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This site is intended as an educational forum on the topics of Circumcision, the Foreskin and Foreskin Restoration. It contains graphic photographs and diagrams of the penis in various states, including erection, as well as frank text and references dealing with these issues. With this in mind, those under the age of 18 (or legal age in your area) should consult with parents before viewing this information and parents are encouraged to study this material with their children. If you feel you would be offended by the contents of this site, or if you are under age and have not consulted or are not viewing with your parent(s), please click the BACK BUTTON on your browser NOW.


I am not a Doctor. I am a lay person researching circumcision and foreskin restoration and sharing the things I find with others interested in the same information. I also express my personal opinions on these subjects. The tips and information in my diary and on other pages are things that I have found to work for me or that I have heard have worked well for others. No information on this site is intended as medical advice, nor should it be interpreted as such. Prior to starting any restoration program, you are encouraged to seek the advice or your own carefully selected medical professional. Remember; in all things dealing with your body it is always best to seek out several opinions and make an informed decision. All material on this site is intended for educational/informative discussion of the issues surrounding circumcision and foreskin restoration. While it is explicit, it is not pornographic or intended to titillate. All photographs were carefully selected to illustrate the accompanying text discussion and are relative to the discussion. Links to other sites are included for their relevance and support of the discussions here. I am not responsible for the content of sites linked to or any changes made to them.


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