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Name A Darker Game
Breed Irish Draught/Percheron (50/50)
Gender Colt
Age 3 Years Old
Color Grey
Height 17.0hh
Former Owner Bred by me, sold to Crystal, Reclaimed
Disciplines Halter, Eventing

Another boy from the first ever foal crop of Steady Acres. Games, as we call him, is by my retired ID stallion, Aloft, who is probably one of the best IDs in SIM. I wated a heavier foal from him from so I bred him to a percheron mare I used to own. This mix was certainly perfect! He is tall with a huge body and yet he is very athletic and gorgeous to watch in the dressage arena.

O'Leary's Irish Diamond
Glidawn Diamond
Grey Curragong
Winter Slew
Slews Snowcone
Overton Linda
Black Domino
McGraths Beauty Joe
Heidi's Sedaila
Flo Beauty
Milmers Dominique
Milmers Rocky
Milmers Max Yvonne

Stud Fee Not avalible to public
Progeny None

Earnings $6,250

Show Record


2006 WF Duckwoods Series II
Reserve Weanling & Yearling Colts In-Hand Champion
Reserve Open Colts/Stallions Liberty Champion

2 Y/O

POSB Other Breed Stallion/Colt Showcase VI
5th in 2 Years Old (+$5,000)

Champions At Halter 2006
Open Breed Leadline For Colts Top Ten

Marigold Show 2006
DNP in All Genders Showmanship

Foxglove Youngster Show 2006
3rd in Two Year Old On Lunge Line

The Teacup Classic 2006
2nd in Open Breed Leadline For Colts

Montbretia Show Jumping 2006
DNP in Show Jumping Prospect

Lakeside Showcase 2006
Open Breed Leadline For Colts Champion

Wintergreen Dressage Cup 2006
DNP in Colt Dressage Prospect

RFR's Reagan Years Suitability Show
6th in Cross Country Suitability

Mallard Duck Show Jumping 2006
1st in Two Year Old Jumping Prospect

REC Falling Leaves Youngstock Show
7th in Dressage Prospect

SASS Youngstock Centerstage I
Two Year Old Colts In-Hand Champion
Reserve Eventing Suitability Champion

Seashell Show Jumping Classic 2006
7th in Two Year Old Jumping Prospect

November Nights Expo '06
Eventing Prospect Champion

SASS Youngstock Centerstage II
Two Year Old Colts In-Hand Champion
3rd in Eventing Suitability
7th in Roan/Grey Factor Halter

WF Open Breed Challenge 2006
Two Year Old Colts In-Hand Champion

SomeSing Show Jumping 2006
9th in Colt Prospect For Show Jumping

SASS Youngstock Centerstage III
Eventing Suitability Champion
3rd in Roan/Grey Factor Halter
6th in Two Year Old Colts In-Hand

3 Y/O

Broke the Thermometer Dressage Show
DNP in Introductory Dressage

Cold Snap Eventing Show
6th in Beginner Novice Eventing

Rosemary Show Jumping Event 2007
7th in Three Year Old Under Saddle

The Crossroads Other Breed Halter Show
2nd in Crossbred Halter
3rd in Colts Halter
5th in Grey Halter
5th in 17.0-17.3hh Halter
8th in 3 Year Old Halter

Winter Sunset Eventing Show
10th in Beginner Novice Eventing, Class 1

Mockingbird Dressage Cup 2007
Introductory Level Dressage (Walk/Trot) Test A Champion
4th in Introductory Level Dressage (Walk/Trot) Test B

Ivy Dressage Show (ASDF Sponsored)
Introductory Dressage Champion
Reserve Dressage Horse In-Hand Colts Champion

4th in 3+ Year Old Suitability Halter

2007 Artistic Draft Horse Show
Three Year Old In-Hand Champion

Marshlands Eventing Series I 2007
4th in Introductory Eventing (+250)

2007 Daffodil Sporthorse Cup
Three Year Old Under Saddle Champion

Marshlands Eventing Series II 2007
1st in Introductory Eventing (+$1,000)

Marshlands Eventing Series III 2007
21st in Introductory Eventing

Sunrise Sporthorse Cup 2007
4th in Three Year Old Under Saddle

Marshlands Eventing Series IV 2007
8th in Introductory Eventing

Luxury Warmbloods Trials #2
6th in Beginner Novice Eventing

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