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The Kingdom of God is at hand!

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O Lord and Lover of Mankind, 
make the spotless light of Thy Divine Wisdom 
shine in my heart, 
and open the eyes of my mind to an understanding 
of the things Thou dost teach in the Gospel. 
Instil in me a fear of Thy blessed commandments, 
so that trampling upon the desires of the flesh 
I may begin to lead a spiritual life: 
regarding all things in the light of Thy Holy Will 
and then acting accordingly. 
For Thou art the enlightenment of our souls and bodies, 
Christ Our God! 
I render glory to Thee, 
together with Thine Eternal Father, 
and Thine all-holy, gracious and life-giving Spirit: 
Now, and Ever, and unto Ages of endless Ages.


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