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Name Centurion's True Gold
Breed Morgan
Gender Filly
Age Yearling
Color Buckskin
WMT 15.1hh
Former Owner Bred by me:)
Disciplines Halter
Prospect For Park, Park Harness, Fine Harness

Corageous Centurion
Century Free Spirit
Wham Bam Command
Windhover Antigone
Courageous Adage
True Gold Beau
Truwest Gold Peso
Agie Beaver CV
Cacuceus Margaux
Patchett Hill
Normandee Barreness

Brood Fee Not for brood
Progeny None

Points None
Earnings None

Show Record


So They Say Saddleseat 2006
Saddleseat Prospect Top Ten

Shaft Of Light Saddleseat 2006
Driving Prospect Top Ten

And We Whisper Saddleseat 2006
Reserve Driving Prospect Champion

Soul Meets Body Classic 2006
DNP in Open Breed Lead-Line For Fillies

Believe in Faeries Saddleseat 2006
Driving Prospect Top Ten

Marigold Show 2006
Fillies At Halter Top Ten

Foxglove Youngster Show 2006
1st in In-Hand Water Course, Walk
2nd in Weanling On Lunge Line

The Teacup Classic 2006
DNP in Open Breed Leadline For Fillies

Bird of Paradise Driving 2006
8th in Driving Prospect

Silence Says All Saddleseat 2006
Prospect for Driving Top Ten

Lakeside Showcase 2006
Morgan In-Hand Champion

REC Funky Techno Morgan Circuit 2006
2nd in Filly Halter

2006 Cotton Festival
Saddleseat Prospect Top Ten
Driving Prospect Top Ten

RFR's Reagan Years Suitability Show
4th in Harness/Driving Suitability

REC Falling Leaves Youngstock Show
2nd in Park Prospect
3rd in Harness Prospect

SASS Youngstock Centerstage I
Driving Prospect Champion
Reserve Park Prospect Champion

Weanling Fillies Liberty Top Ten

SASS Youngstock Centerstage II
Weanling Fillies Liberty Champion
Park Prospect Champion

4th in Driving Prospect

WF Open Breed Challenge 2006
DNP in Weanling Fillies In-Hand, Group 1

SASS Youngstock Centerstage III
Park Prospect Champion
Driving Prospect Champion
11th in Weanling Fillies Liberty

1 Y/O

Hollow Print Saddleseat 2007
Prospect For Driving Top Ten
DNP in Prospect For Saddleseat

ECC Morgan & Half Morgan Show
2nd in Yearling Fillies Halter

Life Like Weeds Saddleseat 2007
Prospect For Saddleseat Group 1 Champion
8th in Prospect For Driving, Group 1

ECC's Winter Fun Saddleseat Show 2007
2nd in Prospect For Driving
15th in Prospect For Saddleseat

ECC's Morgan Only Show II
4th in Filly Prospect Halter

Sunrise Sporthorse Cup 2007
3rd in In-Hand Water Course - Walk

Ramblin' Man Halter Classic 2007
4th in Filly In-Hand

2007 Sunspots Saddleseat Show
Reserve Driving Prospect Champion
Saddleseat Prospect Top Ten

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