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Name Running Freely Sambuca
Breed Sporthorse
Gender Colt
Age 3 Years
Color Chestnut Overo
Height 16.3hh
Former Owner Adrienne of RFR w/buybacks
Disciplines Halter, Eventing

Running Freely Crown Royal
Springtime Girl
Lakeshore Lorenzo
Sneak A Drink
CSI Princess Moon
RF Madori Moon
RFR Harvest Moon
Dowager Princess
Fabled Empress

Stud Fee Not avalible
Progeny None

Earnings $20,500

Show Record

0-1 Y/O

SASB's Third Dressage Show
2nd in Dressage Prospect

HA's New Years Day 2 & 3 Year Old Show
3rd in Hunter In Hand

HA's Football Season Youngster Show
1st in Dressage Prospect
2nd in Eventing Prospect
7th in Hunter Hack Prospect
8th in Hunter Over Fences Prospect

POA's JW's True Grit Prospect Show
1st in Colt Eventing Prospect (+$10,000)
3rd in Colt Jumping Prospect (+$5,000)
3rd in Colt Cross Country Prospect (+$5,000)

HA's Grand Re-Opening "A" Rated Hunter Show
2nd in Hunter Breeding Weanling/Yearlings

HE's For The Love of Dressage Show
7th in Weanling & Yearling Dressage Prospect Class 2

Sunflower Warmblood Showcase 2006
Reserve Champion of Show (+$500)
Weanling To 2 Year Old At Halter Champion
Reserve Other Color At Halter Champion

3rd in American Warmblood At Halter

2 Y/O

Cake and Balloons Dressage 2006
8th in Colt Dressage Prospect

Belvedere Show Jumping 2006
2nd in Jumping Prospect In-Hand

Science In Method Jumping 2006
Jumping Prospect In-Hand Top Ten

Marigold Show 2006
Colts At Halter Top Ten

Foxglove Youngster Show 2006
Two Year Old On Lunge Line Champion
In-Hand Course Two, Walk/Trot Champion

Lakeside Showcase 2006
DNP in Other Warmbloods In-Hand

Wintergreen Dressage Cup 2006
8th in Colt Dressage Prospect

RFR's Reagan Years Suitability Show
5th in Eventing Suitability

Mallard Duck Show Jumping 2006
4th in Two Year Old Jumping Prospect

REC Falling Leaves Youngstock Show
1st in Eventing Prospect

EA Nightingale Dressage Show
Dressage Prospect Champion

SASS Youngstock Centerstage I
3rd in Eventing Suitability

Seashell Show Jumping Classic 2006
6th in Two Year Old Jumping Prospect

The 2006 Sim World Cup - Qualifier Five
12th in Show Jumper Prospect

Running Freely's Homebred Halter Show
Grand Champion of Show
2nd in Two Year Old Halter
2nd in Sporthorse Halter
2nd in Colt Halter

November Nights Expo '06
5th in Eventing Prospect

SASS Youngstock Centerstage II
Eventing Suitability Champion
3rd in Tqo Year Old Colts In-Hand

WF Open Breed Challenge 2006
Two Year Old Colts In-Hand Top Ten

SomeSing Show Jumping 2006
DNP in Colt Prospect For Show Jumping

SASS Youngstock Centerstage III
4th in Eventing Suitability
7th in Two Year Old Colts In-Hand

3 Y/O

SHJA Young Jumper Christmas Rendezvous
6th in 2-3 Year Old Future Jumpers In-Hand, Group A

Broke the Thermometer Dressage Show
6th in Introductory Dressage

Rosemary Show Jumping Event 2007
DNP in Three Year Old Under Saddle

The Crossroads Other Breed Halter Show
2nd in Sporthorse Halter
5th in Tobiano/Over Halter
7th in Colts Halter
7th in 3 Year Old Halter
10th in 16.2-16.3hh Halter
Winter Sunset Eventing Show
11th in Beginner Novice Eventing, Class 1

Mockingbird Dressage Cup 2007
5th in Introductory Level Dressage (Walk/Trot) Test A
5th in Introductory Level Dressage (Walk/Trot) Test B

Ivy Dressage Show (ASDF Sponsored)
Dressage Horse In-Hand - Colts Champion
1st in Introductory Dressage

Marshlands Eventing Series I 2007
9th in Introductory Eventing

2007 Daffodil Sporthorse Cup
9th in Three Year Old Under Saddle

Marshlands Eventing Series II 2007
7th in Introductory Eventing

Marshlands Eventing Series III 2007
20th in Introductory Eventing

Sunrise Sporthorse Cup 2007
8th in Three Year Old Under Saddle

Intelletto Showcase
2nd in Three Year Old Open In-Hand
3rd in Three Year Old Colts In-Hand

Luxury Warmbloods Trials #2
3rd in Beginner Novice Eventing

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