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This is a great group. It is the best group for gay 
Catholic Christians that I have found on Yahoo! 
You will find commentary from the most liberal to 
the most conservative and everything in between. 
It is one of the most open and balanced groups 
that you could have found on yahoo!
[Quote from a member of the list: June 2005]

I am both a catholic and a man "suffering from" 
same sex atraction. Why am I writting 
"suffering from"? Just because it is a very 
confusing state, and being an honest guy 
it is not an easy one for me. 

Only a few months ago I was strictly obedient 
to the "official teaching of the Church" but 
having browsed some websites I have come 
to understand that the teaching is not as well 
based as it is presented. 

I have many doubts in my head. Maybe I will 
enclose them to my next posts and someone 
will help me to find the truth. I feel the lack of 
a wise, sensitiveand responsible guy next to me.
I am really confusedon these matters. I hope 
you will understand when I describe how I feel 
as a battle between emotions and reason.
[Quote from a new lay member: October 2005]

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I must say that I have belonged to a few Yahoo groups in the past, but this one strikes me as the most stimluating and the most rewarding.  I think, too often, we don't tell each other enough how we appreciate the koinonia in the faith that we share, even though it be e-koinonia.  I know you'll have a whale of a time here.
[Quote from a clerical member (November 2005)]

I've had a chance to see where this site of faith [my Yahoo! group - ed] has wandered. It often reminds me of the journey of the People of Isreal during the forty year Exodus. I suppose there was no straight route, nor do we read of  Moses asking for directions from God or anyone, (a male thing handed down from male to male I suppose). But unlike the Exodus this site does become and Island of faith for those willing to walk on its roller coaster of answers from multiple fronts. 

How many more are'nt we hearing from? How many more won't share their faith with us, thus enabling us and them to grow? We are much less then we could be if all shared. In the Eucharist we are invited to share the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of Our Blessed Lord Jesus Christ, in atonement for our Sins and those of the entire world.  Everyone shares there... why not here?

The amount of Priests and Bishops on here astounds me, for most share their walk of faith with the faithful, no matter who they are. Some have chasen to leave the path of the apostle, but are still welcome here. Even those away from being amongst the faith of the Church grant us thier wisdom, spiced with the wisdom of whatever roads they walk presently, and to their wisdom we should be attentive. [Quote from a clerical member (December 2005)]

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