Booster Sets - Cyberdark Impact

Cyberdark Horn
Cyberdark Edge
Cyberdark Keel
Cyber Ogre
Cyber Esper
Allure Queen LV3
Allure Queen LV5
Allure Queen LV7
Dark Lucius LV4
Dark Lucius LV6
Dark Lucius LV8
Stray Asmodian
Flame Ogre
Snipe Hunter
Blast Asmodian
Vanity's Fiend
Barrier Statue of the Abyss
Barrier Statue of the Torrent
Barrier Statue of the Inferno
Barrier Statue of the Stormwinds
Barrier Statue of the Drought
Barrier Statue of the Heavens
Vanity's Ruler
Iris, the Earth Mother
Lightning Punisher
Queen's Bodyguard
Combo Fighter
Combo Master
Man Beast of Area
Rampaging Rhynos
Storm Shooter
Alien Infiltrator
Alien Mars
Cyberdark Dragon
Cyber Ogre 2
Corruption Cell "A"
Flash of the Forbidden Spell
Ritual Foregone
Instant Fusion
Counter Cleaner
Linear Accelerator Cannon
Chain Strike
Miraculous Rebirth
Mystical Wind Typhoon
Level Down!?
Degenerate Circuit
Senet Switch
Blasting Fuse
Straight Flush
Dimensional Inversion
Chain Healing
Chain Detonation
Byroad Sacrifice
Trojan Blast
Accumulated Fortune
Cyber Shadow Gardna
Vanity's Call
Black Horn of Heaven