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Commodore CDs
geoSpecific CD Over 80 MBs of GEOS Public Domain and Shareware software. Lots of GEOS info as well. Some very hard to find GEOS software is on this CD. Bruce Thomas
CD 64 Rio's CD with almost nine thousand programs Rio
Complete C64 Collection Sokratekk offer's this CD with 3300+ Games, 18000+ C64-Sid Sounds (HVSC), 1300+ Intros and 450+ Demos Sokratekk
Fairlight 10th Year Anniversary CD Compilation, all (well almost) FairLight releases Baccus and JBM
Hall of Fame More than a Decade: demos, intros, slideshows, musicdisks, magazines, related utilities Jean of Chromance
High Voltage C64 High Voltage C64: The ultimate CD set full of software for the Commodore 64 Bod of Talent
VideoCam Services
  • Commodore FTP Site CD, with the entire CBM section of the FTP site on CD
  • 221B Baker Street BBS C64/128 Files CD, from Jim Young, sysop of 221B Baker Street BBS in Florida, USA
Gaelyne R. Gasson

Commodore Hardware and Software Dealers
4Jays Classic Video Games
  • Commodore game cartridges and disks
  • game manuals
  • computer hardware
  • Games for most systems
64 & More Store New and used hardware, software, books, accessories, and peripherals for C64, Amiga, Apple, Atari, and PC contact
8-Bit Designs Manufactures new products to enhance your computer. Parts, supplies and repairs for Commodore, TRS-80 and PC computers ?
Antique Computer Store
  • dieHard back issues
  • New/used games and shareware
  • odd hardware bits
Associated Enterprises
  • Commodore CPUs and boxed software
  • Apple, Atari, Tandy/RS and PC
Centsible Software Centsible Software is the exclusive distributor for Maverick, Freespirit Drive Alignment Software and other Commodore software. New and used hardware, software and just about everything you need for your Commodore ?
Commodore Computer Center
  • C64/128 and Amiga programming books
  • hardware, software, accessories and supplies
  • RUN, Compute, Ahoy! and dieHard magazines
Commodore Products Source List Over 330 people, businesses and clubs who provide Commodore items support ?
Computer Bargain Stores
  • Commodore computers, parts and chips
  • new boxed and sealed software
  • used software
  • LoadStar and Compute's Gazette back issues
Video Game Garage Sale Hardware and software for many systems ?
Dr. Feelgood's Crazy C= Sales
  • Used hardware and software
  • books and magazines
  • game cluebooks
Great Escape
  • Used Commodore goods
  • Computer Manuals
  • Hints & Cheat Books
  • New sealed/boxed software
  • used software and hardware
  • Apple II, IBM, Mac, Commodore 64, Atari ST and Amiga
Telegames Direct New games for Commodore 64, VIC-20, PC, Atari and Apple II?
Video Game Advantage Games for Commodore, Apple II, Atari, CoCo, Intellivision, Nintendo, Oddyssey, Sega and TI ?
Vintage Computer Company
  • Nearly everything from the Koala series of products
  • Huge selection of pre-owned hardware and software, books and manuals, monitors and printers
  • C-64/128, Amiga, Atari, Texas Instruments
VintageFunWorld.Com Used computers, video games and parts. Apple II, Atari, Coleco, Commodore, Intellivision, Nintendo, PC, Sega, TI and TRS-80 ?

Emulators, Utilities and ROMs
Action Replay 2001 Action Replay and Atomic Power cartridge images
CD 64 The X1541 Idiot's Guide
CCS64 Commodore 64 Emulator by Per H�kan Sundell. Highly recommended
Commodore Gallery ROMs for C-64, SX-64, PET, VIC-20, B series, CBM II, 116/264/364/C-16 and Plus/4, C-128, C-65 (C-64dx), 2040/3040/4040, 8050/8250, 1540/1541, SFD-1000, 1570/1571, 1581 and 1551
  • ec64: An emulator for Linux only
  • ROMs for C-64, SX-64, PET-64/4064, 1540, 1541, 1541C and 1541-II
  • Peter Schepers' Formats document in HTML
Emulation.net If you want to emulate it on a Mac, go here
  • EmuFAQ 1.0
  • Peter Scheper's Formats document describing the structure of image and archive files
  • Read81s by Michael Gross: disk reader for 1581 disks on PC drives
  • 1581 Copy by Wolfgang Moser: Create 1581 disk images on a PC 3.5" drive
  • Clink by Levente H�rsfalvi: Send files from PC to a C-64 over a X1541 cable
  • 64Copy by Peter Schepers: PC program to convert C-64 files between different archive formats which includes a disassembler and disk editors
  • BaccTracker by Pontus "Berg": make a database of your C64 collection
Frodo/Mac Richard Bannister's MacOS port of the Frodo C-64 emulator by Christian Bauer
GameBase64 A Windows front-end for C-64 emulators which contains a large database of games and SID tunes. "The most complete and accurate archive of C64 game information that has ever been compiled"
Hoxs64 A new C-64 Emulator for Windows
Joystick Schematic How to connect digital joystick to analog gameport of PC
M.E.S.S. Official homepage of the Multi Emulator Super System
  • ROM files needed for the M.E.S.S. and other emulators
  • hardware specifications and pics
Nicholas Coplin's Commodore C64 Projects
  • KERNAL Patch Files: patched KERNALs for C64 emulators
  • CBMDISK: PC DOS program to display contents of D64, D71 or D81 disk images
  • CBMBASIC: PC DOS program to display contents of a CBM BASIC file saved in raw commodore format (eg. PRG)
  • CBMCART: PC DOS program to display details of a CRT cartridge image and extract contents as ROM files for burning into real EPROMs
PfauZeh VIC-20 emulator for Win32 and Linux, seems a bit better than V.I.C.E.
Promos Primer V4.0
  • Carts: Action Replay, Epyx FastLoad, Final Cartridge 3, KCS Power Cartridge, Simon's BASIC, Super Expander
  • ROMs: 1571, 1581, 64er, C128, C64, Dolphin, Exos, JiffyDOS, SpeedDOS, SuperChip
SIDManager "Simple and effective management of the huge number of SIDFiles that have been handed down through the generations of music-lovers who believe that computer music reached its zenith during the reign of the Commodore 64"
SIDPlay A multi-platform C64 music player and SID chip emulator
Star Commander Standard tools for creating and manipulating emulator image files on a PC
T64 Extractor/Creator A C-64 program which works on any disk drive
VIC-II Pallette Technical analysis of how the VIC-II produces color with a message from Bob Yannes. Suggestions for accurate color reproduction in emulators
V.I.C.E. Emulates C-64, C-128, VIC-20 and PET/CBM computers on a PC with Windows or Linux
  • PC program to convert .WAV/.TAP files into .PRG/.P00/.T64 and visa-versa
  • Commodore 64 Tape Transfer FAQ
  • Commodore 64 Tape Knowlege Base
  • Documents about specific tape loaders

Software Archives and FTP Sites
The Cereal Port Lots of files here for all Commodore computers
Action Replay 2001
  • Home of the Retro Replay 2001 project
  • Action Replay related utilities
C64 Web Resource
  • Over 2400 games and demos with SIDs and screenshots
  • Emulators and utilities
  • Some other cool stuff too ;')
  • Commodore Gallery Test/Demo Disks
    Carrier Detected Comprehensive BBS program archive with screenshots and reviews
    Cascade C64/Amiga
    • EPROMmers
    • Programming Tools for Final Cartridge 3 Desktop, Action Replay V and Expert Cartridge
    • REU Tools and Dox
    • DolphinDOS and SpeedDOS tools
    • Rossmoeller Flash 8 AssBlaster
    !!!Commodore Fun Page!!!
    • SuperParameters 100 Pack disks
    • 21 Second Backup and Utilities
    • BullsEye nibbler and parameters
    • Clone 1571
    • Copy II 64/128
    • Di-Sector by Starpoint Software
    • DiskMaker
    • FastHack'em
    • Kracker Jax
    • SuperKit
    • UltraByte
    C.U.E. - GEOS Archive Commodore Users of Edmonton has a small but growing archive of GEOS software
    Constructing 64
    • Quick Brown Box Manager v2.0
    • Great Giana Sisters Preview
    • demos
    CS Geos GEOS Library File Archive
    ec64 C= Hacking and disC=overy archives
    IDE64 Warez Games hacked to run from IDE64 and CMD-HD hard drives
    Promos Primer V4.0
    • 128er, 64er, Ahoy! and Compute!'s Gazette
    • Cartridges and ROMs
    • Games and Utilities
    Server 64 Kevin Gaynor's large games archive with screenshots, MIDIs and SIDs
    Silicon Archives PET Games Archive and screenshots
    VideoCam Service FTP SiteFiles from comp.binaries.cbm and the 221B Baker Street BBS in Fort Walton Beach, Florida USA

    Action Replay 2001 The new CYBERPUNX Retro REPLAY cartridge by Count Zero, distributed in the USA by ?
    Bo Zimmerman AntiBlackout, geoBeaver, MajReOrg, ChromeMag, geoBrowser, geoBEAP, geoLS Presenter, geoDiskFiler, geoModules
    Click Here Software
    CMDrKey Headquarters
    Maurice Randall is now the official developer, manufacturer and distributor of the entire line of CMD hardware devices:
    • CMD HD hard drives w/ up to 4 Gigs of storage
    • CMD FD 3.5" 1.6 MByte floppy drives
    • RAMLink REU enhancement adds up to 16 MBytes RAM
    • SuperCPU 20 MHz accellerators w/ up to 16 Mbytes RAM
    in addition to his own line of GEOS enhancements and utilities:
    • Wheels GEOS-compatible OS with lots of extras
    • The Wave web browser for Wheels
    • Concept assembler/linker for Wheels
    • geoFAX for sending/receiving faxes in GEOS
    • geoSHELL Command Line Interpretor for GEOS
    • Jeri Ellsworth's new 16-bit computer system designed from the ground up with a C-64 at its heart
    • Jeri Ellsworth is also the USA distributor of the new Retro Replay 2001 multi-utility cartridge
    • See my CommodoreOne Details Page for more info
    Creative Micro Designs Designers of the HD, RAMLink, FD and SuperCPU. Maurice Randall has taken over development and support
    www.cmdweb.de The Unofficial CMD Home - Product details, software and staff interviews
    IDE64 Project A device for connecting an IDE hard disk drive and CD-ROM drive to a C64
    Nate's Commodore 8-bit Website
    • QuickScan 64: Connectix QuickCam interface
    • Sound Studio 128
    • Modplay 64 and 128
    • 8-bit stereo sampler board (8BSS)
    • DigiMAX
    • DualSID and PowerSID series interfaces
    • MP3 Decoder Board
    Nicholas Coplin's Commodore C64 Projects
    • 64HDD: Connect a CBM computer's IEC port to the LPT port of a PC system and use the PC's hard drives, CDROMS, Real-Time-Clock, etc.
    • LCD64: Hitachi controlled alpha-numeric LCD screen hardwired to the UserPort and the Kernal ROM coded to operate with both screens (video and LCD)
    • PC-Joystick A/D Converter: Converts to analog signals to digital up/down/left/right codes
    • Light Gun: Convert a Sega 3050 Light Phaser for use with a Commodore
    • EPROM Cartridge: re-use cartridges as your own EPROM/project cartridge
    Promos Primer V4.0 C-128 GUI for the JR Promenade EPROM Programmer
    UHS JBevren's SCSI alternative mass storage system for stock- and supercpu-equipped Commodore 64s

    Projects and Documents
    NameTopics and Resources Presented
    LT. KERNAL HARD DRIVE  All about the Lt. Kernal (LTK) SCSI Hard Drive system for the Commodore 64 and 128 computers (Written by eBay's 94Bravo)
    !!!Commodore Fun Page!!!
    • Copy Protection and disk formats
    • hardware hacks and programming
    • Kracker Jax Trilogy Revealed online
    All About Your 64/1541 A voluminous HTML reference addresses every aspect of C-64 programming. Includes memory maps, ROM disassemblies 6502 Illegal Opcodes, 65816/SuperCPU, REU, SwiftLink/Turbo-232, JiffyDOS, KoalaPaint and FLI.
    Amiga lebt!
    • DolphinDOS and Final Cartridge III schematics and docs
    • Pics of rare C-64 carts like CP/M and MIDI
    • Some cool MP3s
    The C64 Inventory An all new inventory of old computers. It attempts to catalog every C-64 computer in existence worldwide
    C64 oddments David Green's page with docs for the Freeze Frame cart and the Motorola 68764 EPROM. Also lots of info here about general computer history.
    Canonical List of Commodore Products Now maintained by Bo Zimmerman at Zimmers.net
    Carlsen Electronics
    Commodore Schematics
    Hardware technician ?Ray Carlsen has Commodore repair articles and hard to find schematics. ? is hosting a mirror at Zimmers.Net
    Commodore 64/128 Projects Page JiffyDOS ZP Usage, 1541 32K RAM, Serial Cables, GeoCable, VDC Windowing in BASIC 7.0, C64 Tower
    Commodore Gallery
    • Pics and info about every Commodore computer from the KIM-1 to the Amiga
    • FAQs for KIM-1 and PET
    • PET, VIC-20 and C-128 Memory Maps
    • Max Machine/Ulti-Max/VIC-10 schematics
    • VIC-II Technical Analysis and Programmer's Guide
    • C-64 User's Guide and Programmer's Reference Guide
    • C-64 PLA logic equations and Service Manual
    • 264 Memory Map and PLA detail
    • C-128 System Guide and Diagnostic Software
    • C-65 (C-64dx) manuals
    Commodore Knowledge Base A searchable database of various articles from Usenet, BBSes, QLink and other sources. Maintained by Cameron Kaiser
    Constructing 64
    • Commodore 64 Programmer's Reference Guide
    • Mapping the Commodore 64
    • Commodore 64 KERNAL ROM versions
    • Commodore 64 Input/Output Assignments
    • SID 6581 Vs. 8580
    • Programming References for 6567/6569 (VIC-II), 17xx REU, Switftlink/Turbo232
    • ROM disassemblies and sourcecodes for C-64, 1541, 1571, 1581
    • Commodore Plus/4 - Information
    • ".RAW" digitized files spec's
    • Convert Koala Art and Doodle
    • 8580 - 6581 SID swap in a C64c
    • C-64 256kb memory expansion
    • Beyond 512kb: The two megabyte REU
    • Change 1541/1571D/SX64 device #
    • Upgrading C128 Video RAM
    • PC keyboard for your C64
    • Commodore User's Manuals
    • Action Replay MK VI, Final Cartridge III, Epyx FastLoad, 1541 Flash, Freeze Machine, KCS Power Cartridge, SAM, Simon's BASIC, ISEPIC, Mach 5, Power C, BASIC 8, HandyScanner, SuperSnapshot 5.22 manual and addendum, Warpspeed
    • Commodore Service Manuals
    • Peter Schepers' Formats document in HTML
    • Datasheets from 6510, 6522, 6526, 6581 chips
    • Service Manuals and schematics for C-64, SX-64 and 1541
    • The MOS 6567/6569 video controller by Christian Bauer
    • Extra Instructions Of The 65XX Series CPU by Adam Vardy
    • Commodore 8-bit IC Technical Ref by Brett Tabke
    • 64doc by John West & Marko M�kel�
    • C-64 and 1541 ROM listings
    • TurboAssembler and Dox
    • X ass and TronMon
    • X-terminator packer
    Frank's C64 Stuffs
    • Cheap 9600 Bps RS-232 Interface and 38400 Bps ACIA Card (DataPump Plus)
    • Action Replay MK6 unleashed
    • 6526 CIA Datasheet
    • KERNAL Routines by Name and Address
    • Lots of crappy broken links too :-(
    International Documentation Project for Commodore Eight-Bit Computers
    Jason Petersen's Page
    • C64-d Project
    • Pics of Commodore Computers and Accessories
    • Hardware and Software Reviews
    Larry's Classic Commodore Pages
    • PET FAQs, pics of PETs and drives, PET Action Screenshots, PET BASIC Reference Guide
    • Commodore Catalog and Ad Scans
    • Troubleshooting
    Nate's Commodore 8-bit Website The Commodore C128-DCR Tower Page, A simple RS232 interface
    Rich's classic computing lab
    • KIM-1 details
    • PET User Port
    • MOS/Rockwell/Synertek Datasheets and tech notes
    • IEC buss details
    • 64doc,v 1.8 by John West and Marko M�kel�
    • PETdoc by Olaf Seibert, Jouko Valta and Andre Fachat
    • BASIC tokens and Simon's BASIC
    • Disk Drive Specs
    Sami Rautiainen's Page
    • Commodore 64 Programmer's Reference Guide (HTML and etext!)
    • 1571 Firmware Source Code
    • Articles and pics from Compute!'s Gazette and Ahoy!
    • 1084s schematics
    • Commodore Techtopics and Official CBM Service Manuals for C-64, Plus 4, 1541, 1571, 1581, 2031, 8050 and Datasette
    Ruud's Commodore Site
    • Commodore computers and devices parts lists and Chip Details
    • 1541 details with ROM source
    • Disk image formats
    • Use a PC as an IEC or IEEE488 disk drive
    • 27+8KB RAM expansion for VIC-20
    • Replace a 6502 with a 65816
    • Adding processors and expanding RAM
    • Build a 6502 from discreet components
    • Build a KIM-1
    • Other projects: Hardware debugger, REU from scratch, IDE interface, ISA card interface
    The GEOS Web Page
    • Alexander Boyce's unofficial GEOS Programmer's Reference Guide, KERNAL detail and Memory Map
    • GEOS FAQ and screenshots
    • device drivers, file formats and programming notes

    Sounds of SID
    Amiga lebt! A few MP3s, most from demos
    Cascade C64/Amiga Lots of SIDs and MODs from their demos, LittleSID for WinAmp
    Nate's Commodore 8-bit Website
    • Sound Studio 128 v3.8
    • Modplay 64 and 128
    • Mark Dickenson's DigiPlayer and Stereo SID Player v10.3
    • SAM the Software Automatic Mouth
    Server 64 Kevin Gaynor's large games archive with screenshots, MIDIs and SIDs
    SID 6581 Homepage
    • SID programming and technical documents
    • Interviews Bob Yannes, Rob Hubbard, Martin Galway and Jeroen Tel
    • Downloadable SIDs and linx to more SIDs

    Cascade C64/Amiga Pokes, Cheats and Maps for many games
    CD 64
    • Game archives: Pinball Games, Fighting Games, Shoot'em Ups, Weird Games
    • Walkthrus for: Time Tunnel, Rags to Riches, Impossible Mission, Maniac Mansion, The Sentinel
    • Uncracked Originals: Risk card game (Joker software), Crystal Fever (Boulderdash clone)
    Click Here Software Bruce Artwick's subLogic Flight Simulator II hacked for CMD drives
    Constructing 64 Great Giana Sisters Preview
    Jason Petersen's Page LoadRunner and Levels, Below the Root, Alien, War in Middle Earth, some Compute! and Ahoy! games
    Video Game Advantage
    • The Known Software List of C-64 cartridges
    • The Vic-20 Game Manual Archive

    Demos and Scene
    Andreas/Shape Shape graphics and demos
    Cascade C64/Amiga Cascade's demo and game releases
    CD 64 Warriors of Darkness Demo Construction Kit

    PC Remakes
    Cosmi Super Huey Forbidden Forrest
    Kool Dog Enterprises Jeff Minter's LlamaSoft Classics! GridRunner Revenge of the Mutant Camels 2 Anticipal Hover Bovver (AKA Motley Motor) Zone Patrol

    NewsGroups and Message Boards
    UseNet alt.c64 comp.sys.cbm comp.emulators.cbm net.micro.cbm

    Users Groups and Support
      Commodore Users of Edmonton
    • GEOS Archive
    • For Sale: Commodore software and hardware, books, magazines and manuals
    Bruce Thomas
      Commodore East Brunswick Users Group
    • Marketplace
    • Articles and how-to's
    • File Conversion
    C128 Portal
    • Commodore Owners Printer Support
    • JOS Support
    Geoff Sullivan
    Commodore Products Source ListNow in it's 7'th edition, this invaluable resource will guide you to the the Commodore hardware, software and support you needRoger Long
    Commodore FAQsThe Commodore FAQs archived by the Internet FAQ Consortium?
    ICPUGThe INDEPENDANT Computer Products Users Group is a UK based Group with world-wide membership supporting Commodore Amiga and 8-bits?
    SWRAPSouth West Regional Association of Programmers User Group in Chicago, Illinois USA, supporting Commodore 64 & 128 users since January, 1983Randy Harris
    TC-CubedTri-City Computer Club supporting Commodore, Apple and IBM computersRoger J. Long
      Toronto PET Users Group
    • TPUG is the best and second oldest Commodore computer club, founded in 1978
    • Supports PET, CBM, B-128/256/1024, VIC-20, C-64, C128, Plus/4, C-16, C-65 and Amiga
    • Also including the COMAL, CP/M and GEOS environments
    • TPUG is based in Toronto, Ontario Canada with international membership
    Videocam Services
    • Home of Gaelyne R. Gasson (formerly Gaelyne Moranec) and Rod Gasson
    • The Internet for Commodore C64/128 Users
    • Dial-up internet access and TELNET (Australia)
    • Commodore Central Market with LoadStar, accessories, clubs, software, and publications
    • Commodore Homestead news portal
    • Mailing Lists Homestead, COPS and GTM
    Gaelyne R. Gasson

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