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355th Fighter Group 11/12/1942 - 11/20/1946
355th Fighter Group (Air Defense) 8/18/1955 - 1/8/1958
355th Tactical Fighter Wing 4/13/1962 - 12/10/1970
355th Tactical Fighter Wing 7/1/1971 - 9/1/1979
355th Tactical Training Wing 9/1/1979 - 10/1/1991
355th Fighter Wing 10/1/1991 - 5/1/1992
355th Wing 5/1/1992 - 4/26/2007
355th Fighter Wing 4/26/2007 - Present

F-105D-31RE #62-4360 Served with the 354th TFS at Takhli
Photographed at Davis-Monthan AFB, Photo courtsey of Joe Vincent

The Official 355th Wing / Davis-Monthan AFB Page
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Hello... My name is Gene Carlson and I served with the 355th Munitions Maintenance Squadron, Gun Services Section from March 1973 to May 1976. I am hoping that this web page becomes the gathering place for all those who served with the 355th past and present. It is my intention to keep it up to date with the latest information concerning the 355th.

Originally established and activated as the 355th Fighter Group on November 12, 1942 at Orlando Army Air Field, Florida the group flew the P-47 Thunderbolt and later converted to the P-51 Mustang. The group was deactivated on November 20, 1946. During WWII, the 355th FG became known as the "Steeple Morden Strafers".

On August 18, 1955 the group was reactivated as the 355th Fighter Group (Air Defense) at McGhee-Tyson Airport, Tennesse flying the F-86D and was deactivated on January 8, 1958.

On April 13, 1962 the 355th was again reactivated as the 355th Tactical Fighter Wing at George AFB, California. After moves to McConnell AFB and Takhli RTAFB Thailand, the 355th TFW was deactivated on December 10, 1970 and reactivated on July 1, 1971 as the 355th Tactical Fighter Wing at Davis-Monthan AFB, Arizona. For further history on the 355th TFW, see the 355th History page.

Since its activation in 1942, the 355th has flown 6 main fighter aircraft. They include the P-47 Thunderbolt, the P-51 Mustang, the F-86 Sabre, the F-105 Thunderchief, the A-7D Corsair II and the A/OA-10A/C Thunderbolt II. Other aircraft include the EB-66 Destroyer, several versions of the C-130 Hercules, the CH-3 helicopter and the Firebee RPV's (Remotely Piloted Vehicle). RPV's are what are now called UAV's (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle). I have set up seperate pages for each of the main aircraft so that you may see the many contributions made by each aircraft during its operations with the 355th.

I have added a reunion page so that former members can get the latest reunion information. Criteria for membership in the 355th Fighter Association will be added as it becomes available. Please visit the 355th Fighter Association Reunion Page for further information.

So that we may never forget those lost during the war, I am including a page honoring those who gave "the last full measure". Visit the 355th Fighter Association MIA/KIA Honor Roll Page.

Last but not least, I have added 3 photo pages. The first is "My Photo Gallery" which includes photos I took while on active duty with the 355th TFW. The second page includes Air Force photos, I obtained while with the 355th, of the various aircraft that were assigned to the 355th TFW during the time frame that I was assigned there. The third page includes photos sent to me by former members of the 355th TFW. I am always looking for photos of 355th TFW aircraft, personnel and facilities.

Please check out my other 355th TFW pages to learn more about the 355th: Links Page.

"UnOfficial" 355th TFW Yahoo Group

Our group has an E-Mail list going at Groups.Yahoo.com and we welcome all current and former 355th members to join us for the exchange of information and "war" stories. Who knows, you might find an old buddy from your days with the 355th. Groups.Yahoo.com link will take you to the sign in page. Simply follow the instructions given.

Membership approval is required to keep membership limited to current and former 355th members and their family members.


Any and all memorabilia related to the 355th. This would include all eras from the WWII era 355th Fighter Group to the present day 355th Fighter Wing and all of its support squadrons. This would include all squadrons and their personnel that were assigned or attached PCS or TDY to the 355th TFW. I have a few copies of the Takhli Times base newspaper (Takhli RTAFB) as well as a few squadron patches but I would like to gather more of the wing's history for displaying at the 355th reunions. Additionally, I would like to gather stories of your experiences (good or bad) with the 355th. Any help you would provide me would be greatly appreciated.

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Looking for anyone who was assigned or attached, PCS or TDY to the 355th Fighter Group / Tactical Fighter Wing / Tactical Training Wing / Fighter Wing /Wing regardless of rank, job or time frame. Please contact me at [email protected]

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