Steady Acres
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Steady Acres

Welcome to Steady Acres
Desember 12th, 2006
Steady Acres have been devided into divisions, and we have renamed the divisions. Our main farm in still Steady Acres, the other are simply residing on the farm. Steady Acres will now be the home of our beloved thoroughbreds, and our one paint/TB racer. Most of our TBs do racing, eventing or hunting. Norbound Stables is home to our wonderful collection of not-notch Morgans, and our large herd of Saddlebreds is found at Voienta Farm. If you are looking to find our Egyptian or Russian Arabians or our partbred Arabians, I will refer you to Falkferd Farm. In Holkenstadt Stables you will find every breed not compatible with the other stables. We keep Irish Draughts, Welsh Ponies and a small selection of other breeds here. The very last part of Steady Acres is our small but quality kennel Lillypuddles Kennel Inc. where we keep man's best friend. Currently it hosts two Great Danes and one Pomeranian. We are still undergoing some renovation, mostly to get the new names incorporated, but please be patient, we will soon be finished.

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