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Name Ezpecial
Breed Thoroughbred
Gender Colt
Age Yearling
Color Bay
WMT 16.3hh
Former Owner Bred by me:)
Surrogate Dam Black Domino
Disciplines Halter
Prospect For Racing and later Hunter & Endurance Racing

RHOTY Ezellohar
AP Indy
Seattle Slew
Weekend Surprise
Warrior Queen
Quiet American
Call Me Fleet
Enemy Missile
PK Third Secret
TC Slews Disguised Trio
Downtown Seattle
Seattle Slew
Shopping Around Downtown

Studd Fee Not for Stud
Progeny None

Earnings $125,000

Show Record


POSB Pearl Neck Lace Prospect Show 1
2nd in Flat Racing Prospect (+$15,000)
3rd in Hunter/Jumper Prospect (+$10,000)
6th in Endurance Racing Prospect (+$2,500)

Eaglehill's Second Prospect Show
3rd in Kentucky Derby Prospect
4th in Preakness Stakes Prospect
5th in Dubai World Cup Prospect
6th in Belmont Stakes Prospect
6th in Triple Crown Prospect

RESB Summer Thunderstorms Hunter Under Saddle Show
3rd in Hunter Undersaddle Prospect

Racing Prospect/Broodmare/Stud Halter Show
6th in Racing Prospect

POSB The Power Of Love Prospect Show 1
2nd in Flat Racing Prospect (+$15,000)
2nd in Endurance Racing Prospect (+$15,000)
2nd in Hunter/Jumper Prospect (+$15,000)

POSB Thoroughbred Stallion Showcase X
2nd in Foals (+$15,000)

POSB Ice Queen Prospect Show 1
2nd in Flat Racing Prospect (+$15,000)
3rd in Endurance Racing Prospect (+$10,000)
6th in Hunter Jumper/Prospect (+$2,500)

RESB Thoroughbred Spotlight 2006 Halter Show
9th in Foal Halter
13th in Colt Halter

Champions At Halter 2006
Thoroughbred In-Hand Top Ten

Lakeside Showcase 2006
DNP in Thoroughbred In-Hand

Blue & Gold Race Prospect and Producer Show
10th in Get of Sire, w/Ezellohar & E-Zine FE

SASS Youngstock Centerstage I
Reserve Flat Racing Prospect Champion
Weanling Colts Liberty Top Ten

SASS Youngstock Centerstage II
Flat Racing Prospect Champion
5th in Weanling Colts Liberty
5th in Bay Halter

WF Open Breed Challenge 2006
DNP in Weanling Colts In-Hand

SASS Youngstock Centerstage III
4th in Weanling Colts Liberty
9th in Flat Racing Prospect
11th in Bay Halter

The Crossroads Thoroughbred Show
4th in Weanling To Yearling Halter
5th in Colt Halter
DNP in Bay Halter, Class 2
DNP in 16.3hh Halter

Winter Race Series Part I
1st in Racing Prospect, Colt/Gelding
8th in Get of Dam Halter, w/Enemy Missile

Winter Race Series II
7th in Get of Dam Halter, Class 2, w/Enemy Missile
15th in Racing Prospect, Colt/Gelding

The Crossroads Racing Prospect/Producer Show
Reserve Prospect Champion
1st in Thoroughbred Flat Racing Prospect, Colt/Gelding
5th in Get of Dam Halter, Class 1, w/Enemy Missile
7th in Get of Sire Halter, w/Ezellohar and Ezilvery

1 Y/O

2007 Winter Race Series Part III
5th in Get of Dam Group 2, w/Enemy Missile
DNP in Racing Prospect, Colt/Gelding

Waterside Thoroughbred Classic 2007
Reserve Colts Judged On Movement Champion
DNP in Yearling In-Hand


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