the Economics of Freedom
Consider this....

Without access to this planet
and its resources

you can neither eat, breathe,
walk, sleep, work nor play

This site is dedicated to the freedom that is our spiritual and material birthright as beings born onto a planet created to sustain each and every form of life.

A planet created by the Great Spirit as part of the gift of life itself - not to be taken as the private property of any species, nor any sect within a species, however rich and powerful they may become.

Land is more than somewhere to live - it is life itself. Without exception, everything around you, EVERY SINGLE THING you use and consume in the process of leading your life are products of the land
These are the simple facts: If you have no land to live from, you are dependent on money to purchase the products of the land; if you have no money to live from, you depend on employment to gain the money; if you have no employment, then dependent on the State; if the State refuses you, you beg for the charity of the rich; no charity, you steal or you die.

Such is the chain which binds us to each other, and to the land.

BEarthright transforms that chain into a lifeline.

Whose Planet are we living on?

To live is to use Land - To own Land is to own Life itself

  • Every inch of our planet is now owned by some person or organisation
  • The majority population (60% to 90%) in EVERY inhabited country are landless - own no part of the planet whatsoever, not even their own homes
  • The richest 5% in every nation, rich and poor, North and South, East and West, now own between 70% and 95% of their own countries

If you do not own enough of this planet to support yourself
And you cannot support yourself without this planet
Who is it who supports you?

And do they support you.....
or through their owning the land that supports you
do they now own you, own your work, your space,
your freedom to live as you choose?

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  • If you own no land to support yourself, you must rent, hire or buy it from those that do, so that you may both live and make a living
  • If you cannot use the planet to feed, clothe and provide for yourself then to stay alive, you must choose to either work for those who own your planet, to become a thief or a beggar, or to die.
  • This servitude has taken on many forms throughout history:
    slavery, serfdom, day-labour, employment. The only variation being the share of the wealth produced left to the planet borrowers by the planet owners
  • This simple reality underlies much of today's poverty, inequality, lack of freedom, unemployment and powerlessness, experienced as the sheer struggle to get by that looms so large in so many peoples' lives
  • These latter day pharaohs, the planet owners, the richest 5% - allow the rest of us to pay day after day for the right to live on their planet. And as we make them richer, they buy yet more of the planet for themselves, and use their wealth and power to fight amongst themselves over what each posesses ~ though of course it's actually us who have to fight and die in their wars

Land is not property ~ land is life.
Land is not created by people ~ it creates people.
We need land ~ but land doesn't need us.
These are the Powers in the Gift of the Land
the Land Owner owns life:(food, living space, materials ~ for
tools, building homes, cities, technology)
the power to create or destroy people: (famine & war, plenty & opportunity)
and to cut people off when no longer needed:(unemployment, homelessness, poverty, starvation).
The Power in the land is the Power OF the Land
  • 95% of the USA is owned by the richest 3% of Americans
  • 60% of El Salvador is owned by the richest 2% of El Salvadorians
  • 86% of South Africa is owned by the white minority
  • 74% of United Kingdom is owned by the richest 2% of Britons
  • 84% of Scotland is owned by the richest 7% of Scots

Whose Planet are we living on?

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The Earth is the mother of our being
for everything we have and everything we are
is created from her.
Gaia ~ our land, our planet, our only home.
To own land is in essence, to own reality.

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