Summer 2003 Tuesdays Film Festival


May 6th – Identity (King’s College, Kitchener)

May 20th – The Pianist (Frederick Twin, Kitchener)

May 27th – Bruce Almighty (Frederick Twin, Kitchener)

June 3rd – The Italian Job (King’s College, Kitchener)

June 10th – Bend it Like Beckham (Frederick Twin, Kitchener)

June 17th – Hollywood Homicide (Frederick Twin, Kitchener)

June 29th – 2 Fast 2 Furious (King’s College, Kitchener)

July 1st – The Hulk (Frederick Twin, Kitchener)

July 15th – 28 Days Later (Silver City, Kitchener)

July 22nd – Johnny English (Frederick Twin, Kitchener)

July 29th – Seabiscuit (Frederick Twin, Kitchener)

August 5th – American Wedding (King's College, Kitchener)

August 19th – Whale Rider (Frederick Twin, Kitchener)

August 26th – S.W.A.T. (Palace Cinemas, Windsor)


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Fall Film Fest in Calgary

October 17th - The Event (The Plaza, Calgary)

October 24th - A Problem with Fear (The Globe, Calgary)

October 26th - Mambo Italiano (Moviedome, Calgary)