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first volleyball game hope y'all come and see me play[3/3]
my 18th b-day just leave me alone yeah[3/29]
**eight month anniversary[3/22]
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titus & yuna :: ver.one

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// 3twenty92003 \\
. nine : thirty4 .

[ what a loooonnnggg day! ] : Today was like whoa! I'm so tired! Well, the day started off waking up early in the morning... and then I went to phong's house. There, we watched early morning cartoons, vh1, and just whatever was on tv plus the enjoyment of a lil beverage (we had chugging contests). XP it doesn't matter who won that... as long as it was fun. hehe. anyways, i fell alseep and then i woke up like an hour later cuz Rosie and Phuong came in the room. they were getting ready for the prom promos. I had to help Phuong do her hair and i had no idea what to do! thenn... Phong woke up and we started to get ready to go eat around 12. We went to "The Boat" in City of Industry... Thai restaurant. Its cheap and pretty good. so yeah. It was Phong, Kelvin, Tony, Nelson, Charrie, Itchy, Moko, Trung, Jeff, Sarah, and me. It took like 30 minutes to get there. Trung and Tony got lost though. But, we all made it there in time. I got the Chicken satay... that was good! Like 3 people got the Pad Thai and the rest of some rice dish. *shrug* Itchy gave me some of his rice to eat w/ my chicken. mMm! Heh, for 11 people, the bill came out to be $92.07, cheap ehz? we all just paid like 10 bucks... cept Phong... he shouldn't have to pay. But he paid for the tip. So then, we headed back and I gave Charrie money to buy a cake for Phong. "A birthday's not a birthday w/o cake!" =) We waited for them @ Phong's... and just talked. Finally, they came and we sang "Happy Birthday" to Phong. I had to bring the cake to him cuz he was in his room. We all ate... and gave me and Itchy the most messed up piece. LoLz. Thanks! We were supposed to go karaoke after that, but Phong was too tired, and the heat kinda got to us. So everyone just went home and then I went to sleep... cuz it was soooo hot! I woke back up around 6ish cuz Phong told me to wake up. it was still sooooo hot! OmG! feel like summmer! anyways, then we got ready to go out w/ his family to eat @ Chili's. yes, alot of eating today. That's why I'm so full right now. I just came back from Chili's and I'm still sleepy, like whoa! oh yeah, and THANKS to everyone who came to eat w/ us today @ lunch. see, Phong? i can plan! mmkay... i wanna sleep now. byez~
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»»» [ / sunday \ ] «««
// 3sixteenth2003 \\
. five : fifty2.

[/song @ the moment\] : see it in your eyes       
[ waiting. anticipating. ] : blahhh... what's up these day? hrm, i don't really know. i guess phong's been too busy to update his blog. so here i am... -sigh- i have no life. LoLz. okay~ anyways, yeahh.. days are pretty hectic for phong. balancing school, work, volleyball, and friends. so yeah, i guess i can see why he's been laggin w/ the blog entries. well.. that and he just doesn't wanna blog, hrmm? =) hehe, i understand. i haven't blogged since... valentine's day so its kool. okay, anyways, phong's out playing bball w/ his buddies--hai, kelvin, and vy. someone forgot to bring th basketball. smart bunch, ehz? =) i love u too, hun!
[ thru the days ] : lotsa volleyball time these day for phong. -sigh- everyday, afterschool... hours of practice for games like.. twice a week. i went to his first few games. muahahha, rancho's good! =) but now, i just walk w/ phong to practice and then yeah. cuz he waits outside my french class < 6th per > and then i walk w/ him. sometimes he's w/ gary. they're a funny pair. haha. gary always has something to say about being the apple of phong's eye. LoLz. o.O and no, his profile was not dedicated to you! muahahha. okay, anyways~ yeah, so phong's been so busy w/ his volleyball ish that he hasn't even been able to work as much anymore. oh darn! oh yeah! and his brother, kevin, moved out. went to new mexico (??). is that right? but yeah. the room all to himself now. that's kool. back to how it was in the summer. heh... yeah, those good ole summer days. -sigh- *reminiscing...* okay, anyways. i should go now. time ta call phong. buhbyeez. muahz, love ya sweetie~!
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»»» [ / monday \ ] «««
// 2twentyfourth2003 \\
. eleven : thirteen .

[/song @ the moment\] : no song, just listening to loveline, it's pretty interesing.       
[ life such a drag, imagine if i was never here ] weekend was pretty good, but than after that it just kinda went eh...volleyball practice is fun, but since volleyball here, i've been busier and can't spend that much time wid my hunnie...seem like we never get to spent time with one another, doesnt' that sucks...a friend say this describe me, do u think its true??*PURPLE* > > > > > > You are mysterious, never selfish and > get interested in things > > > > > > easily. Your day can be sad or happy > depending on your mood. You > >are > > > > > > popular between friends but you can act > stupid at times, and > >forget > > > > > > things easily. You go for a person > that's trustworthy.
iono man, sound kinda bs to me, iono but life sucks. like i say, imagine if u guys never knew me, wouldn't that be nice....payce out y'all, hope y'all enjoy ur life, and for my b-day, just let me sleep in??yeah...THANX
»»» [ / friday \ ] «««
// 1twentyfourth2003 \\
. eleven : zero nine .

[/song @ the moment\] : the j.lo and ll cool j song       
[ finally updated my blog ] : been so long since i have updated my blog. today was a pretty good day. sharon came ova and we both fall asleep for like an hour or so. after that we went double dating wid kelvin and amy. last time i'm doing that again cuz we went kinda late cuz of them two...guess them two were taking their time getting ready to impress one another. We watch darkness fall which is a very good movie..just as good as da ring. sharon was so scared that she barely watch da movie..she was holding me and she kept on telling me to stop scaring her. during the movie, kelvin and amy were holding each other, i'm not shure who was scared though, cuz kelvin is kinda afraid of da dark...eh..after that we went to harry's and dude i was full...after that i went home and do nothing but watch tv...aight now, laterz kid talk to u tomorrow aat skoo or see ya'll at rancho co ed.
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»»» [ / sunday \ ] «««
// 1fifth2003 \\
. eleven : eleven .

[/song @ the moment\] : some whitte song in da CD i stole form sharon       
[ cheer up ] : ey, today a not so bad day. get to spent a lil time wid sharon and we finally get to watch LILO and STITCH, movie was alright, i think imma watch it again so i can actually get it, cuz i wasn't really paying attention to the movie, but i don't know why sharon and my older bro keep on laughing, watta retards, them both, and for u disneyland pppl, i'll bring da pix tomorrow at skoo so look for me, and if u can't find me than its ain't my fault, got it. ey, i visit sharon tonight cuz she wasn't feeling so happy, hope she cheered up a lil from my visit. guess i'll see her tomorrow than. aight laterz people
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:(....laterz hunnie...MAHAL KITA....
»»» [ / friday \ ] «««
// 12ttwentiseventh2002 \\
. eleven : zero nine .

[/song @ the moment\] : Don't Change by Musiq Soulchild       
[ today went aight ] : well today was aight, as i said it is, first i went to sharon house and fall asleep, had dis hella bad nightmare and freddy cougar was in it, hopefully u guys know who he is cuz sharon doesn't. anyway after that i went home and was supposebly pour gas for IRIS but then i waited for her to get home adn then we all went and get gas for her and went to Westminister mall. stupid mall...anyways got home and i was bout to drive sharon home unitl i see jim and vy car at tony's house so we drop by, kick it there for like 15 minutes while they pass stiitch around, i think he got violated by tony when tony took stiitch into his room. eh then went bafck to sharon's house and than we were laying on her bed talking and than she kick me out of her house she say something like "leave" or "get out of my house" eh, so i left her house, adn plus i gotta go to work anyway, neva going back to her house again, watta punk dude, anyway went to work and at night sharon called and told me it was gary's b-day. so after work i dropped by his house wid a b-day cake. all i can afford right now. Happy 18th Birthday Gary. hope on my b-day i can do da same thing u did for ur birthday, i told sharon to call me back in 15 minutes and that was like and hour ago, i guess she ain't gonna call, :(....laterz hunnie...MAHAL KITA....
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»»» [ / wednesday \ ] «««
// 12twentififth2002 \\
. eleven : eleven .

[/song @ the moment\] : I SWEAR by all 4 one       
[ tis da season to be giving ] : this song is in my mind cuz me and kelvin were singing it at da restaurant. it was pretty fun, had a good time and today went really good until my dad won't let me go watch a movie, watta bummer dude. today i get to spent half my family wid da one i cared for. my family and sharon. watta day i tell u, and drumline sucks so don't bother watching it. it ain't worth it. lemme tell u how my day start off. i woke up at 8 in da morning from a call from sharon, she ask did she woke me up and of course i lied, she did actually wake me up buts its worth it. seeing her a lil earlier than expected is worth waking up a lil early. after that i went to tony house and pick up lan's purse, lan thought she lost it at main place, but than i drop it off for her this morning adn she was so happy. she wasn't really happy bout the purse but something else, imma keep my mouth shut bout that one. anyways, got back to my house and i start complaining that my lower back hurts so she try to massage it for me but i didn't help, it still hurts now as i sit here and type dis shit up. i went to pick up kelvin wid my bro CRX and it was fun driving a stick, i didnt stall once until i gotta parallel park. can't reverse right but anyways. got back to my house aroun 1200 so me and kelvin start making mash potatoes and gravy and oh yeah, it took kelvin like 15 minutes just to do his hair, he a fucken girl dude. anyways we all try to eat as fast as possible so we can open our present. i like all my presents, thank you everybody, u guys are so thoughtful, oh well, i didn't really get what i wanted but i guess i'll go buy it wid my own money whenever i have it. after we open da presents we went and watch DRUMLINE at AMC and downtown disney, the place was nice buy movie sucks, after that we went back to my house and just rested until i gotta go to work. drop off sharon, went to work, and they say they didn't need my help so i just went home and do shit until like 630. i went and take a shower cuz i was going to a dinner party for popoeyes employees only and it was actually fun. we all met up at popeyes and drove there. came there and we ate, they had karaoke and kelvin made me go up there adn sang wid him so i did, and we sang I SWEAR andan we there we four of us that sang STAND BY ME damn that song sucks cuz of their computer, it was so slow, we dan decided to go bowling but i had to ask my dad if i can stay out longer, called and ask and her start yelling so i take that as a NO and drove everybody home, i'm guessing that they are watching two towers right now, damn. and i am waiting for sharon to call me cuz i wanna talk to her bout breakfast tomorrow, she gonna cook me breakfast. bout time, cuz she been cooking for other guys but me, watta punk dude, so unfair, anyways hope she make good food. if it sucks imma say i love it anyway cuz she took da time and make it for me, the hardship and love that was used to make my breakfast will taste good no matter what, ah it'll be delicious or lets hope it is anyway for my sake. laterz people and MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL AND TO ALL A GOOD NIGHT....laterz hunnie...MAHAL KITA....
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»»» [ / wednesday \ ] «««
// 12eighteen2002 \\
. eleven : nineteen .

[/song @ the moment\] : Ain't it funny by J'lo feat. ja rule       
[ AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!! ] : once again, i'm online adn i don't see sharon at all online, heard she was on earler but its seem that i am always late. ain't that a bitch..oh well, i guess that is fate but oh welll, can't do jack about fate can i. eh 2 more days of skoo and fucken 3 test. watta bitch, hate skoo, why do we have to go in da first place. guess it is our own good but it still sucks. CON ME NO....eh tomorrow's another day, hope i get to spend time wid hae ran...laterz hunnie...wah i nee....
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»»» [ / tuesday \ ] «««
// 12seventeen2002 \\
. ten : fifty-four .

[/song @ the moment\] : No one else come close by Joe       
[ waiting for a call damnit! ] : sitting here and its almost 1130 where i have to get offline but yeah, i don't even see sharon on...this bites dude, wanna talk to her but no, can't. this sucks but oh well, can't do jack shiet about it but wait for 8 hours when skoo starts so i can see her. she da only reason why i look forward to skoo. eh...just to let u know sharon that no one else come close to me beside u. u da only one for me dork! Lolz..AISHTERU HAERAN, u punkass.....
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»»» [ / monday \ ] «««
// 12sixteen2002 \\
. eight : zero-four .

[/song @ the moment\] : exploration of space by dj mystik       
[ done and done!] : well, i got this new layout up and running. finally! muahahhaa, even tho u didn't let me work on it @ tony's house, i got it done today. woOo hoOo! but yeah. n/e ways... that's it. just wanted to add a lil entry. byez!
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»»» [ / sunday \ ] «««
// 12fifteen2002 \\
. eleven : twelve .

[ some night ] : eh..today i work from 5-9 so i decided to have a jog somewhere toward magnolia park. drop by sharon house and started to call up people to keep me company cuz call her house and no one picked up so yeah... stayed outside for like 30 minutes until i decided to go up to her window and know on her door. so yeah thats what i did and she came out for like under 5 minutes and i made her get back in cuz outside is really cold, my chest was kinda hurting but i can handle it. saw her than went to tony house where he made me cup O noodle, thanx kid, andways..one more week of skoo adn than there is no more skoo for two weeks. can't wait for that shiet dude, adn this saturday we going to disneyland, and for those who cancel on us, u guys are messed up, bunch of punkasses dude. oh well, can 't blame ya'll if y'all too koo for us, oh wellz got home at like 1045 and its still hella cold. oh well.gotta do my hw. well imma do my english anyway. laterz people payce out AISHTERU HAERAN........
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