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If you're looking for a specific book title, type @find <titleofthebook>, @find <nameoftheauthor>, a combination of the two, or @find <anyword(s)youlike>. Servers will give you answers if they have any file that responds to your criteria. Note that only servers that are configured to answer find queries, and that are online, will respond. Alternatively, you can use @booksearch <title> or @booksearch <author>. This searches all server lists that have been downloaded by the SearchBot service whether they are offline or not, and the answers will be sent to you in zipped text file. You can also try !botsearch-stats. To get a list of lists used for searching, use @Lists, to get a list from SearchBot use !sendlist <filename>, however the SearchBot lists are only updated periodically, so may not reflect a server's latest filelist accurately.

When you get an answer from a @find or @booksearch request, it will usually be in the format: !servername <nameofthefile>. If you decide you want the file, paste in the channel the whole line from !servername until the end of the file extension that describes the file. Please do not type in the file size, or the servername before the !. For example SERVER  !moondawgy lord of the rings(txt).rar ------- 400Kb is wrong, while !moondawgy lord of the rings(txt).rar is correct.

In some cases you'll get a response in a format that shows the folder in which the file is stored. Those files belong to servers that are based on a script which uses triggers that will open a dialog box. In that case, follow the instructions written in that dialog box.

NOTE: Some servers use fserve to serve files. (i.e you have to type in a /CTCP trigger to open a chat connection with that particular server). In this case, the commands you would use are dir (to list files and directories), get <filename> (to get a file), cd <directory> (to change directory). Since this is a particularly tedious method, we do not recommend it for this channel.

Most of the servers are based on serving scripts that use lists for serving. Their trigger is usually shown in their advertisements, and it might not always be the name of the server. Watch the server ads for a while, and you'll understand.

To pick up the list of files stored on a server, use the server or list trigger. It's usually in a form of @listtriggerhere or @servernamehere. For example @vadi, @vadi-new, @dpd etc.

When you receive the file list, you can open it in an editor of your choice (Windows Notepad, etc.). If you see a file you want, copy the appropriate line (!listtrigger or !servername nameofthefile.extension (please refer to paragraph #2 above)) and paste that line in the channel. Most servers do not support requests as private messages, so it's the best if you request files you want in the channel.

Servers usually limit the number of answers to the @find command, so if you want to have really good results, get servers' lists.

If for some reason you aren't getting files you are requesting and you are getting messages about Filetype Ignored you will need to change a setting in your irc client. For mIRC clients, use File -> Options -> DCC -> Folders; put [dcc ignore] on disabled, and uncheck [turn dcc ignore back on in...]. With this option disabled, you will need to be more careful about the files in your download folder. Make sure that they are ones you've requested and use caution anytime there are exe, vbs, com, bat, js, pif, scr files there that you haven't requested. Better to be safe than sorry!

Do not abuse file servers! Make sure you're pasting a single request in the channel, not whole groups of requests! People that abuse this rule and paste groups of files will be automatically banned by present automated protection systems.

Request queues can sometimes be very long, so you'll have to be ready to wait for your file. With a little practice, you'll understand which servers are the best for you.

If you would rather work with FTP servers, please wait until you see an advertisement that shows how to connect to an FTP server. Do not ask people around to open FTP servers for you if you see they don't already exist!

If you're serving files, please set your advertisement timer for a period of time not less than 15 mins (900 seconds).

Conversation is welcome, and new ideas are always open for discussion.

Always ask for permission before sending a PM (private message) to a server or OP. If you don't get a reply, its highly likely that the person(s) are busy and will get back to you later.

After you collect enough files, the only way to give back to the community that provides them is to serve those files here yourself. There are many serving scripts available, and it will be easy to select the one you'll like. Even the slowest server is better than simply leeching and not contributing back to the channel! Proofers and scanners are also welcome. In case you wish to contribute by proofing or scanning, please ask in the channel for guidelines and more help. There are always many books which need to be proofed before release.

Your help is welcome in any way possible. If you have your own scans, and you don't want or cannot serve them, please send them to some of the present OPs, or to some of the servers that are here most of the time. Ask in the channel if you don't know whom to send those files to. New books are always welcome!

If you intend to scan, ask for help, you'll be advised how to do it properly as we have many excellent people already doing scanning work around. If you're a dedicated reader, your help in proofing will be most welcome. We all like to read neatly corrected books.

At the same time, we ask you to restrain yourself from the use of obscene or insulting expressions and harsh language. People here are gathered from many places and they belong to different races, religions, morals and age groups. Respect them!

We would be more than grateful if you'd consider this if you place your server in the channel.

That's all for these rules and boring stuff. Onward to downloading books!

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