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Name Running Freely Robin of Loxely
Breed Appendix Quarter Horse/Shire
Gender Stallion
Age 5 Years
Color Buckskin
Height 17.0hh
Former Owner Adrienne of RFR w/Buybacks
Disciplines Halter, Eventing

RFR Of The Ice
Champagne On Ice
Ice Cold Duck
Double's Lady Jane
Night's A Double Doozie
Lady Jane Lingo
New England's Pretty Miss
New England's Fine Young Man
Hayton Gay Lad
Decoy Glamour Girl
New England's First Lady
New England's Ideally Irresistable
White Oak Guinevere

Stud Fee Not avalible
Progeny None

Earnings $36,250

Show Record

3 Y/O

Frame By Frame Grand Event 2006
5th in 3 Years Old Colts In-Hand
6th in Hunter Pleasure

REC Autumn Colors Dressage Show
3rd in Introductory Level Dressage

REC Pale Autumn Sunshine Jumping Show
2nd in Introductory 2' - 2'6" Show Jumping

November Nights Expo '06
Reserve Eventing Prospect Champion
5th in Dressage Prospect
6th in Show Jumping Prospect

October Fest Hunter/Jumper Show
2nd in Young Hunter Under Saddle
4th in Three Year Olds Hunter Breeding

TDI No Perfect Prospect Show 2006
1st in All Around English Prospect

Shine On Jumpers 2006
4th in Three Year Old Jumping Prospect

Reagan Years Suitability Show
4th in Eventing Suitability

Mallard Duck Show Jumping 2006
4th in 3 Year Old Jumping Prospect

SMO Opening Green Hunter Show
1st in $500 Hunter Breeding - 3 Year Old

SMO Opening Dressage Show
2nd in Introductory Level Dressage

Wizards Stallion Show 2006
Three Year Old Colt In Hand Grand Champion
Reserve Champion of Show (+$500)

An Extraordinary Event 2006
3rd in Equitation
5th in Walk/Trot/Canter

Rainbow Kite Futurity Show
3rd in 3 Year Old Colts In Hand
3rd in Open Lunge Line

SASB Freezing Cold Dressage Show
3rd in Dressage Prospect

Promising Prospect Show
4th in Dressage Prospect
10th in Driving Prospect

An Evening of Eventing 3 Day Event Trial
2nd in Cross Country Prospect

Football Season Youngster Show
1st in Dressage Prospect
2nd in Eventing Prospect
3rd in Hunter Hack Prospect
6th in Jumping Prospect
6th in Hunter Under Saddle Prospect
8th in Hunter Over Fences Prospect
Halter Division Grand Champion

Lime In De Coconut Yearlings & Weanlings Only In Hand Show
1st in Other Breed Halter
2nd in Bay/Buckskin/Perlino Halter
2nd in Dressage Suitability
5th in Colt Halter, Class A
6th in Colt with Dam Halter w/New England's Pretty Miss

POA JW's True Grit Prospect Show
1st in Colt Draft/Harness Prospect (+$10,000)
5th in Colt Hunter Prospect

Surfs Up English Pleasure Show
English Pleasure Suitability Hunt Seat Grand Champion

POA Frankenstein Prospect Show
1st in Dressage Prospect (+$15,000)
6th in Eventing Prospect
5th in English Pleasure Prospect

Kinsale's Younghorse Quick Show
2nd in Mare & Foal Halter w/New England's Pretty Miss
2nd in Eventing Prospect
4th in Dressage Prospect
4th in Hunter Prospect
4th in Breeding Prospect
5th in Young Horse Showmanship, Class 2
5th in Jumping Prospect

I'm Tired Of Falling On The Ice Yearling Show
Reserve Gender Division Champion
1st in Colt & Sire Halter w/RFR Of The Ice
1st in Dressage Suitability
2nd in Pleasure Suitability
3rd in Colt & Dam Halter w/New England's Pretty Miss
3rd in Colt Showmanship
4th in Other Breed Halter
4th in Colt Halter
4th in Colt Trail In Hand
5th in Colt Longeline
5th in Jumping Suitability

The Donetello 3-Day Event and Endurance Show
3rd in Open Halter

Sunday Night Football Game (Go Browns!) Youngster Show II
1st in Dressage Suitability
5th in Show Jumping Suitability
6th in Eventing Suitability

No School Youngster Show
6th in Weanling Showmanship

4 Y/O

Broke the Thermometer Dressage Show
DNP in Introductory Dressage

Cold Snap Eventing Show
8th in Beginner Novice Eventing

Rosemary Show Jumping Event 2007
1st in Open Schooling Jumpers 2'3" - 2'6"

The Crossroads Other Breed Halter Show
1st in Stallion Halter, Class 1
2nd in 17.0-17.3hh Halter
3rd in Crossbred Halter
5th in Other Color Halter
9th in 4-5 Year Old Halter

Winter Sunset Eventing Show
3rd in Novice Eventing

Mockingbird Dressage Cup 2007
Training Level Dressage, Test 3 Champion
3rd in Four Year Old Young Horse Test
5th in Training Level Dressage, Test 2
8th in Training Level Dressage, Test 1

Mystique Jumping Show
5th in Pre-Training Jumper - 2'6-2'9

Ivy Dressage Show (ASDF Sponsored)
1st in Four Year Old Young Horse Test
6th in Training Dressage

2007 Artistic Draft Horse Show
Reserve Youth Showmanship Champion
4th in Four Year Old In-Hand

Marshlands Eventing Series I 2007
DNP in Training Eventing

2007 Daffodil Sporthorse Cup
Open Schooling Jumpers 2'3" - 2'6" Champion

Marshlands Eventing Series II 2007
14th in Training Eventing

Marshlands Eventing Series III 2007
2nd in Training Eventing (+$750)

Sunrise Sporthorse Cup 2007
DNP in Open Schooling Jumpers 2'3" - 2'6"

CS Autumn Leaves Opening Dressage Show
4th in Training Dressage (+$10,000)

CS Autumn Leaves Opening Eventing Show
2nd in Training Eventing

CS Autumn Leaves Opening Cross Country Show
6th in 7 Mile Cross Country

Marshlands Eventing Series IV 2007
19th in Training Eventing

Luxury Warmbloods Trials #2
5th in Training Eventing

Ramblin' Man Halter Classic 2007
11th in Junior Stallion In-Hand

2007 Future Breakthrough Sire Show
4th in Three To Eight Year Old Junior Sire

5 Y/O

FDS Cross Country Event
2nd in 3 Miles Cross Country

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