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Name RHOTY Rendezvous
Breed Thoroughbred
Gender Mare
Age 6 Years
Color Brown/Black Bay
Height 16.2hh
Former Owner Julie
Disciplines Halter, X-Racer

King Arthur
Round Table
Court Maid
Cox Ridge
Brave Raj
Silent Prosposal
Sunday Silence
Wishing Well
Air Forbes Won
Margaret's Hope

So Cold, Black Thoroughbred Colt by Elusive Storm

Earnings $6,598,177
Race Record 74: 21-15-15 (Others: 23) (RETIRED)

Show Record

2 Y/O

Winter Quarter Race Meet
2nd in 6f maiden (+$1,000)

I'm Bored Race Meet
3rd in 5f maiden for fillies (+$350)

Maidens Of The Ages Meet
1st in 5f on dirt (+$5,000)

Winter Race Series - Part Three
6th in Ungraded - 2 yo - open gender - 1 1/16 - dirt

PANIC! It's A Racemeet
3rd in Ungraded Open Gender, 1 mile on dirt

It's Raining!! Racemeet
3rd in 8f Allowance Turf Open Gender (+$10,000)

Rainbow Racemeet
5th in 9f Allowance Turf Open Gender (+$6,000)

Sugar We're Going Down Racemeet
2nd in 9f Allowance Turf Open Gender (+$15,000)

POSB Skeleton Bones Prospect Show
2nd in Hunter/Jumper Prospect (+$15,000)
4th in Cross Country Prospect (+$7,000)
5th in Show Jumping Prospect (+$5,000)

POSB Thoroughbred Mare/Filly
12th in 2 Years

Wish You Were Here Racemeet
3rd in 9f Allowance Dirt Open Gender (+$10,000)

The All American Rejects Racemeet
2nd in 8f Ungraded Open Gender Dirt (+$15,000)

Breaking Benjamin Racemeet
4th in 9f Allowance Dirt Open Gender (+$8,000)

Sugercult Racemeet
2nd in 8f Allowance Dirt Open Gender (+$15,000)

Yay Easter Racemeet
1st in 8f Allowance Dirt Open Gender (+$25,000)

WWE Racemeet
3rd in 8f Allowance Dirt Open Gender (+$10,000)

Lightning Storm Race Meet
4th in Allowance - 2 yo and up - open gender - turf - 1 mile

Grace and Cadence Hunter Show
5th in Hunter Prospect

POSB Baby Hair Prospect Show 1
2nd in Cross Country Prospect (+$15,000)

Another Quick Racemeet
2nd in 6f allowance Turf Open Gender 2+ (+$15,000)

Water Droplets Jumper Show
3rd in Jumper Prospect

Red Rose Quickie Race Meet
2nd in Ungraded - 2 yo - open gender - dirt - 1 mile (+$15,000)

3 Y/O

POSB Anzac Day Racemeet
4th in Red Poppies Ungraded 9 Furlongs Turf (+$7,000)

POSB Thoroughbred Showcase VII
7th in 3 Years Old (+$1,000)

Horror Racemeet
3rd in 9f Ungraded Open Gender Dirt (+$10,000)

And Another Quick Racemeet
3rd in 6f allowance Turf Open Gender 2+ (+$10,000)

My Tonsils Are Huge Racemeet
2nd in UNG 6f on turf (+$10,600)

POSB Yummy Lollies Racemeet
6th in Chupa Chup Ungraded 9 Furlongs Turf (+$2,500)

In Honor Of The Derby Racemeet
2nd in Bluegrass Cat ungraded, mile turf (+$38,000)

Cinemas Racemeet
3rd in 8f Ungraded Open Gender Turf (+$10,000)

Electric Guitar Race Meet
1st in Piano Forte Ungraded - 2 yo and up - Fillies and Mares - 1 mile - turf (+$20,000)

POSB Croc O Dile Racemeet
1st in Ungraded 8 Furlongs Turf (+$20,000)

Cinnamon Grahms Racemeet
1st in Cola Classic Handicap, 3 y/o+, 10f turf, UNG (+$60,000)

POSB Thoroughbred Showcase VIII
7th in 3 Years Old (+$1,000)

March of the Penguins Racemeet
1st in 8f G3 2yos+ Open Gender Turf (+$25,000)

Justa Plain Racemeet
1st in 5f Sprint G3 Mare & Filly Dirt (+$25,000)

POSB T V Show Big Racemeet
3rd in The Simpsons G3 9 Furlongs Turf (+$10,000)

2006 WF Duckwoods Series II
9th in Bay Halter, Group 2

Lalala Racemeet
3rd in G3, 6f on dirt (+$10,000)

POSB Old Television Shows Racemeet
4th in Green Hornet G2 10 Furlongs Dirt (+$7,000)

Strong Tower Race Meet
2nd in Draw Me Close GII - 2 yo+ - 1 1/16 - dirt (+$30,000)

POSB Thoroughbred Showcase VIIII
2nd in 3 Years Old (+$15,000)

4 Y/O

POSB Singapore Sling Racemeet
7th in G2 11 Furlongs Turf Open Age (+$1,000)

Wild Horse Racemeet
1st in 12f G2 3yos+ Open Gender Turf (+$120,000)

TwentyFour Trickery / RaceMeet
1st in One O'Clock 6 Furlongs Turf (+$20,000)

Uber Huge Egyptian Racemeet
1st in 6f G2 Gift of the Nile Handicap 3yos+ Open Gender Turf (+$150,000)

Stanley Cup Finals Race Meet
7th in Edmonton Oilers Distaff - GI - 3 yo+ FILLIES and MARES - 1 1/8 - dirt

POSB Thoroughbred Mare Showcase X
5th in 4 Years Old (+$5,000)

POSB Throw The Madness Racemeet
3rd in G1 10 Furlongs Dirt 3yrs (+$10,000)

Back in Action Racemeet
6th in 12f G1 Glory Stakes Open Gender Turf (+$7,812)

RESB Thoroughbred Spotlight 2006 Halter Show
3rd in Brown Halter
14th in 2-4 Y/O Halter

DHB A Hot One G1 8 Furlong Dirt Race
10th in G1 8 Furlong Dirt

Fabulous Life Of Racemeet
1st in Lindsay Lohan GI 10f on turf (+$540,000)

POSB Old Man River Racemeet
8th in G1 10 Furlongs Turf Open Age

Who, Me? Racemeet 2006
6th in Me Three: 13 Furlongs on Turf GI

SNAK Hot Summer Racemeet
1st in Grade I 12F T (+$200,000)

SNAK Sonata Arctica Racemeet
2nd in Sing in Silence race - GI 12F on Dirt open gender (+$150,000)

Cullamore Grand Derby
1st in THE GRANDE FINALE (G1) T 20f 4-8yo (+$500,000)

SNAK The Show Must Go On G1 10F on turf Race
1st in G1 10F on turf (+$200,000)

SNAK Life Is Super! racemeet
1st in GI 12F on dirt open (+$200,000)

Tryin to Be Active Racemeet
4th in 5f G1 Busy Sprint Open Gender Dirt (+$31,250)

SNAK Maybe Tomorrow Is a Better Day racemeet
3rd in Grade I 12F on dirt open (+$100,000)

5 Y/O

SNAK Donīt Walk Away racemeet
3rd in Grade I 10F on dirt open (+$100,000)

Fun Songs Racemeet
1st in GI - Roulette Race - 12 furlongs on dirt (+$200,000)

SNAK Tragedy of Heavens GI 10F on turf race
1st in GI 10F on turf (+$200,000)

SNAK Magic of August racemeet
6th in Grade I 7F on turf open

Fruits in Finnish Racemeet
1st in Kiivi Race - Grade I, 14 furlongs on dirt (+$240,000)

SNAK Cha Cha racemeet
5th in Grade I 12F on dirt open (+$50,000)

Vegetables in Finnish Racemeet
4th in Bataatti Race - Grade I, 12 furlongs on turf (+$25,000)

August Graded Races
8th in Madcroc Race - Grade I, mile on dirt

SNAK Moulin Rouge racemeet
2nd in "Come With May" G1 12F on dirt open (+$150,000)

Steppenwolf Race Meet 2006
5th in Magic Carpet Ride: 10 Furlogs on Dirt G1

Sim Asia G1 Series
3rd in 5f Sim Asia Sprint (+$260,500)

SNAK A Neverending Dream racemeet
4th in Grade I 12F on dirt open (+$80,000)

Cool Cars Racemeet
5th in Jaguar Juveniles Race - Grade I, Mile on turf (+$30,000)

September Turf Races
8th in September Turf Race - Grade I, 14 furlongs on turf

Sim Europe G1 Series
6th in 5f Sim Europe Sprint (+$40,657)

Sim America G1 Series
5th in 5f Sim America Sprint (+$80,375)

2006 Never To Late Racemeet
9th in Hit The Road Again: 10 Furlogs on Dirt G1

Tazetta Thoroughbred Racemeet 2006
2nd in 12 Furlogs on Dirt G1 (+$5,000)

Graded Part II Racemeet
3rd in Beverly D. Stakes (+$82,500)

SNAK Sunny Morning racemeet
2nd in G1 12F on dirt open (+$150,000)

Cullamore Grand Royal
1st in The Grande Royale (G1) T 20f 4-8yo (+$600,000)

October Turf Races
2nd in October Turf Race - GI, 14 furlongs on turf (+$196,608)

Friday-Thirteenth Racemeet
2nd in G1 Superstition Handicap, 3&up, 10.5f T. (+$250,000)

6 Y/O

From The Start Racemeet
1st in Prix de l'Opera (+$317,025)

Ten Years Later Racemeet
1st in Shocker T Handicap, 3&up f&m, 8.5f. (+$250,000)

WF Open Breed Challenge 2006
Six Year Old Mares In-Hand Top Ten

Reserve Winter 2006 Thoroughbred Horse of The Year (+$1,000,000)

The Crossroads Thoroughbred Show
1st in Dark Bay/Black Bay/Brown Halter
8th in Mare Halter, Class 2
8th in 6-7 Year Old Halter
DNP in 16.2hh Halter

Waterside Thoroughbred Classic 2007
Junior Mares Judged On Movement Champion
DNP in Six Year Old In-Hand


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