Opening #1 -
"Ranger Bill, Warrior of the Woodland, struggling against extreme odds, traveling dangerous trails, fighting the many enemies of nature. This is the job of the guardian of the forest, Ranger Bill. Pouring rain, freezing cold, blistering heat, snows, floods, bears, rattlesnakes, mountain lions. Yes, all this in exchange for the satisfaction and pride of a job well done."

Opening #2 -
"Ranger Bill, Warrior of the Woodland, struggling against extreme odds, traveling dangerous trails, showing rare courage in the face of disaster, in the air, on horseback, or in a screaming squad car. Ranger Bill, his mind alert, a ready smile, unswerving, loyal to his mission. And all this in exchange for the satisfaction and pride of a job well done."

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