Yu-Gi-Oh! 5DS - Characters
Yusei Fudo
is a cool, quiet, technically savvy, master mechanic and Turbo Duelist extraordinaire. He is a soft-spoken and smart duelist whose actions speak louder than his words. For the most part, Yusei tends to keep a low profile, spending most of his spare time modifying and tricking out his Duel Runner. When he’s not too busy upgrading his runners CPU, he likes to hang with his closest friends Rally, Tank, Blitz and Nervin. Fueled with the hope of a better life for his friends, Yusei crafted the fastest and most competitive Duel Runner ever to kick it into overdrive! A feat so impressive it turned his best friend Jack Atlas into his worst rival. With a pride in his ride and an unbreakable bond with his Stardust Dragon, Yusei has become a gifted Turbo Duelist who can throw down with the best of ‘em. Yusei is a Signer. He’s one of the five chosen duelists to have been marked by destiny to uncover the secret of the Crimson Dragon.

Akiza Izinski
She is otherwise known as The Black Witch, wields the mighty and majestic Black Rose Dragon. She possesses mystical powers that are triggered when she is placed in stressful situations. She is a strong and independent person – a direct result of being made an “outcast” by her peers who never tried to comprehend the power she possesses. Akiza is also a Signer and bares the Mark of the Crimson Dragon’s Legs.

Bashford Bashford
He is a grumpy old man who lives by himself. He hates to throw things out and wishes he could turn back the clocks and spend the best years of his life focusing on his family instead of work.

Boylston Blitz
He is a tough and rough straight shooter that lives in Satellite. Not one to second guess himself, he always plays things calm and collected. Blitz works in the recycling plant along with his roommates Nervin and Tank. Blitz has the tendency to charge into a situation without hesitation, regardless of the risk or danger that may or may not exist. Not one to mince words, Blitz calls ’em as he sees ’em.

Bob is a student at Duel Academy and friend to Leo and Luna. He’s about 12 years old, but he looks big enough to be a sophomore in high school. Bob has a big heart and would do anything to protect his friends. He’s a sweet, fun kid with a happy-go-lucky personality.

Chancellor is the head of Duel Academy. He believes in his students and feels that their potential is limitless. He also believes that Duel Academy has the best professors the world has to offer. The Chancellor will go to great lengths to help others,

Crow Hogan grew up in the Satellite Sector with Yusei and Jack. He is a warm and generous person who will risk anything and everything for those close to him - especially the orphans he looks after. Crow isn’t afraid to stand up and fight for what he believes in. He is one of the most skilled Turbo Duelists to ever ride a Runner and with his trusty deck full of Blackwing cards, he’ll swoop in and swipe all of your life points before you can say, “It’s my move!”

Devack Devack is a devoted member of the Dark Signers and bares the Mark of the Monkey. Anyone who dares battle Devack will be sure to feel the wrath of his Earthbound Immortal Cusillu.

Don Piero Don Piero is a shady, slick underworld crime boss/loan shark who preys on the weak. He’s happy to help you out… and even happier to help himself out to all of your belongings until you pay up in full. Always wearing clothes a size too small, this guy looks like he might explode at any given moment.

Greiger Stoic and serious, the goliath known as Greiger dwarfs most duelists. Though his opponents find him treacherous as he is tall, his family sees the heart of a hero who will do whatever it takes to come out on top.

Jack Atlas is the number one ranked turbo duelist in the world. He’s known to his adoring fans as the “Master of Faster!” He’s cocky, self-centered and has an ego that rides shotgun to his top ranked status. Stacked with a powerful deck, an unbelievable ride and his Red Dragon Archfiend, Jack now finds himself dueling circles around the competition in the KaibaCorp Speed World Dueling Circuit. Jack is also a Signer and bares the Mark of the Crimson Dragon’s Wings.

Jakob is the strongest, oldest and wisest of the three. His brain is as powerful as his body is brawn. While his size intimidates - his brain calculates, manipulates and devastates his opponents. He has a plan to take over the world that requires patience and intelligence.

Kalin Kessler is a former friend of Yusei, Jack and Crow. He bares the Mark of the Giant and relies on the unstoppable power of his Earthbound Immortal Ccapac Apu to defeat any opponent.

Lazar is Director Goodwin’s right-hand man. He’s a sinister, sneaky, conniving and an ultimately cowardly individual who looks out for his own best interests. Lazar is quite arrogant and takes great enjoyment in the misfortune of others - especially if he is the one who causes it.

Leo is Luna’s twin brother. Unlike his sister, Leo doesn’t shy away from anything - he’s 100% energy, 100% of the time. Leo’s most trusted monster is his Power Tool Dragon, and with it, he’ll take on and take apart anyone who dares challenge him. Leo will do whatever it takes to keep his sister safe.

Lester Young in years, but aged in experience. He has a very manipulative and sinister personality. Lester has the ability to take on the characteristics of an individual and literally become that person. He is a shape-shifter who is looking to use his abilities to reshape the world in Iliaster’s image… or perhaps just his own.

Luna is Leo’s twin sister. She’s shy, likes to read and loves talking with Duel Monsters spirits whenever possible. Some of her closest friends are Regulus, Kuribon and Ancient Fairy Dragon. Luna is a Signer, and although she might be the youngest, she’s also one of the strongest. Luna bares the Mark of the Crimson Dragon’s Claw.

Maria Bartlet is a teacher at Duel Academy. She stands up for her students and is a firm believer that they will all be successful duelists one day. She has a warm personality which enables her to get through to her students and keep them focused on their studies. She is admired by her students and respected by the Chancellor.

Nervin Nervin lives and works in the Satellite Sector of New Domino City. He is one of Yusei’s closest and most neurotic friends. He is very matter-of-fact and will unknowingly drive home a point that doesn’t need to be made. He is overly analytical and will second, triple and quadruple guess every situation before he actually makes a move – mostly because deep down, he knows nothing will turn out right. While Nervin doesn’t have an aggressive bone in his body, he will stand up for his friends and what he believes in until, of course, it comes time to turn tail and run.

Patty attends Duel Academy. She is good friends with Luna and Leo. She is about 12 years old, full of energy, very positive and has a warm, friendly personality.

Primo Primo wants to rule the world, and he wants to rule the world NOW! He is not as physical as Jakob, but what he lacks in stature, he makes up for in desire. He is smart, devious and mechanically advanced. He builds up an army of Duel Bots –realistic-looking robotic duelists who have been designed to do his bidding. They are smart, fearless and have a CPU that’s programmed to win at any cost – the cost being their opponent’s life points and sometimes much, much more.

Rally is a mischievous, street smart teenager who tends to repeatedly get in trouble with Sector Security for all the right reasons. He’s kind-hearted and is one of Yusei’s closest friends. He lives in the Satellite Sector of New Domino City and works at the recycling plant. What he lacks in size, he makes up for with energy and attitude!

Rex Goodwin is anything but what his last name suggests. He is the Director of the Public Security Bureau for New Domino City. He is a well-spoken and highly educated politician who operates under a calm and patient façade that masks a sinister personality that thrives on the power he possesses and hopes to possess. Director Goodwin is the driving force behind the creation of the sectarian state that now exists in New Domino City. Director Goodwin not only knows about the Crimson Dragon but seeks to harness its power so that he can destroy the world and rebuild it in his image.

Roman Goodwin Roman is the leader of the Dark Signers and has the ability to brainwash duelists and turn them into Shadow Drones. He bares the Mark of the Spider and possesses Earthbound Immortal Uru.

Professor Rudolph Heitmann is the Vice Chancellor of Duel Academy. He respects duelists with high potential and feels that duelists who aren’t at the top of the class aren’t worthy and deserving of his teaching skills. Heitmann loves to talk, but more importantly, he loves to hear what he has to say. He is well-educated and an extremely strong duelist. The only thing greater than his English language skills are his Duel Monsters skills. He is high energy, all the time.

Sherry LeBlanc is a Turbo Duelist looking to team up with Yusei for the World Racing Grand Prix. Born in France, she lived a life filled with love and warmth. One night when she was a young girl, her parents – who were the owners of a lucrative trading card game company – were kidnapped. If not for her caretaker Elsworth, she too would have captured. She has since spent her life on the run, living in numerous countries throughout Europe. She hides from those who took her parents, yet she continues to search for clues to her family's whereabouts.

Sly is a student at Duel Academy. He is around 12 years old and sometimes hangs around Luna, Leo, Dexter, Patty and Bob, but he prefers to be on his own. He doesn’t trust many people, and people don't trust him. As his name suggests, he’s sneaky and has ulterior motives – one of them being to steal Yusei’s Stardust Dragon card and keep it for himself. He’s cocky, conceited and street smart.

Tank has a heart as big as his waist size. Always one to find the lighter side of a situation, he goes about his daily routine with a carefree outlook on life. While not happy with the hand he has been dealt, he makes every attempt to make the most out of whatever is thrown his way – even if it is a bunch of junk. He'll often say something without thinking, but it's always delivered with the best of intentions.

Tetsu Trudge Officer Trudge is one of the most feared members of the Sector Security Task Force. He rules with a heavy hand and duels with a mighty deck. With the advanced technology of the Duel Runner, Officer Trudge and his team have become a force that is not only feared by all the lawbreakers of New Domino City, but also by every Satellite who ever thought of escaping the Satellite Sector.

Zora is the elderly landlord of the building where Yusei, Crow and Jack live. On the surface, she doesn’t like having tenants, leers at loud noises, can’t stand kids and despises dueling. However, deep down under that tough exterior, she actually loves having tenants, rocks out to any tune, cares for all kids and is a huge fan of dueling. Zora's the mean old woman with a heart of gold who lives down the block.