Yu-Gi-Oh! Sevens Characters
Yuga Ohdo Yuga loves Dueling and inventing, but finds the Duels that adults play to be rigid and uncool, inspiring him to create Rush Duels. Yuga claims that he wants to take back everyone's smiles from the strict Dueling world that they find themselves in. To this end, Yuga challenges the rules and established standards of Goha City, claiming that his penalties are badges of a challenger, and later states that even if Rush Duels were deleted that he'd never give up on trying to install them. Yuga often expresses a desire to make people smile, similar to Yuya Sakaki. He has a habit of terming his creations "roads", and is often distracted by tinkering around. His love of tinkering and inventing is so potent that his friends believed he would eagerly accept their offer to use their Duel ID cards to create Maximum Monsters, and they are surprised when Yuga initially refuses to avoid erasing their accounts.
Lucidien Kallister Luke is hot-blooded, but generally a good person. Roa Kassidy also describes Luke as straightforward and trusting, though this assessment is not entirely accurate. Luke is extremely self-confident, given his proclamation of himself as the strongest Duelist at Goha #7 Elementary. He has a comedic trait of causing machines to break down around him; he claims that this is due to his soul being possessed by the devil. Luke has a habit of gravitating towards whatever he thinks is cool. To this end, he often tries to project a cool and aloof persona, but he gets flustered easily whenever this persona is challenged or he faces something unexpected that disrupts his behaving this way. His older sister Tiger in particular terrifies him to the point of hiding behind people in her presence and when confronted over his arrogance by Roa he is quickly reduced to a cowering mess after some choice insults by Roa.
Romin Kassidy Romin is much quieter and more aloof than Yuga and his friends, though she is easily flustered; when Yuga teases her over likely losing to him if they Rush Dueled, Romin was quick to claim that wouldn't be certain unless they tried, despite her claimed dislike for Dueling. Romin is also tone-deaf, though she defensively denies this and is absolutely mortified when Yuga deduces it. She is inquisitive, taking photos of Yuga, Gavin and Luke talking about Rush Duels and later hiding in the underground chamber as Yuga installed his rules until Luke spotted her, although she claimed to only have been there to practice guitar.
Gavin Sogetsu Gavin is serious-minded and assured in his righteousness, but also highly dramatic and energetic. He dislikes tardiness, having never been late to school. He is so dedicated to preventing rule breaking that the mere mention of a penalty by Yuga brings him zooming over to lecture him, and when Yuga blows off his request for him to meet after school, he searches for him throughout the night. Despite finding Romin Kassidy's behavior suspicious, he balks at the idea of Luke invading her privacy, and he seems mortified at the idea of Yuga asking Romin to visit his laboratory. He also leaps at the chance to explain facts and rules to a curious party, serving as the main avenue for Romin to learn the rules of Duel Monsters and even stopping mid-flight during a dust explosion to explain the phenomenon to the viewer. Subsequently he is the first to deduce the meaning behind the naming of Nail Saionji's Cyberse monsters and realize the danger that Yuga is in.
Roa Kassidy Roa is stated to play a unique character for fanservice purposes, but is actually a skilled Duelist. He remains unfailingly polite and affable in public, praising Yuga and his friends and telling his fans that he will spoil them, in a similar manner to Quattro from Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL. He takes an interest in Yuga and Rush Dueling, employing the assistance of his bandmates to manipulate circumstances to gain ownership of Rush Dueling and rebrand it under his name. Even after losing to Yuga in their Rush Duel, Roa takes his loss well and tells Yuga that he would be happy to Duel him again, before having his audience congratulate Yuga, and when Yuga shows up to his apartment out of the blue, Roa graciously offers him a drink and agrees to keep his presence secret from Romin. However he is prone to portraying himself as unaffected by events that emotionally affect him, denying pity after Tyler and Toombs abandon him during the Goha Rush Duel Team Battle Royal.
Nail Saionji Nail is eternally dissonant and eerily calm in most situations. When he hacked into the Goha satellite network and crashed them into Goha City he watched in wonder at what he'd done, with little apparent care over the morality of his actions. At eleven years of age, Nail exercises his control and authority over the Garden of Curiosity to transport people through it as he desires, casually dropping the Duelists in his service through trapdoors when they lose in the Garden despite their loyalty to him. However he is not without empathy, as he spares Seatbastian of this fate and exhibits clear attachment to him. It is suggested that he does not act out of malice; while he did not divulge the consequences of Mimi Imimi Dueling, he also made no move to exploit them, only allowing her to Duel after she approached him to request a Duel, and though he does not inform Yuga, he Duels under the same conditions of penalty as he does. Conversely, he is not held back by the notion of terminating the accounts of most of Goha City's elementary students when he defeats Yuga. Nail is generally polite and honest to those he talks to, and even when disciplining Buff Grimes he does not raise his voice. He expresses interest in Yuga Ohdo as someone that was chosen by Otes, and after each Duel he puts them through in the Garden, Nail returns them to the surface, urging them to attend to their schoolwork and rest. However, he does subtly insult Luke's intelligence based on his low grades when he encounters them at the Goha Duel Museum.