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Pine Barrens Volunteers Camp #2039 - Eastman, Georgia
The Sons of Confederate Veterans is a voluntary organization of both direct and collateral descendants of those who served honorably in the Confederate Army and Navy. It is patriotic, historical, educational, benevolent, non-political, and non-sectarian. It's purpose in part is to aid and encourage the recording and teaching with impartiality, all Southern history and achievement from Jamestown to this present era, seeing to it especially that the events of the War Between the States are authentically and clearly written, and that all documents, relics and momentos produced and handed down to the active participants  therein are properly treasured and preserved for prosperity, and to aid and assist in the errection of suitable and enduring monuments and memorials to all Southern valor, military and civil, wherever done and wherever found, particularly stressing that our heroic Confederate ancestors, who by their sacrifice perpetuated unto us and our descendants that glorious heritage of valor, chivalry and honor which we now hold and venerate, and to instill into our descendants a devotion to and reverence for the principles represented by the Confederate States of America, to the honor, glory and memory of our grandfathers who fought in that cause.

The Pine Barrens Volunteers
Camp # 2039
Sons of Confederate Veterans
Eastman, Georgia

For more information, or to see if you qualify for membership, contact:
Commander Gary Lowery
2660 Mcrae Hwy.
Eastman, GA 31023
(478) 374-3477

Adjutant Kim M. Beck
2321 Middle Ground Church Rd.
Eastman, GA 31023
(478) 358-4168
[email protected]

The Pine Barrens Volunteers are a non-profit organization, meetings are held the 4th Tuesday of each month. Call for details.

Current Officers:
Commander Gary Lowery
1st Lt. Commander Mike Powell
2nd Lt. Cmdr. Wright Harrell
Adjutant/Treasurer Kim M. Beck
Historian Donnie Roland
Chaplain Royce Futrell
Judge Advocate Don Crane
Surgeon Eddie Little
Quarter Master Harris Burnham
Color Sgt. Albert Holt

God Bless America! God Bless the South!

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Contact Information
Name: Adjutant Kim M. Beck
Email: [email protected]
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