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Photo: Japanese Maple from the collection of Dr. Usher Posluszny, President, Guelph Bonsai Club

Welcome to the official Guelph Bonsai Club website! Hopefully there will be more information on this website regarding meetings, contact information, shows, links, articles, and more! Stay tuned!

The 2006 WBFF World Bonsai Contest winners have been announced! Check out the website to see pictures of bonsai from around the world.

WBFF World Bonsai Contest 2006

There are many links available on the Links page. There is a wealth of information out there to be discovered! Some links are for forums, where bonsaiists from around the world can interact, share ideas, comments, and criticisms about bonsai. Others are to personal sites. You may be surprised at where people are taking bonsai as an art form. Take a chance to discover what these various sites have to offer!

Guelph Bonsai Club - 2006
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